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MODEL statement
refusal of a compulsory share of inheritance

of a compulsory share of inheritance

City of Moscow, Russian Federation 00.00.0000, the Notary Moscow
Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich
From grams. Ivanov, Pyotr
Residing at: _____


I, gr. Ivanov, Petr Ivanovich, 00.00.000 year of birth, place of birth: ___________________, Gender: male, passport of the Russian Federation 00 series 00 000000 issued 00.00.0000g. ATS district "_________________" City _____________, code 000-000 units registered at the address: Moscow, street _______________________________, House 00, 0 housing, Apartment 00, hereby announce that in accordance with article 1149 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation agree to receive my fair legally binding part of the estate remaining after the deceased 00 years ________________ 0000, my father gr. Ivan Ivanov, 00.00.000 born, lived at the address: Moscow, street _______________________________, House 00, Building 0, Apartment 00.

Estate, I did not take to it, ie to an obligatory share, whatever it was, and wherever located, do not pretend, and decorate their inheritance do not want, and do not object to receive the estate nasldenikom by testamentary disposition gr. Petrov, Pyotr Petrovich, 00.00.000 born

To the court for an extension of time for acceptance of the inheritance and inheritance rights to a compulsory share does not intend to apply.

Text of the declaration of refusal of a compulsory share of inheritance to his signature read by me personally


Ivanov P.I._______________________________________________________________________________________


I, Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich, notary of the city of Moscow, certify the authenticity of the signature gr. Peter Ivanovich Ivanov, who signed in my presence. The identity of the signatory is installed, its capacity tested.

Recorded in the register 0-0000.

Recovered by tariff: 000 RUR. 00 kop.

Certified by the notary office in the premises of the address :_____________________________.


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