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San Rocco Beach Club




Housing Complex San Rocco Beach Club is located 100 meters from the coast of the Ionian Sea in the town of Soverato. Beautiful belopeschany beach stretching for 4 km, the pure, azure sea, a yacht club c 300 parking spaces for yachts, diving club, a beautiful Mediterranean climate, at this point it is less humid than in other regions of Italy - that's what awaits you when buying apartments in this place in Southern Italy.

San Rocco Beach Club consists of a 209 apartments with one or two bedrooms in a 2-3-storey building options. Total area of apartments from 50 sq.m, a terrace of 4 m?, patio area - 10 sq.m. In the center of the complex is a swimming pool. The area of planted, carried out quality landscaping. Nearby is a sports center with Olympic pool, a complex of water sports on the coast.

In the city Soverato lot of interesting things - designer boutiques, jewelry shops and the area for walks in the city center with magnificent views of the bay Skvilans, restaurants, bars and clubs to beach parties in the summer. City Soverato considered for Italians pearl Ionian Coast. Owners of property in Italy, apartment complex San Rocco Beach Club will enjoy the warm sun all year round. Summer here lasts from March to November, in the winter period the air temperature is not below + 15 degrees Celsius.

Get to San Rocco is very simple. The region is well-developed roads. In just half an hour you can reach the international airport of Lamezia Terme, where a couple of hours easy access to most major European cities.

Some specifications of construction:

  • foundation is cast with a mixed composition of reinforced concrete and brick, with parallel edges, fully executed on the spot and with the help of the reinforced frame on the basis of bricks.
  • Formwork height of 4 m from the surface of supports used concrete class.
  • walls are made of perforated brick 10 * 14 * 28 cm, with air gap for a special insulating material.
  • lining the walls - ceramic tile.
  • Paul made of porcelain group BI.

Buy this property in Italy may be under full government guarantee and 100% coverage.
In the case involving mortgage: 20-40% downpayment + mortgage on the remaining amount


LevelFlat N.Plan CodeBed \BathApart. M2Patio M2Terrace M2Total M2Price ˆDetails
First01F1.1.2.H1\138,769,514,0052,27ˆ 0Sold
Ground01G1.1.1.H1\138,769,514,0052,27ˆ 0Sold
Second01S1.1.3.A1\139,189,635,2554,06ˆ 0Sold
First02F1.1.2.F1\138,159,703,5251,37ˆ 0Sold
Ground02G1.2.1.A1\138,619,525,1753,30ˆ 83 500Available
Second02S1.2.3.A1\138,699,435,1953,31ˆ 0Sold
First03F1.1.2.A1\139,259,635,3454,22ˆ 0Sold
Ground03G1.2.1.D1\135,7110,28 45,99ˆ 76 500Available
Second03S2.1.3.C1\138,839,355,4153,59ˆ 84 900Available
First04F1.1.2.C1\141,977,083,9452,99ˆ 0Sold
Ground04G1.2.1.H1\139,349,514,0052,85ˆ 84 500Available
Second04S2.2.3.C1\139,239,503,8352,56ˆ 0Sold
First05F1.1.2.D1\133,9514,36 48,31ˆ 78 500Available
Ground05G2.1.1.B1\138,149,525,2852,94ˆ 0Sold
Second05S2.1.3.F1\134,729,20 43,92ˆ 0Sold
First06F1.2.2.A1\138,209,525,5753,29ˆ 0Sold
Ground06G2.1.1.F1\134,149,03 43,17ˆ 0Sold
Second06S2.1.3.G1\137,249,043,0049,28ˆ 0Sold
First07F1.2.2.G1\139,609,844,5954,03ˆ 85 500Available
Ground07G3.1.1.D1\135,289,302,3746,95ˆ 76 200Available
Second07S2.1.3.I1\140,489,624,1354,23ˆ 0Sold
First08F2.2.2.F1\144,107,063,1354,29ˆ 84 500Available
Ground08G3.1.1.B1\147,8412,083,2563,17ˆ 101 900Available
Second08S3.2.3.B1\139,8110,213,4753,49ˆ 87 900Available
First09F2.1.2.J1\139,859,664,0053,51ˆ 0Sold
Ground09G3.2.1.A1\140,909,625,5856,10ˆ 0Sold
Second09S3.1.3.E1\136,169,802,8648,82ˆ 0Sold
First10F2.1.2.I1\139,5617,834,1261,51ˆ 0Sold
Ground10G3.2.1.D1\139,7910,282,8552,92ˆ 87 200Available
Second10S3.1.3.D1\136,059,27 45,32ˆ 0Sold
First11F3.2.2.A1\141,409,625,5856,60ˆ 0Sold
Ground11G3.2.1.G1\146,1012,853,3362,28ˆ 0Sold
Second11S3.1.3.A1\141,639,953,4855,06ˆ 0Sold
First12F3.2.2.B1\140,169,633,6353,42ˆ 0Sold
Ground12G3.2.1.H1\140,608,982,8552,43ˆ 0Sold
2\287,749,956,75104,44ˆ 189 900Available
First13F3.1.2.B1\146,8613,003,2563,11ˆ 101 900Available
Ground13G4.2.1.F1\133,689,27 42,95ˆ 74 500Available
Second13S4.2.3.D1\142,1810,223,9756,37ˆ 0Sold
First14F3.2.2.E1\136,0710,372,8849,32ˆ 0Sold
Ground14G4.1.1.A1\139,2019,433,1161,74ˆ 0Sold
Second14S4.2.3.E1\140,159,563,8853,59ˆ 85 900Available
First15F3.2.2.F1\139,149,043,3051,48ˆ 0Sold
Ground15G4.2.1.H1\140,628,933,3052,85ˆ 0Sold
Second15S4.1.3.E1\140,2210,312,9353,46ˆ 87 500Available
First16F4.1.2.A1\139,2819,403,3862,06ˆ 93 900Available
Ground16G4.2.1.I1\143,819,083,5656,45ˆ 92 900Available
First17F4.2.2.A1\139,7910,083,7653,63ˆ 0Sold
Ground17G4.2.1.J1\140,808,963,1452,90ˆ 88 500Available
First18F4.1.2.D1\136,089,732,9048,71ˆ 78 500Available
Ground18G5.2.1.A2\167,0214,242,7784,03ˆ 145 900Available
First19F4.1.2.E1\140,0610,282,9753,31ˆ 86 200Available
First20F4.1.2.F1\141,049,544,6555,23ˆ 88 900Available
First21F4.2.2.I1\142,4810,053,5656,09ˆ 93 200Available
First22F5.2.2.E2\156,8416,523,7077,06ˆ 0Sold


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