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Le Terrazza di Pizzo


Modern residential complex La terrazzo di Pizzo is a truly wonderful place Southern Italian Riviera. The purest Tyrrhenian Sea, the magnificent scenery from the windows and terraces, apartments, white beaches, constant sunshine. Le Terrassa di Pizzo is located near the beach Pizzo Marina - one of the most beautiful places in the region of Calabria.

High European standards of residential complex of La terrazzo di Pizzo satisfy the needs of the discerning buyer. Buy real estate in the residential complex can be 100% insurance and guarantee of the Government of Italy.

All apartments are presented with a quality finish. A view from the windows (vest) - Tyrrhenian Sea and the mountains. A separate entrance is provided for each flat (apartment). The equipment on all European standards - kitchen (living room with cooking area, a terrace), split systems, preparing to connect a washing machine and dishwasher, cable TV, internet. Of the residential complex Le Terrassa di Pizzo is a beautiful landscape and good landscaping. The complex has a business center.

All stages of construction prepared by qualified persons in accordance with the rules and regulations in Italy. Materials of construction - monolithic reinforced concrete with brick ceilings.

Perimeter walls are made with double walls made of bricks 12 cm thick, with air chambers for much of the insulating layer. Also used sandwich panels of expanded polystyrene thickness of 3 cm

Building facades are plastered with a special finished smiesyu lime and cement in two coats.

Floors are paved with tiles 30x30 cm Bathrooms are lined with ceramic material in the form of tiles 20x20 cm verandas and balconies of buildings are decorated with porcelain tiles.

Doors 40 mm thick material - wood.

All apartments are equipped with intercom.

Change in the use of interior materials are coordinated with the customer in advance.

Features complex Le Terrassa di Pizzo:

  • Landscape design the entire complex
  • 15 minutes walk to the beach
  • a few meters from the complex - a large shopping center
  • in walking distance - shops, bars and restaurants
  • 30 minutes from the golf course
  • 20 minutes from the international airport

Phase I - December 2010
Phase II - June 2011


  • ˆ 3000 - deposit to reserve
  • 55% upon signing the preliminary contract
  • 45% upon completion


Flat N°LevelBed/bathM2AppM2TerraceM2GardenM2SolariumTotal M2Price ˆDetails
01FFirst1/130,8316,85  47,68ˆ 0Sold
01PPenthouse1/131,038,50 40,5380,06ˆ 83 900Available
02FFirst1/129,7216,50  46,22ˆ 76 500Available
02PPenthouse1/130,028,15 39,5677,73ˆ 87 500Available
03FFirst1/130,1716,50  46,67ˆ 77 500Available
03PPenthouse1/131,188,50 41,4981,17ˆ 90 900Available
04PPenthouse1/131,2814,55 37,8083,63ˆ 87 500Available
05FFirst1/130,0216,50  46,52ˆ 71 200Available
05PPenthouse1/131,188,50 41,4981,17ˆ 90 900Available
06FFirst1/129,7216,50  46,22ˆ 76 500Available
06PPenthouse1/130,028,15 39,5677,73ˆ 87 500Available
07FFirst1/130,8316,85  47,68ˆ 78 900Available
07PPenthouse1/131,038,50 40,5380,06ˆ 89 900Available
08FFirst1/130,8316,85  47,68ˆ 78 900Available
08PPenthouse1/131,038,50 40,5380,06ˆ 89 900Available
09FFirst1/129,7216,50  46,22ˆ 76 500Available
09PPenthouse1/130,028,15 39,5677,73ˆ 87 500Available
10FFirst1/130,1716,50  46,67ˆ 77 500Available
10PPenthouse1/131,188,50 41,4981,17ˆ 90 900Available
11PPenthouse1/131,2814,55 37,8083,63ˆ 93 500Available
12FFirst1/130,0216,50  46,52ˆ 77 200Available
12PPenthouse1/131,188,50 41,4981,17ˆ 90 900Available
13FFirst1/129,7216,50  46,22ˆ 76 500Available
13PPenthouse1/130,028,15 39,5677,73ˆ 87 500Available
14FFirst1/130,8316,85  47,68ˆ 78 900Available
14PPenthouse1/131,038,50 40,5380,06ˆ 89 900Available
15FFirst1/130,8316,85  47,68ˆ 78 900Available
15PPenthouse1/131,038,50 40,5380,06ˆ 89 900Available
16FFirst1/129,7216,50  46,22ˆ 76 500Available
16PPenthouse1/130,028,15 39,5677,73ˆ 87 500Available
17FFirst1/130,0216,50  46,52ˆ 77 200Available
17PPenthouse1/131,188,50 41,4981,17ˆ 90 900Available
18PPenthouse1/131,9530,85 40,95103,75ˆ 106 900Available
34GGround2/256,7726,6028,55 111,92ˆ 136 900Available
34PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
35GGround2/256,7726,6026,90 110,27ˆ 136 900Available
35PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
36GGround2/256,7726,6029,80 113,17ˆ 137 500Available
36PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
37GGround2/256,7726,6029,80 113,17ˆ 0Sold
37PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
38GGround2/256,7726,6026,90 110,27ˆ 136 900Available
38PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
39GGround2/256,7726,6028,55 111,92ˆ 136 900Available
39PPenthouse2/263,2516,60 78,10157,95ˆ 168 900Available
40GGround2/150,1013,4535,95 99,50ˆ 0Sold
40PPenthouse2/151,6016,65 62,25130,50ˆ 0Sold
41GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 114 900Available
41PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 137 900Available
42GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 0Sold
42PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 0Sold
43GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 114 900Available
43PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 137 900Available
44GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 0Sold
44PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 137 900Available
45GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 114 900Available
45PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 0Sold
46GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 0Sold
46PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 0Sold
47GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 0Sold
47PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 0Sold
48GGround2/150,1013,4528,40 91,95ˆ 114 900Available
48PPenthouse2/151,6014,55 62,25128,40ˆ 0Sold
49GGround2/150,1013,4535,95 99,50ˆ 0Sold
49PPenthouse2/151,6016,65 62,25130,50ˆ 0Sold
54GGround1/130,808,7024,55 64,05ˆ 72 500Available
54PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 83 500Available
55GGround1/130,808,7034,05 73,55ˆ 73 500Available
55PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 83 500Available
56GGround1/130,808,7036,75 76,25ˆ 73 500Available
56PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 83 500Available
57GGround1/130,808,7028,90 68,40ˆ 73 200Available
57PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 83 500Available
58GGround1/130,808,7029,70 69,20ˆ 73 500Available
58PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
59GGround1/130,808,7039,30 78,80ˆ 0Sold
59PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 83 500Available
60GGround1/130,808,7038,25 77,75ˆ 73 500Available
60PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
61GGround1/130,808,7036,40 75,90ˆ 0Sold
61PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
62GGround1/130,808,7033,70 73,20ˆ 0Sold
62PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
63GGround1/130,808,7033,65 73,15ˆ 73 500Available
63PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
64GGround1/130,808,7032,05 71,55ˆ 73 500Available
64PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
65GGround1/130,808,7030,70 70,20ˆ 73 500Available
65PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold
66GGround1/130,808,7035,30 74,80ˆ 73 500Available
66PPenthouse1/131,098,55 38,4078,04ˆ 0Sold


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