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Several reasons
to buy real estate in Greece

Reasons to buy real estate in Greece.

The history of Greece with its magnificent architecture of ancient world that survived until now entirely catches the imagination. Tourists from all over the world come to Greece for bright and unforgettable memories. It's not difficult to become a part of it - you just need to buy real estate (a flat, a villa, a townhouse, apartments or a cottage) in Greece. You may buy it for vacation or to gain income or just for a status of a prosperous and practical man.
Moreover since 1981 Greece is a member of European Community. And since 2002 Greece is an absolute zone of European Union having introduced Euro as a unit of account.
There are a lot of advantages to buy real estate in Greece apart from these reasons. They are: warm sea, high living standard with minimal cost of living and relatively close location of the country to come for vacation and not to pay for staying at a hotel. If you buy real estate in Greece you may gain stable income from lease or further resale under condition of investments into initial construction stage. In addition to that income from investments is gained from money invested both into construction of living real estate in Greece and from concern of construction of commercial real estate in Greece. An example to that is the increase of prices for elite accommodation by 15%-30% a year. Investments into real estate of Greece will provide both safety of your money and stable annual income increase. And what is also important you can apply for residence permit in European union. Big advantage for owners of real estate in Greece is the fact that your house, flat, villa or apartment are not subject to annual taxation unlike other countries of European union. A land plot adjacent to your real estate will be your private property.

The attitude to foreigners is very benevolent in Greece. This country has no distinction for representatives of any nationalities and creeds. To buy an apartment, a villa, a house or any other real estate in Greece means to cleverly invest money not only for yourself, but for your successors.


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