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Sales of flats,
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and the Moscow region

Currently sales of flats and rooms in Moscow and the Moscow region is one of the largest segments of real estate market. It so happened that approximately 10 % of flats owners sell flats in Moscow on their own. Even if you directly reached the owner of a flat (a room) by an advertisement then as soon as it comes to the purchase an agent representing interests of an owner of a flat (a room) will surely appear. To sell a flat (a room) on one's own is rather hard. Agencies can create a proper advertising campaign of flat's sale and provide that the flat is included into all databases and necessary advertising publications so that any buyer or his agent could easily see it during all period of search for a buyer. You may really get into trouble when making mutual payments without taking advice from a professional realtor who protects your interests.

When selling a flat there is a sufficient number of subtleties and nuances that are not obvious at the first sight. The first step to successful sale of your flat is a search for a real estate agency that can be entrusted to solve your housing problems. Real estate agency should sell the flat in a professional way i.e. in the best way regarding price, losses of time, guarantied transfer of money, its checking and at the same time you should not feel uncomfortable like when you don't have time to gather necessary documents or show your flat (room). Professionals should solve most of these questions on flats sale. Level of knowledge, abilities and style of communicating should be provided only for you. Too large real estate agencies miss such moments quite often because the flow of clients is quite abundant there what affects quality of work. When choosing a specialist it is good to make sure how well he knows your district as it is a great advantage at flats sale. He will be able to mention the best points of location of your flat in details to potential clients. Further you should always have access to information regarding which publications and databases include advertisements on your sale of a flat. Ability to communicate easily with your agent is also critically important. Of course the best solution is recommendations of your friends who already have solved their housing problems through a certain real estate agency.

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