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The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) holding company was established in 1993. Our main business directions are as follows: apartments sale in new buildings of Moscow and Moscow region, provision of services to physical and legal bodies with regard to apartments and nonresidential premises purchase, sale, or exchange, property management, as well as sale of land plots tenancy on the competitive basis and performing the deals with tenancy with regard to transfer of land rights. Since 1999 the company is the Confidant of the Off-budget Construction Policy Department of Moscow, since 2000 the company is the Confidant of the Economic, Scientific-Technical, and Industrial Policy Administration in construction industry, Department of town-planning policy, town development and reconstruction; the company successfully deals with residential premises sales, and since 2001 - with nonresidential premises sales, including participation in tenders on unfinished buildings sale as part of the Moscow mortgage program. The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) holding company works in every section of this market including all activities with regard to commercial or residential property in Moscow and Moscow region. Moreover, the company works actively in global real estate markets, particularly in Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Cyprus. The company operates not only in the real estate market. The holding's structure includes Kamp Travel tourist agency. We also provide high quality services in the accounting area (full complex of business operation services) and legal services. We are successful in representing the interests in various court instances on civil rights issues including housing issues and even divorce proceedings. Our graduated expert lawyers are always happy to assist you in solving issues of any kind. The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) holding company guarantees legal protection to its clients by its impeccable work.

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About company's policy

Many employees have been working for the company for more than 10 years. All our specialists are highly skilled real estate brokers. Our business objectives in the real estate market are not working with a huge number of clients and advertizing our company a lot as it influences quality and cost of services performed. We believe that recommendations from our clients are the best publicity possible. There is no personnel turnover in our company which is quite rare among real estate agencies, and it proves that we created good conditions for our employees; in the end it leads to high quality work with our clients. Our clients can be sure in the final results as our specialists have practical experience of working in the real estate market.

Company's structure

Alexey Babichev

Mikhail Bugayev

Commercial Director
Sergei Shevchuk

Head of New

Natalia Savenkova

Head of Secondary
Housing Market

Natalia Lesnik

Head of Mortgage
Lending Department

Stella Becker

of Commercial
Real Estate Department

Sergei Antyukhov

of Countryside
Real Estate Department

Vacant position

Head of Accounting

Evgenia Rebrova

Legal Counsel
Alexei Stepanov
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