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Real estate in Finland.


Urgent sale studio apartment in Kotka

Apartment in Kotka

PM Kotka area Ruonala. Brick 3-storey house, rvartira on the 2 nd floor, total area of 28.5 sq.m. Apartment Renovated in 2009, the floor - laminate, walls - non-woven wallpaper, new plumbing, kitchen, new refrigerator "Wirpool", a new electric cooker.
Apartment property. The cost of maintaining the apartment 110 Euro per month. Price: 32 000 Euros.

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The operating hotel

Hotel in Aanekoski

Hotel Sarkka is situated 20 km north of Jyvaskyla airport. 40 km from Jyvaskyla and 4 km from city of Aanekoski. Hotel property is situated by the beautiful clean Lake Keitele. The whole hotel property consist of five (5) hectar land. Hotel expansion additional 2000 square meters is possible to make. This is already promised and agreed by the finnish authorities. 400 meters beach line belongs to the property. The building was completed in year 1989, having entirely 1920 square meters.

The price is 1 500 000 Euros

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House for sale in g.Pernaya. Finland

House of Pern

House with a successful plan in a prestigious place in the 70 km. from Helsinki, and 22 km. Porvoo.
220 sqm, 5 rooms, kitchen - dining room, my fireplace, 2 walk-in closets, 2 / y, sauna, laundry, household, light, water, heating. The house is decorated with rare white stone, installed windows, roof - shingles. Water supply without Garage - 100 sq. 50 hectare plot on the part of the stream. Under the final finishing are done. Environment - respectable neighbors. Very nice. It was built for themselves, not for sale. Cost - 295 000 Euro.

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Land under construction in Finland

City Pernaja (Perna), 22 km from the city of Porvoo, 70 km from the city Helsenki.

Section 51 weaving, with permission to build residential houses with a total area of 450 sq.m. (Permanent residence). In the area tree birches, pines, fruit trees, a stream to the sea 5 minutes walk. Urban Communication on the border area. On both sides of the site are residential homes.
Price 54000 euros.

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The city of Porvoo. Finland.

The city of Porvoo

The city of Porvoo (60 km from Helsinki, 120 km from Russian border)
The block House has a bar, and is 179 sq.m., the garage has 100 sq.m., The Ground area is 51,8 hundred square metres.On the parcel is made landscape design. There are all communications including the climate control and the central vacuum cleaner. The house is situated on the bank of lake and includes the accommodation right of the sea coastal line. The neighbourhood and the location are very prestigious. The price is 360000 Euros.

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Rauhalinna castle. Finland.

Forest park manor of 102 hectares is conveniently located in quiet and picturesque place on the bank of the Saima river across from resort town of Savonlinn.

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Land in Finland


57 hectare plot with permission to build houses with a total area of 120 sq.m., electricity is supplied and paid for, the road gravel road up to the plot. The site is located on the shores of Lake Honkanen (Honkanen), from the town of Imatra 70 km in the direction of Kiviapaja, next to the land, the Hepolampi.

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2 new cottages on neighboring plots on the coast of the Big Saima (Enonvesi)

Plots of 35 m2 each are located on the slope declining to the Enonvesi lake (is a part of the Big Saima system). House space: total - 136 m2, living - 120 m2 (rooms higher than 160 cm are taken into consideration on the second floor). A terrace - 28 m2. Distances: Enonkoski (shops, a bank division) 4 km, Savonlinna 33 km, Saint Petersburg 340 km.

Price of each house: 400,000.

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Two land plots in 6 km distance from Puumaly by the road to Sulkavu

Plots are located on the coast of the Big Saima, area of 35 hundred m2 distance from asphalt road is only 200 m.
Attention: maximum area of construction is 250 m2, construction of a house for permanent living (omakotitalo) is allowed.
There is a ripe coniferous forest on the plot. Distances: Imatra - 65 km, Saint Petersburg - 270 km.

Price is 100,000  for a land plot.


Parikkala, Syarkisalmi

For sale in Finland - Parikkala and Syarkisalmi. Former Farm school, training center, currently is ready for sale, empty.
4-storeyed, area of 2731 m2 is suitable for a hotel.

Existing price of an object was 1.7 million euro in 2007. Price is negotiable.

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Residential estate in Eastern Finland.

Residential estate in Eastern Finland is located on the coast of Lake Complex Saimaa which leads you to Saint Petersburg.
The manor is located in Varkaus town in 87 km from Mikkeli and represents a whole range of buildings - main house of total 156 m2, a garage, barbecue arbor, baths -sauna, Russian baths, a boathouse, equipped coast, open mooring. Territory is planted with greenery. All buildings are Honka.
Manor is privately owned. Right for property is documented both for buildings and a land plot of 0.8 hectares. Price of a manor amounts to 500 000 euro.


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