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Real estate in Finland.
Rauhalinna castle.

Price: 5 000 000 euro

Forest park manor of 102 hectares is conveniently located in quiet and picturesque place on the bank of the Saima river across from resort town of Savonlinn.

The castle was built in 1900 and renovated in 1988.

Avenue of limes leads from the castle to its own yacht mooring with a track specially dug in the bottom of the lake.

Nearby a bank baths of about 30 m2 is located.

The manor has approximately 3 km of its own coastline.

There is a right for construction of 10 000 m2 additional living and auxiliary buildings. Approximately in 15 km there is an airport with regular flights. Also in about 15 km there is a hospital. In about 6 km there is a race track.

Excellent aquatic communication allows access to Vyborg and further into the Gulf of Finland or to Kuopio in the north or to Nirmes in the north-east.

Its own yacht mooring on the bank
of the manor with its own track for ship approach.

Coastline baths

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