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Sale contract
non-residential premises

Sale contract is non-residential premises

City of Moscow, ___________________________________ We

, gr. The Russian Federation, Ivan Ivanov, 01.01.______ year of birth, place of birth: Moscow, sex: male, passport of the Russian Federation 00 series 00 000000 issued 01.01.2002g. ATS district "_____________" Moscow City subdivision code 000-000 registered at the address: Moscow, street _________, ______, house building ___, ___ apartment hereinafter referred to as "Seller" and gr. Russian Federation, Petrov, Pyotr Petrovich 01.01._____ year of birth, place of birth: Moscow, sex: male, passport of the Russian Federation 00 series 00 000000 issued 01.01.2002g. ATS "________" Moscow City subdivision code 000-000, at the address: Moscow, street house _________, ____, ____, apartment building ___, hereinafter referred to as "Buyer" made this agreement in writing as follows:

1.PRODAVETS undertakes to sell, and Buyer agrees to acquire ownership of non-residential premises ___ total area of 00.0 square meters, located on the first floor at the address: Moscow, _________________________, Which includes the room ( 1 (other) - 00.0 square meters, 2 (other) - 00.0 square meters, 3 (kitchen) - 0,0 sq.m., 4 (Ladies) - 0,0 meters, 5 (wash) - 0,0 meters, 6 (Corridor) - 0,0 meters, 6a (cabinet) - 0,0 meters), type: creative workshop.

2.Ukazannoe non-residential premises owned by the SELLER to the right of ownership under the Treaty of __________________________________, which a certificate of state registration of rights granted by 00.00.200__, the Moscow City Committee for the state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it, Series 77 00 000000, as in the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with 00.00.200__ year made record registration 77-00/00-00/0000-00. Register number of the object number 0000.

3.Soglasno help of the Moscow Territorial Bureau of Technical Inventory Eastern 1 "from 00.00.200_ year for the number 00000, the cost of alienated non-residential premises is 0000000 (Nil) rubles 00 kopecks.

4.Po agreement of the parties sold to non-residential premises is assessed and sold for 00 000 (Nil) rubles 00 kopecks, which Buyer shall pay to the Seller and the Seller agrees to take in one day after receiving the title and pravopodtverzhdayuschih documents on him.

5.POKUPATEL made a visit to the non-residential premises. Buyer has advised that the non-residential premises made alterations, unregistered in the manner prescribed by law, namely: the lack of sanitary equipment, and agrees to purchase it in this condition.

6.PRODAVETS agrees to indemnify sold to non-residential premises within 3 days after receipt of documents on state registration of transfer of title to it to the BUYER.

7.S moment of state registration of transfer of title under this contract, the buyer acquires ownership of the non-residential premises number ____, a total area of 00.0 square meters, located on the first floor at the address: Moscow, ____________________ including room 1-6a, type: creative workshop, and in accordance with Art. 210 Civil Code assumes the obligation to pay taxes on real estate, cost of operation and maintenance of non-residential premises.

8.Pri signing a contract, the seller guarantees that the documents have been provided for non-residential premises sold to obtain the authorized bodies are authentic and contain valid data, and that so far it has not alienated anyone in the dispute, under prohibition (arrest ) and the key is not, free of the rights and claims of third persons, the ownership right to it is not contested, the calculations with the previous owners made in full and on time.

9.Storony, guided by Articles 421 (freedom of contract), 461 (seller's liability in case of seizure of goods by the buyer) of the Civil Code, have agreed that in the event of termination of this Agreement by the Seller, as a result can happen removal of non-residential premises at the Buyer to the Seller, the Seller agrees to Buyers' option to purchase an equivalent non-residential premises in the house of a similar category the same area of the city of Moscow, with the same distance from the subway station, or to provide funds to the Buyer for the independent acquisition of non-residential premises, based on the cost of similar non-residential buildings serving the real estate market at the time of signature of this Treaty, while non-residential premises may not be withdrawn from the BUYER.

10. The contract is considered fulfilled subject to the parties the following commitments: Seller receives specified in the contract sum of money for non-residential premises sold, confirmed receipt; transferred by the Seller within one day after receiving the documents on state registration of transfer of ownership signed by the parties to the Act the transfer of non-residential premises, free of rights and claims of third parties, in serviceable condition, not indebted to utility bills and tariffs and monthly telephone charges and long distance telephone calls.

11.Nastoyaschy Agreement contains all of the agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof, supersedes and invalidates all its obligations to third parties, which were made by the parties either orally or in writing prior to its conclusion.

12.Soderzhanie Articles 131 (state registration of real estate), 209 (possession, use and disposal of their property), 223 (time of ownership by the purchaser under the contract), 408 (obligation of the Seller at Buyer's request to issue a receipt for the money), 433 (when the contract ), 450 (base changes and cancellation of the contract), 460 (SELLER peredattovar duty-free rights of third parties), 549-551 (state registration of ownership of the property), 556 (transfer of property) and 557 (the consequences of the transfer of property of inadequate quality) CC RF Articles 34 (joint ownership of spouses), 36 (property of each spouse), Family Code parties known.
Requirements of Art. 35 (possession, use and disposal of common property of spouses), Family Code are met.

13.Pri signing this contract, the seller said that the contract they did not lay and the legal regime of joint ownership of spouses did not change.
This Agreement is made with the consent of the spouse SELLER. Notarized consent of the wife SELLER attached hereto.
In signing this contract, the buyer stated that currently are not married and acquires non-residential premises in personal funds.

14.Nastoyaschy Agreement is executed in three originals, one of which is filed in the Office of the Federal Service of state registration, inventory and mapping of Moscow and a copy given to the parties.
Transfer of ownership of non-residential premises under this Treaty shall be registered with the Office of the Federal Service of state registration, inventory and mapping of Moscow.

Treaty Parties confirm that by signing this Agreement, they have reached agreement on all essential terms of the contract. They said that they are not deprived of the capacity, under the care and custody are not, do not suffer from diseases that hinder grasp the essence of contract is signed and there are no circumstances that force to make the deal on extremely unfavorable to itself. The contract is read personally by the parties.

Seller __________________________________________________



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