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of notary documents
(contracts, powers of attorney, applications, consents)

  • General power of attorney

  • On the basis of General Power of Attorney the authorized person has the right to take any action with the property (movable and immovable), shares, including full disposal of the funds and execution of any other civil action for the person who issued the General Power of Attorney.

  • Power of attorney for documents preparation and registration

  • Power of attorney for documents preparation and registration should not be mixed up with general power of attorney. This power of attorney allows just preparation of the package of documents in authorities indicated in this power of attorney, and submission of this package to the state registration authorities in order to receive register agreement (for example, purchase and sale agreement).

  • Power of Attorney for purchase of a flat (a real estate object)

  • The power of attorney to buy a flat in practice means only that an Agreement of purchase and sale will be signed by an authorized person under this power of attorney.

  • Power of attorney for privatization

  • Based on the power of attorney for privatization the authorized person can perform all actions including the receipt of property deed for the grantor.

  • Consent of a spouse for apartment purchase/sale

  • Consent of a spouse for apartment purchase is necessary in all cases except those when the marriage contract exists. Consent for apartment sale is required in the following cases:
    • If the property was received by one of the spouses as a gift or by inheritance
    • If the property was privatized
    • If the property was purchased before or within marriage but 3 years passed since the divorce
    • If the marriage contract exists.

  • Application on not being in registered marriage

  • This is a simple application form which is required for purchase of an apartment, a room or real estate object.

  • Application which states refusal from participation in apartment privatization

  • In case you want to save your right for privatization for some reason you will need to fill in this application to privatize apartment for the other joint owners of this apartment.

  • Request to the tutorship authorities

  • Request to the tutorship authorities is required when alternative purchase of apartments, rooms, and other property takes place that is in those cases when one of the owners of alienated property is the young person (a minor).

  • Consent to transfer telephone number to the name of the new owner

  • This consent is mainly a confirmation that the previous owner will not perform any actions aimed at removal of this telephone number.

  • Certificate on individual's location

  • Certificate on individual's location is often required to solve disputable issues and to provide certain evidence to the court.

  • Power of Attorney for registration (a flat, a room, a house)

  • This power of attorney for registration of apartments, rooms, and houses entitles the authorized person only to deliver and receive legal documents on real estate transactions.

  • Power of attorney for conduct of civil cases in court

  • This power of attorney for conduct and representation of civil cases in the judiciary gives the full right to the authorized representative to conduct legal proceedings.


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