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Stone Belt
Agent Anna Puchalski - such agents we do not need

Is the agent - Anna Puchalski, working on the secondary housing market. Call a company in which it operates still will not, because on the previous to our cooperation with This company is no problem. But with an agent - Anna Puchalski history happened. from her was paid an advance for an apartment in the NEAD sold by our company on an "exclusive" agreement. After a while Anna asked return advance arguing that her client is picked up another apartment. We are treated with understanding "everything happens in life, and without any fines returned the money. A couple of days came from her as soon as the call directly to the owner of an apartment in NEAD with the proposal: - And let us, we will cast" The Stone Zone. You we sell it cheaper to bypass the Stone Belt. That is a completely "soft" colors happened quite recently. No you realtor ethics, no conscience, no decency. Of course, our client has been outraged by such impertinence from The sides of Anna, and as reported to us.



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