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If you decided to buy an apartment and have already chosen the district, made up your mind on footage and type of a house then you only need to choose a suitable apartment. It seems that it's quite easy to choose an apartment as there are a lot of newspapers which post advertisements on apartments' sale; there are internet apartment databases and many other sources. You just need to choose and buy. However, there are certain dangers and the so-called hidden agendas in these procedures. Legal verification is a quite complicated process; it plays a very important role when you are going to buy an apartment. Your calm depends on it. The situation becomes even more difficult if you wish to buy an apartment on mortgage agreement. Banks have very strict requirements to the documents you should provide, and these requirements can not always be met. Then, if you are going to buy an apartment you need to competently formalize an advance agreement so that there are no difficulties between customer and seller at the stage of documents preparation. Any action at the stage of making the deal on buying an apartment can lead to both worries and certain saving of money, pains and nerves. Real estate agency can help a person to avoid any worries during this apartment buying process. Specialists from the agency will help you to buy an apartment without any problems and in a very short time. They will also help you to competently prepare and formalize all documents in a very short time and with minimum costs as well as to form your relationship with a bank in the right way in case you take the mortgage loan. When you turn to the real estate agency you get a professional at your disposal that will represent your interests during the deal making process and be your experienced consultant on real estate and legal issues. If you have not chosen an apartment yet we will help you to make a decision.
Just try and you will see that it is very easy to buy an apartment with our assistance. We do not want huge profits like many other big agencies that can really be described as factories on clients processing. We have an individual approach to each person taking into account his situation, amount of money he is ready to spend, and his wishes. It is more important for us to have a good name and respect of our clients than up-to-the-minute profit. We are very proud that people turn to our agency more than once and also recommend us to their relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

We wish you good purchase! Remember - WE PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS!

Real Holiday Apartments, rooms - response
To buy an apartment you can take advantage of our new service - Holiday apartments, rooms, question - answer. On this basis apartments, rooms you can find your version by filling out the request form and send it to us. We'll take away from the service base options of apartments, rooms, suitable for you and send you.

Evaluation Property
Here you can evaluate the value of apartments, rooms. This property valuation is not just a comparative similar sales in your rayone.Ukazav in the notes features (repair of the apartment, sostoyanoie door, etc.) on a flat or a room, our specialists will take into account these factors affecting the price of your property. That's why we do not make an assessment mode on-line, because this estimate is distorted.



One can buy an apartment in Moscow to any taste and at any price. Each Moscow district has its own unique character. It affects an apartment price. It is well known that apartment location defines its price. For example, you can buy an apartment in Moscow center at the price of $6 000 to $30 000 for m2. There is a big difference between the lowest and the highest price but this is because districts differ from each other in the center of Moscow. When we speak about apartments in the center of Moscow we mean houses within the Garden Ring Road. Apartments in new deluxe houses in Ostozhenka street, Komsomolsky prospect, Chistye Prudy, Smolenskaya street have the highest prices as they are located in the real Moscow center. Apartments in the so-called "Stalin houses' built in 1940-1950s have a bit lower prices. And finally, you can buy an apartment at quite reasonable price (within indicated prices range) in such districts as Paveletskaya, Novokuznetskaya, Tsvetnoj Boulevard. Such houses belong of course to the old fund. Then, the status value of different districts can be allocated as follows (in order of prices reduction): Frunzenskaya, Sokolniki, Kutuzovsky prospect, metro stations Taganskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Prospect Mira which are close to the Garden Ring Road. You can also buy a deluxe comfortable apartment not just in the Moscow center. For example, deluxe apartments in Vorobievy Gory and Minskaya street are very popular. There is infill development with business-class houses in South-Western and Western districts of Moscow where it is very prestigious to buy an apartment. Also, ecological situation in these districts is considered to be better than in other districts. If we speak about apartments pricing generally in Moscow we should say that the highest prices are in the center of Moscow including neighboring districts within the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) except for the Southern Administrative District of Moscow. Among the other Moscow districts the most attractive are the following: Western Administrative District, North-Eastern Administrative District (just such districts as VDNKh and Alekseevskaya), Eastern District (just such districts as Pervomajskaya and Semyonovskaya). As for the other districts you can buy an apartment in any of them at approximately the same price (per m2). The cheapest districts are the following: Pechatniki, Old Mar'ino, Biryulyovo, Kozhukhovo. We can advise you in more details which district is the best for you to buy an apartment in if you visit our office. Just ask for our advice. Our creed is to help.


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