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Real estate in Cyprus
without agents.
(Flats, cottages, land plots)

Cyprus is the third island in size after Sicily and Sardinia. Its area is 9 251 km2.
It is located in the Eastern part of Mediterranean basin. On one hand Cyprus has an atmosphere of rest and enjoying the nature and on the other hand it has business activity in any area. Moreover Cyprus attracts Russian speaking population by availability of Russian schools and kindergartens. Our co-citizens adapt there much quicker than in any other country. Cyprus government treats foreign citizens well what lets citizens of other countries own houses, flats and land plot on equal conditions with citizens of Cyprus.
The right for property is inviolable in Cyprus. Terms of real estate sale do not depend on citizenship. There is only one restriction on space: foreign citizens can not own a house, a flat or a land plot of more than 4000 m2. Real estate in Cyprus is a profitable investment. Relatively low prices for real estate in Cyprus and stable high demand let you be sure in investment projects. Moreover offshore zone in Cyprus attracts business from different countries therefore it guarantees high demand and liquidity of flats, villas, cottages and land plots. On May 1st, 2004 Cyprus became an EU country what naturally increased stable growth of prices for real estate. On January 1st, 2008 Cyprus started to use euro so you can be sure there will be no various crises of national currencies.

It is not hard to buy real estate (a flat, a cottage, a land plot) in Cyprus. Real estate bargains are simple and clear. Moreover if you decide to use mortgage credit then banks will welcome you with open arms. It is easy to get a mortgage credit for 15 years with 4-5% annual rate. Risks on mortgage credit are minimal in Cyprus that is why banks offer such a low rate on credit.

Taxes and fees for real estate in Cyprus are as follows:
- single stamp duty amounts to 0.20% of real estate value;
- registration fee at receipt of permanent certificate - up to 8%;
- property tax is calculated according to real estate prices of 1980 which are much lower than market ones. That is why most of real estate objects are not liable to taxes.

Our company offers real estate in Cyprus at initial prices without agents. We support you at all stages of negotiations and real estate registration. When you meet us directly in Moscow you meet the owners of real estate in Cyprus. We guarantee full range of services and absence of any problems along with professional attitude.

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