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rent/lease in Moscow
and in the nearest Moscow region

Our company provides such services as office rent/lease not only in Moscow but also in the nearest Moscow regions.

We possess the most up-to-date databases on offices rent/lease. We have two private databases as well as message board described below. It has the search system on commercial real estate where you can search by owners of offices, storehouses, shops, and other buildings, etc. as well as by different offers on commercial real estate from all companies including absolutely all real estate agencies.
We also keep records on offices rent in Moscow and the Moscow region. Also, we are the managing company for several objects in Moscow and the Moscow region where we can lease office on favorable terms.

Bulletin board 
- real basis of commercial real estate.

Board - it is an original base of commercial real estate varies from property owners as well as actual customers to search for organizations and individuals to offices, warehouses, shops and facilities of any commercial real estate. Ads marked "send request" - this is absolutely proven real-world objects, as well as physical. and jur. persons wishing to rent, lease, buy, sell commercial properties. These messages are received either by phone or by e-mail orders and proposals of our company. After preliminary examination, we are putting them in a bulletin board on commercial real estate. To get in touch with this ad, you can either call the phone listed on it, or "send request" in the appropriate box.

Of all offers in the commercial real estate market our specialists will help you to choose the most suitable option of office rent; they will consult you on prices and provide you with the legal support in documents preparation and finalization. All our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in offices rent and lease services. And we work not only in Moscow. We also have full information on real estate objects and prices in the nearest Moscow regions.

In case you are interested in one of the options of office rent you can visit the property together with our specialist who can show you the property and consult you on price and lease terms.

As of today, office rent issue is very popular as almost all commercial companies have to deal with it when they do not have enough operation assets to buy their own office and at the same time understand that the office is urgently needed. Successful companies as a rule start with renting an office in Moscow or the Moscow region, and then they buy their own office. We will always help you during all stages of these processes.

Of course you can search an office to rent by yourself. However, if you address to us you will get several incontestable advantages. They are as follows:

  1. Big choice of different options on offices, storehouses, shops and any other commercial real estate objects rent.
  2. Professional assistance in selection of the best option.
  3. Consultations on all issues concerning deals on office rent or office purchase.
  4. Full legal support at all stages of the process.

Also, when you rent an office you need to take into account a lot of nuances which you never thought of in the beginning. For example, such issues as maintenance and office cleaning, parking lot near the office, access to transport, infrastructure should also be taken into account. Our specialist will surely ask you to pay attention to all important issues.

When renting an office it is important to know that the following types of nonresidential premises lease agreements are not good for you:

  • Agreement on provision of working positions;
  • Agreement on cooperation;
  • Sub-lease agreement without coordination with the owner or without state registration (in case the city is the property owner).

Such agreements on nonresidential premises lease do comply with the standards of use of nonresidential properties.

That is why when renting an office you should duly check the package of documents. You should verify competence of the legal body representing Lessee and his right to manage this office. Also you should verify that this very representative person has a right to sign this nonresidential property lease agreement.

Here you can have a look at basics and terminology which will help you to rent an office. Our specialist will consult you on current prices in case you have not decided to rent an office yet but wish to get to know the range of prices.

Also, you can leave a note with a view to office rent or any other nonresidential property rent, and our specialists will contact you and consult you on any issue which is of interest for you.

We will help commercial real estate owners wishing to sale or lease an office quickly to lease an office on beneficial terms. Also, you can leave your request in our message board which is on the main page of our website. Our specialists can also consult you on the use of commercial real estate objects. If you want to lease an office you can send a request through the website or phone us.

Special offers: Office rent/lease in Moscow and in the nearest Moscow regions.


Articles - (rent or lease an office, a storehouse, or a shop; market research; useful information.)


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