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Forum on residential property

need help of a lawyer.

My husband sells meters in the apartment of his ex-wife. It offers the following calculation we go to the bank provides it money to yacheyku.Moy husband wrote to her rejection of privatization and discharged from the apartment. The Lord as you think is there here to see prices pitfalls.



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Re: need help with a lawyer.

Reality, sell non-privatized space is impossible. Not a property. This is a "fall-back." And of course the most reliable money transfer with the condition of a bank safe deposit boxes. Not Every depositary prepares accesses to the cells under nonstandard conditions. But the banks are many - do not find the problem (the reliability of meeting the conditions of access to the cell, all the same). In your case laid money on the condition of stamps in my passport to lift off the register and mark on the staging the new Reg. accounting for a specific address, plus an excerpt from the house to present at registration and your husband with a mark on the disposition of a new residence. Delivery conditions and a pitfall. A lot depends on you but not all. When discharged - registration involved in taking byurrokraticheskaya machine. In order to extract from the house was a mark on the disposition of a new residence, it is necessary to clearly came from the ticket, passport office, where your husband is prescribed. And the cases of sudden loss of Kvitka enough. Hide U Stones - agree that this ticket is given to you and you certainly deliver it to "your former passport office." Again this is if your husband is ex-wife insists on this statement from the house. And the main thing is the lease term deposit box as soon as possible more, not less than 1 month, so that those most bureaucratic pitfalls have time to get around, if that.


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