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This album is a real estate offers real estate market of Russia and abroad. In order to put its proposal, prepare a photo and description of the property in the free form and send it to us at the e-mail: info@kamp.ru or use the Add Ad paragraph. After appropriate treatment for your ad, the object to appear in the relevant section. Our site is constantly updated, increasing the number of visitors from Russia and from abroad. Do you have an opportunity to quickly sell your property. For potential buyers of real estate this album is quite convenient - no "overload" of information for each facility. With this section of our website to buy an apartment, house, villa, apartments, land, commercial real estate can be not only in Moscow and Moscow region, but also in Russia and abroad. Registration in this section is not required.

At the same time, we are closely approaching the reality, put up your site. By publishing the proposals are not permitted, the content of which violates the laws of the Russian Federation. The management reserves the right to delete free ads submitted through the site, without prior notification and explanation. The management reserves the right to edit ads. If you wish to delete your ad, send us a letter to the address info@kamp.ru. Under no circumstances shall the site administration is not liable for damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with this site, its use or inability to use. By posting information on our site, you agree to the above terms and assume the rights therein and responsibilities associated with the use of the site.

Any question as to the work of this section, you can ask and tel. +7 (495) 665 - 7777.


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