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LEASE PREMISES on Sadovaya-Karetnaya

Total floor area 87 sq.m. Ceiling height of 3m. 90 kW. Input Group 1 separate entrance. Number of telephone lines 2 MGTS. Internet AWACS. 5 parking spaces. Term of lease 11 months. Monthly rents 140 000 p. Utility costs at the expense of the tenant.

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Urgent sale of non-residential premises free destination

Moscow region, city Obintsovo, Pine Street, House 32. Total floor space of 96.7 square meters. m, 1 floor, separate entrance cabinet layout, 5 rooms, one-stop shop-window is located in a residential 14 storey building. Property from 2002 to the legal entity. Contract of sale. Can be used as a shop, office, services.
Price: 7.74 million rubles.

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Rent office blocks, st.m.Polezhaevskaya

G. Moscow street, the third passage Lime, Building 4, Bldg. 1 (Subway Polezhaevskaya, 10 minutes drive), Administrative five storey building. Office block on the 2 floor area of 102.7 sq.m. Two rooms are medium in size, built a meeting room. The lease, simplified taxation.
Office block on the 3 floor area of 190 sq.m (cabinet plan, 3 storage rooms). On the ground floor is the dining room, guarded parking lot at 2 m /m. Telephone, Internet. Offices Renovated and ready for use. Near the building is filling and beauty salon, shop Pyaterochka. The lease, simplified taxation.

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Sale of property complexes

Moscow region, Ramensky district, village Timonina
(Novoryazanskoye highway 25 km from Moscow).
One-story buildings with a total area of 2700 square meters, the property (building material - steel construction, polystyrene blocks), the structure of 49m x 49m area - 2400 sq.m. whole space plus 300 sq. m. equipped with a mezzanine office, legitimized redevelopment.

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Rental office on the street. Shukhov

Moscow, the St. Shukhov, 6, Bldg. 2 (Metro Shabolovskaya, 10 minutes walk). In the 5-storey residential house, a basement with separate entrance, all rooms with windows, windows in the pits. The total area of 181.6 sq.m. (9 rooms). Can be divided into two blocks of 50 sq.m. and 130 sq.m. Ceiling height 2,60 m. Phones MGTS - 8 rooms, Internet. Parking near the house. Status working. Security alarm. Price: 7000 rub.kv.m. year. Contract of sublease.

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Offer for the sale of cultural and recreational center in the Central Administrative District of Moscow

Sale non-residential premises, an area of 240 square meters. pm, at the address: Moscow, st. 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 26, located in the basement of a house. The room has a separate street entrance, located on the part of the yard. Distance from subway stations is 10 minutes walk from the station. m. Belarusian and 15 minutes walk from the station. Mayakovskaya. Indoor made good improvements, focused on cultural and recreational activities. The object is legally clean, and fully ready for sale. Project cost: 1.5 million dollars.

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Rent warehouse. Moscow region, pos. Tomilino

Moscow region, pos. Tomilino st. Gogol, House 39 /1 (Novoryazanskoye highway, 7 km from Moscow). For rent warehouse complex, fenced protected area, video surveillance, access system, open parking for tenants to enter for free. Warm warehouse, office space, cold storage, open area.

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Rental office Kutuzovsky

St. Kutuzov prospect, 35, (Metro Kutuzovskaya, 3 minutes walk). The residential s home, the first floor with separate entrance, entrance to the end of the house. The total area of 135 sq.m. (Room 100 sq.m., 2 rooms of 16 sq.m.). Telephones of MGTS - 2 rooms, Internet. Parking near the house, 5m /m. Status working. Security alarm. Price: 270 000 rub. a month (24000 rub. sqm per year) lease agreement with the owner of IP.

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Rent industrial and warehouse premises of destination in the st.m.Pechatniki

Offered for rent production and warehouse space ranging from 40 to 5000 sq. pm and open spaces from 600 to 1000 square meters. pm in the industrial and warehouse complex located in south-eastern district of Moscow in the art. m. Printers. The disposal of tenants are available: non-stop operation, good access roads for trucks, parking for cars and heavy trucks, large electrical power, water, sewerage, telephone, internet access in all rooms.

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Rent offices in the metro area VDNH

Offered to rent office space in the business center of class "B" located at: ul. Academician Korolev d.13. Rooms for rent from 20 square meters. hours and office blocks ranging from 30 to 180 square meters. m. halls are equipped with a ventilation system, air conditioning. Telephony, Internet, hour security, video surveillance, alarm system, developed infrastructure.

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Warehouse Moscow Region, Dzerzhinsky

Warehouse complex, class "B", located 3 km from Moscow Ring Road in the south-easterly direction, Dzerzhinsky. Total warehouse capacity is 4400 sq.m. Height of storage - 8 meters. Free capacity of 100 - 1500 pallets. Warehouse is equipped with modern storage equipment. There are lease offices from 50-150 sq.m.

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Office Rent in Business Center, Str. 5-Yamskogo Field

Rent offices in the business center of class "B", a fenced protected area with a guarded parking at the address: ul. 5 Yamskogo field, house 7, Bldg. 2. Direct lease, MGTS, the Internet, on the 2 floor cafe. 3 rooms.

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Room in the building of business center at pr.Vernadskogo

Rent space in the building business center pr.Vernadskogo, near shopping center "Auchan", m.Universitet. 1 st Floor, Total Sq. 409 sq.m. Price 1kv.m. 26000 Rubles year + operating costs, a separate fee for el.energiyu and the access point, Internet. There is a guarded parking with video surveillance, access system, underground garage. The room is classified as Class A

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Industrial-warehouse complex in Elk-Petrovsky

Moscow region., Shchelkovo borough, city Losino-Petrovsky. Industrial-warehouse complex. Total area - 11 362.15 m 2. Floors - one body - 3 floors, the second building - 2 floors with basement. Land area: 4,830 m 2. Entrance: Paved road with an excellent finish. Territory: fenced, paved, an automatic gate. The security shall CHOP. Office space - there.

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Office in the fuss, st.m.Buninskaya alley

Room rents owner in the area of noise and fuss. There is a space of 16 to 35 square meters, underground Buninskaya alley, 7 minutes on foot, st. Yuzhnobutovskaya. Under the quiet office. 1 etazh/14 storey building. Enter through the doorway, office renovation (in block 35 m. There is a separate entrance), 3 Tel. lines, good condition, there is furniture. Price: 1. In office 16 meters - 18 thousand rubles a month for the entire building. 2. In office 20 meters - 22 thousand rubles. per month for every room, 3. In office 36 meters - 40 000 rubles per month for every room, incl. utility charges and VAT. Moscow, South Butovo

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