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Contract of uncompensated use

Contract of uncompensated use flat

PM Moscow

"___"__________ 200__ PM We

, gr. The Russian Federation, Ivan Ivanov, 01.01.______ year of birth, place of birth: Moscow, sex: male, passport of the Russian Federation 00 series 00 000000 issued 01.01.2002g. ATS "_____________" district of Moscow, the subdivision code 000-000, registered at the address: Moscow, street _________, ______, house building ___, ___ apartment, on the one hand, and gr. Russian Federation, Petrov, Pyotr Petrovich 01.01._____ year of birth, place of birth: Moscow, sex: male, passport of the Russian Federation 00 series 00 000000 issued 01.01.2002g. ATS "________" Moscow, code division 000-000, at the address: Moscow, street house _________, ____, ____, apartment building ___, on the other hand, called together the parties, acting voluntarily, we conclude this agreement as follows:

1. Ivanov II undertakes to provide Petrov PP for gratuitous use apartment, located at: ul. __________, ___ House, korpus_____, apartment ___, consisting of three living rooms, the total area of ____ sq. m., excluding balconies and loggias - ___ sqm, including residential - ____ sq. m. with the right of permanent residence registration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow to the current address.

2. FLAT at the above address to the seller on the property right under the Treaty of ___________________________, notary certified Moscow Sidorova II 01.01._______ year, the registry entry 0-0000, as evidenced by the Certificate of state registration of rights form 77 AA 00000, issued 01.01.2001, Moscow city committee of the state registration of immovable property and transactions with him, knows quite a record of registration for immovable property and transactions 77-00/00-00/2001-0000.0-0 from 01.01.2001, the conditioned apartment number 0-0000000.

March. The above apartment is available for free use Petrov PP indefinitely.

4. Claims for the technical state apartments Petrov PP not.

5. Petrov PP shall, in accordance with Art. 288 of the Civil Code to treat the apartment as a dwelling, without the right to use as a service, non-residential premises or the needs of an industrial nature, and without the consent of Ivan Ivanov not to transfer an apartment to third parties.

6. Petrov PP must maintain above a flat in good condition, including the implementation of routine maintenance, as well as commensurate footprint bear the costs of operation and maintenance of apartments, houses and house territory.

7. Petrov PP in accordance with Art. 699 of the Civil Code shall have the right at any time withdraw from the contract of uncompensated use, notifying Ivan Ivanov per month.

8. Petrov PP not entitled to claim compensation of permanent improvements provided in the use of the apartment, made without the consent of Ivan Ivanov

9. Ivanov II the right to dispose of the said flat.

10. The content of Art. Art. 689 (contract of uncompensated use), 690 (lender), 691 (providing things for free use), 693 (responsibility for the shortcomings of things sent free use), 701 (termination of the contract of uncompensated use) of the Civil Code notary explained.

11. This Treaty shall enter into force upon signature by the parties.

12. Changing the terms of the Treaty can only take place by agreement of the parties.

13. Expenditures for the conclusion of this Treaty shall Petrov PP

14. This Agreement is executed in three originals, one of which is stored in the affairs of the Notary in Moscow Sidorov SS address: Moscow, street ______, ___ house, and a copy given to the parties.

Treaty Parties confirm that by signing this Agreement, they have reached agreement on all essential terms of the contract and received from the notary all the explanations on the concluded transaction. No additions and changes to the stated terms of the Treaty do not have. In the presence of a notary declared that they are not deprived of legal capacity, does not suffer from diseases that hinder understand the essence of the contract is signed and there are no circumstances that force to make the deal on extremely unfavorable to itself. The contract is read personally by the parties and the notary aloud.

22. Signatures:

Ivanov II: __________________________________________________________________________________

Petrov PP: __________________________________________________________________________________

City of Moscow.

__________________________________ Year.

This agreement certified by me, Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich, a notary of the city of Moscow.

SIGNED gr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov and Petrov, Pyotr Petrovich in my presence.

Identity of each set, viability tested.

Recorded in the register 0-0000.

Recovered by tariff: 000 RUR. 00 kop.

Certified by the notary office in the premises at :___________________.


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