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Rent a storehouse,
a shop, an office,
or any other commercial real estate object

Our company provides the full range of services to the clients who are interested in the long-term relationship with regard to rent of storehouses, production premises, shops, or any other commercial real estate. We specialize in search and selection of commercial real estate objects taking into account all wishes and requests of our clients. We guarantee that we will conduct negotiations, prepare all necessary documentation, and provide legal support for the deals on office rent, shop rent, and the rent of any commercial real estate premises including quite complicated deal on storehouse rent.

Storehouse rent is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. Modern storehouse is a very complicated object from the technical point of view as well as from the point of view of its management. There is need to rent a storehouse in all stages of material flows managing starting from the source for raw materials and finishing with consumer of ready commercial product.

In order to choose a storehouse for rent you need to know the main types of storehouses and what they are designed for. Storehouses can be classified according to different characteristics:

  • According to relation to logistics areas storehouses can be designed for supply, production, and distribution.
  • According to the form of ownership storehouses can be own and rented.
  • According to their functional role storehouses can be designed for extended storage, transfer, distribution, and special needs.
  • According to product mix storehouses can be specialized, all-purpose, and combined.
  • According to storage conditions storehouses can be unheated, heated, cold stores, stores with fixed climatic regime.
  • According to the type of storehouse buildings and constructions storehouses can be open storage, shed storage, and inside storage.

Storehouse rent differs by storage area. For example, storehouse which has a big storage area (5 000 m2 and more) is usually called the terminal. In general, there are a lot of different nuances in storehouse rent issue. This is why we say that storehouse rent is a quite complicated issue.

Specialists from our company will provide you with competent consultations on all issues concerning long-term rent of a storehouse, an office, or a shop. We have the most complete database on commercial real estate objects. This is why we won't have any difficulty in choosing the most suitable office, shop, restaurant, or storehouse for you to rent.

Solving a lot of problems concerning office or storehouse rent could be a very serious issue for potential lessees of non-residential premises. Our company provides high quality services in the field of commercial real estate as we are highly professional in it and have big experience in working in the commercial real estate market. Interests of our clients are of first priority for us.

Special offers: Office and storehouse rent/lease in Moscow and in the nearest Moscow regions.



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Bboard - it is an original base of commercial real estate varies from property owners as well as actual customers to search for organizations and individuals to offices, warehouses, shops and facilities of any commercial real estate. Ads marked "send request" - this is absolutely proven real-world objects, as well as physical. and jur. persons wishing to rent, lease, buy, sell commercial properties. These messages are received either by phone or by e-mail orders and proposals of our company. After preliminary examination, we are putting them in a bulletin board on commercial real estate. To get in touch with this ad, you can either call the phone listed on it, or "send request" in the appropriate box.


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Storehouse rent: Moscow and the nearest Moscow regions.
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