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Legal Department.

Stone Belt Real Estate offers a wide range of services related court cases on housing issues, divorce, property division, arbitration disputes, probate and obtaining ownership of apartments in buildings erected in the court. Past experience suggests about the professionalism of our lawyers. A close, personal relationship to every customer of the company.

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Lawyers provide free consultation on the following issues:

  • hereditary right: to establish the facts acceptance of the inheritance; recovery period of acceptance of inheritance, the recognition of property rights by way of inheritance by law, by will, the recognition of the will invalid; section of the estate;
  • civil law: recognition of property rights; Finally, termination of contracts; invalidation of the transaction (authorization, sale, exchange, gift, etc.) to establish the facts of legal significance;
  • housing law: occupancy of a dwelling, eviction from the dwelling; staging, removal of the register, the definition of the order of use of living accommodation, housing privatization, the share allotment in the residential premises in kind; Finally, the change contract of hiring of premises; section of premises; forced the exchange of non-privatized housing;
  • family law: divorce, division of property, marriage contract, maintenance payments;
  • investment in construction: registration of ownership of apartments in houses, new buildings, recovery of damages for the failure of completion dates of construction.

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Power of Attorney for the handling of civil cases in court

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