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What is the rental term rates is feasible for the center of Moscow?

I am interested in renting an office in CAO. Poizuchal many options within the Garden Ring and did not understand the price. Almost the same "patch" lease rate per year ranged from 400 up to $ 1100 per year per sq.m. In this case the state office building on the highest value not very different from the premises at a rate of 550 dollars a year. So somebody can tell what the real rental rate must be at CAO.



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Re: What is the rental term rates for the real center of Moscow?

Here it all depends on rastoroplivosti owner for the period. Those who do not want to accept the reality of current prices, that will stay with their "trough" until not aware of the reduced size of its own purse. While the bulk prices are holding old fart. To them, this property is often going to the nahalyavu. Zhylka a commercial non-existent and the money in spite of that I want more. In general, in the heart of the average rate of about 550 - $ 600 per year.


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