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Buy real estate in Bulgaria
(Flats, apartments, villas,
land plots)

Bulgaria is a unique country of resorts (sea resorts, ski resorts, health resorts). Mountains, the sea, extensive forests, moderately warm climate make Bulgaria very attractive for tourists. Successful development of tourist business in this country gives ground to speak about profitable investments into real estate of Bulgaria. Every year standards of life and services grow, and that in its turn influences growth of tourist flow into this country. Prices for real estate are growing accordingly (flats, apartments, cottages, land plots) in Bulgaria. Prices are the lowest in comparison with other EU countries and profitability is quite high and stable. You can buy a flat in Bulgaria (2-room and equipped) for just 50 000 euro. Moreover from year to year a stable growth of prices for flats, apartments, villas and land plots is observed. Any foreigner (physical or legal body) can buy any real estate in Bulgaria. Mortgage credit activities are well developed. Real estate under construction is the most profitable investment in Bulgaria. To by an object at construction stage means to save at least 12%. Taxation for real estate is quite low in Bulgaria. For legal bodies taxation is calculated on the basis of book value of real estate and for physical bodies the tax amounts to 1/4 property value (defined by local tax administration). And the tax is unified for legal and physical bodies -0.15%. Furthermore, for maintenance of housing real estate a rate is collected for household wastes that in average amounts to 0.17% depending on location. Procedure of executing a transaction of purchase and sale of real estate is simple. The agreement is certified by a notary (notary services - 2-3%) and is registered by state. Sums can be transferred through banks and depositaries. One should know that a Buyer pays VAT at purchase of real estate object to public treasury. There is practically no language barrier for Russian citizens in Bulgaria. Even contractual documents are drawn in Russian and Bulgarian languages.
We offer apartments, flats, and land plots in Bulgaria not using agents and for basic prices of a Developer. We obligatory arrange a pick-up at the airport and further support in demonstration and documentation of real estate. We guarantee service of high quality and individual attention.


Apartments for sale in Bulgaria,
PM Sunny Beach.

House for sale in Bulgaria,
PM Sozopol

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