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of real estate in Finland

Finland is a tourist country with many unique opportunities and deserves to be visited any time of the year. Neighborhood with Russia provides excellent transport communication with Finland. Daily flights and trains are safe and without traffic jams and roads are in excellent condition. According to the number of population Finland occupies quite a modest place in Europe. That is why there are unlimited possibilities in terms of space, peace and solitude there. And for most of foreigners the clean nature of Finland is the main reason to spend their vacation there, in the very north of Europe.

Finnish legislation does not restrict purchase of real estate by non-citizens for permanent ownership - paragraph 5 on foreigners. Processing the transaction takes not longer than a week and after that an owner has a right for receipt of maximum prolonged multivisa. One can stay on the territory of Finland (together with the whole Schengen zone) for 180 days per year. This is the maximum after which a new visa is issued.

To use the right for purchase of country real estate in Finland a foreigner should get a permission of Center of Environmental Affairs for a symbolic sum of 20 euro. Property tax is rather tolerable: annual tax rate varies from about 0.5 % to 1 % of estimated value of your real estate. For real estate used for permanent living the tax amounts to 0.22-0.50%.

Finland is an endlessly safe country: the right for private property is sacred and a Finn would never descend to theft; mutual respect of a land owner to a tourist and of a tourist to a land owner is in Finn's blood.

On March 25, 2001 Finland moved to visa and passport control regime provided by Schengen agreements. Schengen zone comprises all Northern countries and EU countries excluding UK and Ireland. Visa is issued by one of Schengen states and gives a right to travel and stay on the territory of each country of the group.

Finland is a very neat and clean country. Streets and stations, cities and settlements, lakes and forests look flawless. It is considered that people living in Finland drink the clearest water in the world. In Finland there are four seasons that differ significantly from each other. The summer lasts about 3 months from June till August. The highest temperature in the summer is about + 25 - 30 C° and average temperature is about + 18 C°. Golden and magnificent in its beauty autumn attracts a lot of tourists into Finland. Snow usually falls in December and is the most abundant in March. In Central and Northern Finland there are nice opportunities for fans of winter sport at this time of year. In mid-summer in Lapland tourists are interested in Polar Day when the sun does not go down and accordingly Polar night in winter.

Real estate in Finland provides you with well-being and quiet and measured European life.


Purchase and sale of a land plot in Finland.

At the first stage we discuss general issues regarding land plots by telephone or by e-mail. If necessary a visit to Finland is possible to examine the plot. At the second stage directly purchase and sale is conducted. First in Finnish language with a Notary a Protocol of trust (Contract on purchase and sale) is documented and 2000 euro is paid as a pledge. 4% of the total sum is paid separately to the Finnish state as a tax. During further 2-3 weeks it is necessary to pay the rest of the sum. It can be done at once at the contract execution.

The whole sum can be paid in the three following ways:

  • Cash in Finland;
  • Through a company account in Finland;
  • Through a partner company in Saint-Petersburg.

After the full payment a Certificate of ownership is documented (approximately 10 days) and after that a client becomes a competent owner of the plot.

In addition to sale of offered plots and plots chosen according to your individual order we are ready to provide a range of additional services: receipt of permission for construction on the plot, connecting of power line, engineering and construction of houses, cottages etc.



Deal "purchase - sale" section in Finland.

In the first phase by phone or e-mail is to discuss general issues related to land. If need be, can travel to Finland for a place to inspect the site.

The second stage is carried out directly bargain "purchase - sale. First, the Finnish language with a notary public issued a protocol on trust"(Purchase Agreement - Sales), paid 2000 euros as a deposit. 4% of the amount of land is paid separately in favor of the Finnish State as a tax. Over the next 2-3 weeks is necessary to pay the entire outstanding amount. This can be done immediately, when you make a contract.

Payment of all sums can be done in three ways:

  • cash in Finland;
  • through the company's account in Finland;
  • a firm partner in St. Petersburg.

After full payment is issued "certificate of ownership (approximately 10 days), after which the client becomes the beneficial owner of the site.

Addition to the proposed sale of land or selected according to your individual order, ready to provide the range of additional services: obtaining a building permit on site, electrical connections for the line design and construction of houses, cottages, etc.

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