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Reasons for property purchase in Italy

If you own a property in Italy the entry visa issuing process for you is much easier. Under the Italian and European Law there is a huge number of procedures with regard to visas issuing as everything depends on applicant's requirements which are investigated by the consulate. A tourist visa is enough in order to use the purchased property. In such a case you do not need to present to the Consulate the hotel booking for the period of your trip and a document from a bank to confirm your financial solvency. If you own a property the procedure of visa issuing is much faster and easier. Property owners in Italy can also apply for multi-entry visas. You can receive a visa applying to the consulate or an authority dealing with visas issuing. Under a tourist visa you are permitted to stay in Italy for three months, and after that you can apply again for another visa valid for three months. There is also a possibility to apply for a tourist visa valid for six months which allows you staying in Italy for three months (such visa can be extended automatically for six more months allowing you staying in Italy during three months). It all depends on the required number of entries and the period of staying in the territory of Italy. This procedure of obtaining a visa is the easiest one and good for those people who plan to use their property in Italy as a recreation house; no specific documents are to be provided in this case.

Different procedures are to be followed in order to obtain a residence permit.

Elective residence permit is a variety of residence permit intended for those people who plan to live in the Italian territory without obtaining employment. It refers to those who earn certain income or have the financial basis to support themselves and their relatives. Elective residence permit is the best option for those wishing to live in Italy and have a possibility to travel in Europe without any limitations. This elective residence permit is valid for 2 years, and after that it can be updated even in the territory of Italy (you do not need to apply again to the Consulate).

Advantages: This residence permit does not depend on your employment in Italy and is valid for the whole family (i.e. valid for both spouses and their children up to 18 years old). On the basis of this document you can obtain an Italian identification document, a driver's license, the right to use the utilities and to study in school and travel to the European countries. Health insurance policy is not required.

Permit for entrepreneurial business is issued to a person who plans to do the independent entrepreneurial business in the territory of Italy acting as a private entrepreneur or a representative of the established company, and to establish a company one needs to apply to the Chamber of Commerce, or in some cases, to Professional associations. Such permit is valid for one year and can be updated in case an applicant is still doing business in Italy.


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