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Preview the tenancy agreement ________

PM Moscow

"___"__________ 200__ PM

OOO "___________________", main state registration number - ____________________________, on behalf of the Director-General Ivanov II, acting under the Charter, hereinafter referred to as "Landlord", on the one hand and the Company "___________", State Registration Number - ____________________________, on behalf of the Director-General Petrov PP, acting under the Charter, on the other hand, collectively, the "Parties", concluded the preliminary lease agreement (hereinafter - "Agreement") as follows:

1. The landlord is obliged to sign a tenant lease agreement for non-residential premises, the total area of 150.9 (One hundred fifty-nine full-tenths) m, identified on a copy of the floor plan space V (Annex 1.1) and according to the explication (Annex 1.2) consisting of: Room 1 area 0.0 square meters. m, room 2 area 00.0 square meters. pm, Room 3 area 00.0 square. pm, room 4 area 00.0 square meters. pm, room 5 area 00.0 square meters. pm, Room 6 square area 0,0. pm, Room 7 square 0.0 square meters. pm, Room 8 area 00.0 square meters. pm, room 9 area 00.0 square meters. pm, room 10 area of 00.0 square meters. pm, room 11 area of 00.0 sq.m., Room 12 area of 0.0 square meters. pm, room 13 area of 0.0 square meters. m., located on the first floor at :____________________________________( hereinafter "Premises") to 5 (five) days from the ________________________________________________.

2. Lessor shall convey to Lessee for temporary use (lease) non-residential premises, referred to in Clause 1 of this contract is on the first floor at:_________________________________________________________________________ for some of the attached draft lease agreement (Appendix 2) payment within 10 days from the date of the registration property rights in the General Office of the Registration Service in Moscow region and enter into long-term lease.

March. Landlord shall enter into a lease agreement with the Tenant in form and under the conditions specified in Annex 2 to this Agreement (draft lease agreement)

4. This preliminary agreement enters into force upon its signing and is valid until the entry into force of the lease.

5. Landlord shall enter into a lease with the tenant for up to "00" ___________ 200__

6. The owner of the premises guarantees the provision of electric power in the volume of 0000 kW.

7. The term of this contract from the moment of its signing and is valid until the date of signing the main lease agreement in accordance with the attached draft lease agreement (Appendix 2).

8. Tenant is permitted to carry out repair works and redevelopment with the prior consent of the Lessor, at its own expense, with the signing of this Agreement and Acceptance of transfer, with subsequent approval of redevelopment in TBTI.

9. Tenant pays rent to the date of signing the main contract.

10. In case of failure of Lessor to conclude a long-term lease agreement under subsection 2, for reasons beyond the control of Tenant, Landlord shall indemnify Tenant actually spent money to repair facilities, confirmation of financial instruments but not more than 00000 (thousand) rubles.

11. In case of failure to conclude long-term tenant lease under subsection 2, for reasons independent of the Landlord, Tenant agrees to compensate the amount of lost profits of $ 0 (thousand) rubles; all inseparable without damage to the premises to improve the Lessor shall not be reimbursed.

12. Any changes or additions to this preliminary agreement are valid only if they are made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the Parties.

13. The Parties undertake to settle disputes arising from this preliminary agreement, through mutual consultations and negotiations. In case no agreement is reached, all disputes arising between the Parties in connection with this preliminary Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation in the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

14. When you change the location, mailing address, bank details of the parties are obliged to notify each other in writing within 10 days.

15. This preliminary agreement is made in 2 (two) copies of equal legal force, one for each of the Parties to this Agreement prior.

16. This preliminary agreement constitutes the entire agreement and an expression of mutual understanding between the Parties regarding its subject matter and invalidates all other commitments and statements that could be made by the Parties in writing or orally before the date of this preliminary agreement. The parties agree that there are no conditions or agreements other than those set forth in this Agreement.

17. All changes, additions and annexes to this preliminary agreement, are integral parts.

18. This Contract is attached:
18.1 Appendix 1.1 - a copy of the floor plan
18.2 Appendix 1.2 - a copy of explication
18.3 Annex 2 - draft lease agreement

19. Signatures


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