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Our company provides only professional accounting services of high quality. Our company offers accounting record maintenance and accounting support of your entity in Moscow. We perform functions of accounting, accounting support of a company, setting and organization of accounting, reconstruction of accounting of your company. After concluding a contract with us for provision of accounting services to your company you save money for organization of working place for a chief accountant and other accompanying expenses. High professionalism of our employees will not let you worry about accountancy that is not submitted fully or in time or without violations. You don't have to avoid penalty taxes and fines because they do not happen when you work with us. We guarantee quality and confidentiality of commercial information and of course quality of provided accounting services.

Our company provides full legal services in accounting, taxation and housing. We provide representation in court on any housing issues and disputes. We represent interests of any legal or physical body in court, prepare letters of complaint and appendices to them and bring cases to the court, appeal acts of state bodies, local governments and officials. We assist in documentation of any inherited property (a flat, a room, a house, a land plot) and also in registration of letters of right for inheritance. On your behalf and by right of power of attorney we take procedural actions stated in the power of attorney including submission of a dispute to arbitration court, counter-claiming, total or partial withdrawal of claims, decreasing of its volume, reaching confession of a claim, change of a subject or a ground for action, assistance in conclusion of an amicable agreement, preparation of appeal of juridical decree, presentation of administrative case for sanction. We conduct legal consultation on housing issues.


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