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Offered a unique opportunity to buy a villa in Italy on the South Riviera near the town of Soverato, which is located in the province of Catanzaro, on the shores of the azure Ionian Sea. In addition to Soverato is the most famous and beautiful tourist town on the Ionian Sea, it is also the largest fishing port in southern Italy, the main supplier of fresh seafood to local residents and the local restaurants.

This region is known in Italy, local microclimate, which is caused by the soft warm weather all year round. Clean and clear Ionian sea with a sandy beach, with lots of small coves very attractive place for recreation, water sports and diving enthusiasts.

Paradise View - a beautiful residential complex, situated on a hill with stunning views of the city Soverato and at sea. Especially nice view at night, when the city lights up with multicolored lights, which are reflected in the sea.

The city Soverato nightlife, with entertainment for all tastes, from the lively bars located on the beach, to the quiet domestic restaurants located in the narrow streets of old town. During the summer months the beaches are the Fair A fun, attracting tourists, especially lovers, merry until dawn.

The nearest airport is Lamezia Terme, which is located 40 minutes away from the apartment complex, after the completion of a new road journey time reduced to 20 minutes.

Construction of residential complex Paradise View completed.

Villa in Paradise View is a great place to live and play. Located five minutes from the sandy beaches, restaurants and shops.

The sale offers a 3-bedroom villa with 2 bathrooms. Each villa has a plot of land, swimming pool, parking included.  




LevelFlat N°FacingBed/bathM2 AppM2 PatioM2 GardenM2 Ext StairsM2 Parking SpaceTotal M2Price ˆDetails
VillaC01Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 275 900Available
VillaC02Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC03Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC04Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC05Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC06Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC07Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 275 900Available
VillaC08Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC09Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC10Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC11Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 275 900Available
VillaC12Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC13Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC14Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC15Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC16Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC17Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 275 900Available
VillaC18Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 227 900Available
VillaC19Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC20Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC21Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC22Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC23Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC24Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC25Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC26Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC27Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC28Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC29Sea view3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC30Sea view3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC31Sea View3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 0Sold
VillaC32Sea View3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC33Sea View3/2971583,71829232,16ˆ 0Sold
VillaC34Sea View3/29824269,01829428,21ˆ 275 900Available


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