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Buy real estate
(a flat, a cottage,
a land plot) in Finland.

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To buy a flat, a cottage or a land plot in Finland became a real and quite easy thing after removal of limitations for purchase of real estate in Finland for foreigners in 2000. Our company provides services of selection and purchase of real estate for foreigners in Finland.

Before you purchase a flat, a cottage or a land plot in Finland you should consider a range of factors that influence its cost and further use.

1. Buy a flat in Finland

To buy a flat in Finland means to become a shareholder of housing stock company.
Costs of building maintenance are distributed among the tenants as a rule that's why when you chose a flat it is very important to learn when major repairs was conducted and if the owner repaid his debt. According to Finnish legislation flat bargains are considered to be purchase and sales of movable property. To buy a flat in Finland is not hard; there are no significant differences from our flats only perhaps availability of a sauna.
Types of buildings can be as follows: a multi-storeyed house, in-line two-storeyed house, a multiple apartment building with a separate entrance. Also when you buy a flat in Finland you may pay attention to availability of a balcony, a fireplace, a parking and even a pool.
Flat space varies from 30 m2 to 250 m2.
A kitchen is combined with a room as a rule.

2. Buy a cottage in Finland.

In Finland cottages are strictly divided into cottages for permanent living (private house) and cottages for holidays (summer cottages). The difference is in tax payment. So before you buy a cottage in Finland you should make a decision how you will use it. House space often depends on its purpose in Finland. Heating in cottages is mainly electric. Almost in every cottage there is a fireplace that creates more comfort and heat in a house. It's possible to use wood, diesel or even petroleum heating. Water supply can be connected from central utilities or there is own water well with a pump.

3. Buy a land plot in Finland.

If you want to buy a land plot in Finland with its further liquidity a plot should have its own coastline (oma ranta). Price of a land plot varies depending on the closeness of a water body and infrastructure. As a rule utilities are already drawn to a plot and there are roads to the smallest settlement.

Also our company provides a comprehensive range of services regarding purchase of real estate and construction in Finland:

  • Consultations on issues of purchase of a flat, a cottage or a land plot in Finland.
  • Selection and search of real estate in Finland.
  • Meeting and support of the client on the whole territory of Finland.
  • Legal support of bargains with real estate from the beginning till the end.
  • Execution of any order for a purchase of a flat, a cottage, a land plot of various purposes on the whole territory of Finland.
  • Consultations on taxation.
  • Design and construction of cottages and houses of different purpose in Finland including obtaining permission for construction.

In our site you may look up additional materials on Finland to get more comprehensive information on the topic: how to buy real estate (a flat, a cottage, a land plot) in Finland.


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