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What are the base for real estate is better

Who would advise: where to find the best base for the commercial real estate, so that the owners had more. On the Internet many things but the reality in many cases there is no



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Re: What are the base of real estate is better

Alexander, a good question, I too worried about it. I work in the field of commercial real estate, I would say that the simple answer you do not uslyshite.Baza realto.ru One of the most active on Yandex that well. That is probably the most price charged to customers that the veracity of the objects on it, 50 to 50, it is not thoroughly studying. If you are a Realtor, contact me by email, very interested in the question of location of objects in databases, to share experiences.

himself realtor
Re: What are the base of real estate is better

Helen, thanks for the comment. With bases on the commercial real estate, I more or less familiar. Realt - it summarizes the information that might be it, but can not be. Of course everything has to be checked. Other types of classification or kontaktum have information more specific, but often they lack the necessary options. That is why have to "shovel" all. But the deployment of me no problems. I have good contacts with the firm stone belt (this is their site), they then help to display options for example, in the same Realty. If I do that then spend on commercial real estate., then with their help to me as something simpler. Mostly, otstezhka "worth it. I myself was valid only real estate agent (himself) True work on residential property.


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