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of inheritance by law
to a compulsory share

of inheritance by law on obligatory share


City of Moscow, Russian Federation, the 00.00.0000

I, Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich, notary of the city of Moscow, on the basis of Art. 1143 Civil Code certify that the heir to? (One second) the percentage specified in this certificate of property gr. Ivan Ivanov, who died 00 years ________________ 0000, is:

Son - gr. Ivanov, Petr Ivanovich, 00.00.2000 date of birth, place of birth: ___________________, sex: male, passport of the Russian Federation of 00 series 00 000000 issued 00.00.0000g. ATS district "_________________" city _____________, code units 000-000, registered at the address: Moscow, ul _________________________________________, House 00, Building 0, Apartment 00.

Inheritance, to which a specified percentage of issued this certificate, consisting of:

APARTMENTS, consisting of one living room, has a total area of 35,2 (Thirty-five point two) square meters, including floor space 20,0 (twenty point zero) sq.m. According to the Bureau of Technical Inventory Southwestern __ TBTI Moscow. Price listed apartment on the day of death of the testator is 0000000 (Nil) rubles 00 kopecks, cost specified per cent on the day of death of the testator is 0000000 (Nil) rubles 00 kopecks, help Therefore, according to the Bureau of Technical Inventory Southwestern __ TBTI Moscow from 00.00.200_ year for the number 00000.

The apartment in question belonged to the testator under the Treaty of _________________________, certified by a notary Moscow Doe II 01.01._______ year, the registry entry 0-0000, as evidenced by the Certificate of state registration of rights form 77 AA 00000, issued 01.01.2001, Moscow city committee of the state registration of immovable property and transactions with him, knows quite a record of registration for immovable property and transactions 77-00/00-00/2001-0000.0-0 from 01.01.2000, the conditioned apartment number 0-0000000.

This certificate pdtverzhdaet emergence of Ownership? proportion of the above property. For the remainder? share the above property, a certificate of inheritance have been issued.

Transfer of ownership of this certificate shall be registered with the Office of the Federal State of registration, inventory and mapping of Moscow.

Probate case number 000/2000

Recorded in the register 0-0000.

Recovered by tariff: 000 RUR. 00 kop.

This certificate is certified by me, Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich, a notary of the city of Moscow.

Certified by the notary office in the premises at :___________________.


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