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Housing disputes

Housing disputes- complex, multifaceted cases involving the rights to accommodation. These arguments are closely linked with civil and family law. They do not tolerate independent action. Unprofessional approach to solving housing problems may lead to irreparable consequences, because the price issue is very high.

Lawyers Holding will help you solve the following problems:

  • recognition of ownership of the premises, including by way of privatization, devolution;
  • occupancy in a dwelling;
  • eviction from the dwelling of former members of the family;
  • modified the contract of hiring of premises;
  • change the order of use of living accommodation;
  • recognition of contracts of sale, exchange, gift residential invalid;
  • appeal against refusal of registration of residence;
  • appeal against refusal of state registration of rights to immovable property.

Call, come to us. You get free advice on your housing issues. If necessary, our lawyers will participate in the negotiations on your side, will make a statement of claim in court, will represent your interests in court, get a court decision, watches over the execution of decisions.
Tel. 665-7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru

Examples of actual court decisions in favor of our clients.
(Names and other details are subject to change).

Judgement to establish the fact of accepting the inheritance, inclusion in the mass of the succession, the recognition of property rights in inheritance under the law

Judgement the claim to the Tax Service Department ZhFiZhP Moscow and the claim of a third person, with their own demands for recognition of ownership of the estate.

Appeal and Determination on her the claim for recognition of ownership of the estate.


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