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Buy a flat in a new building.
Documentation and support.

Our company both effects sales of own construction objects and sales flats in new buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region directly from a real estate developer.

We conduct legal examination of documents for new buildings. We document flats as property by investment contracts, assignations practically on every real estate object. From us you can receive consultations of the best quality on schemes of purchase of flats in new buildings. Our agency also conducts legal support for a Buyer at purchase of rights for a flat in new buildings.

Annually hundreds of new buildings are erected in Moscow and the Moscow region. And nobody is surprised when a new building is erected literally within several months. To buy a flat in a new building it is necessary to have comprehensive information on a developer. It's very hard to understand construction technologies for a non-specialist. Though nobody cancelled GOSTs and construction norms and specifications in construction industry they are unknown for general public so if a developer is dishonest he uses it all the time. So before buying a flat in a new building one should inquire about previous objects of the developer. Such information has been collected by our company during many years. And you can use it.

At purchase of a flat in a new building a type of the building is a very important factor. In new buildings the largest offer is of flats in panel, brick and mass-brick buildings and less often in houses of new carcass technology. Of course a panel building is somewhat worse than other types of buildings. Though there are houses of 121, 155 series for instance that by quality are not worse than a new brick building. Such new buildings are submitted to State Committee more quickly as a rule and have good maintenance characteristics.

Before you buy a flat in a new building we will surely consult you on the quality of the proposed new building. If you decide to buy a flat in a new building on your own you should do the following:

  • analyze all offers of flats in new buildings represented for sale in the real estate market
  • Define the location of your future house, its type: mass-brick or panel, its plan and other characteristics of a future flat.
  • Carefully choose a selling company that offers flats in new buildings and assess each candidate by the following parameters:

    1. How long this company works in the real estate market;
    2. Whether this company is an agent or a developer (though an agent often has the same price as a developer);
    3. Total amount of new buildings erected and peopled by this company in Moscow and the Moscow region;
    4. Learn as much as you can about this company from the Internet and mass-media;

  • Check availability of full package of documents and permission of City Administration for erecting of new buildings for the selling company.
  • Before you buy a flat in a new building study objectively each contract item for flat purchase. For consultation you may ask for assistance from an independent legal adviser (better a practical person in such issues).

When you buy a flat in a new building you should remember that a contract should include at least the following provisions:

  • Precise definition of a flat subject according to design documentation to be transferred after the end of construction.
  • Schedule of transfer of a flat by a developer (if you are a shareholding partner of construction).
  • Price of the contract, schedule and terms of payment.

It is well known that to buy a flat in an uncompleted building is cheaper than in a building approved by state committee. For more confidence you can insure your risks. Insurance is obligatory when you use credit money and voluntary in other cases.

For insurance of a new building being erected the following documents are necessary:

  • Provision of local administration on object construction;
  • Lease contract for land for construction;
  • Investment contract between local administration and investing developer;
  • Contract between an investor (insurer) and a debtor on repayment of investments;
  • Contract chain from a debtor to an investing developer (if they are different legal bodies);
  • Payment documents on investment repayment.

The amount of insurance varies from 1.5-5% of the investment sum (depending on the rates of an insurance company and a number of insured risks - bankruptcy of a developer, delay of construction work, delay of peopling a building, possibility of double sell, destruction or damage of a building due to various emergencies, fire, explosions and other disasters).

For any questions about purchase a flat in a new building you may contact us at e-mail or by tel. 238-63-77, 238-65-28.


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