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Testimonial certificate
on location of the citizen

on acknowledge of presence of the citizen in the certain location

Moscow, the Russian Federation
Date 00.00.0000

I, Sidor Sidorov, notary of Moscow, per request of Ivan Ivanov, date of birth 00.00.000, place of birth: ___________________, sex: male, passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation of 00 00 000000 issued on 00.00.0000 by Internal Affairs Department of "_________________" district of _____________, subdivision code 000-000, registered at: Moscow, _______________street , 00, building 0, flat 00, on the basis of Article 83 of Fundamental principles of legislation of the Russian Federation on notariat certify that today 00.00.0000, from 00 hours 00 minutes till 11 hours 11 minutes Ivan Ivanov was present in my notary public office located at: ___________________________________, for signing of (contract of purchase and sale flat, contract of house gift, contract of flat exchange, etc.).



This Testimonial certificate is attested by me, Sidor Sidorov, notary of Moscow.

The statement is signed by Ivan Ivanov in my presence. His identity is proven, active capacity is checked.

Recorded in the register under No. 0-0000.

Charged according to the tariff: 00 roubles 00 kopecks

Attested in the notary public office located at:___________________.

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