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New buildings
in the Moscow region

Ramenskoye city, Oktyabrskaya street

Ramenskoye city, Oktyabrskaya street (intersection of Oktyabrskaya street and Desantnaya street). 17-storey custom designed brick-monolithic residential house with non-residential first floor and an underground garage and a parking lot.
Total floor space is 23 092.0 square meters.

Description, photos, layout >>>


PM Ramenskoye Svobody, the second stage


PM Ramenskoye, Svobody, 1, kor.2, the second turn. Section 3
Commissioning - I-II quarter-l 2010
Second phase of the residential complex under construction at the intersection of Liberty Street and the national name is a 12-storey monolith section with ventilated facade. This added a section to a 14-17 storey house being built. The glazing of loggias included in the price of apartments. Sold 1-2-3-roomed apartment. Height Apartments - 3 meters.
Price of 1 sq.m. from 36000 rub.

Description, price and planning >>>


PM Ramenskoye Svobody, first and foremost


Svobody, 1, korp.1, first and foremost. Section 1.2 completion
2-section monolithic 14-17 storey building. Located in the historic city center, close to the city park and sports complex, "Saturn". In walking distance to public transportation, kindergarten, school and shopping centers. The house is different from the mass building a special quality of materials and design features, such as: thickness of the walls and floors, glazing PVC windows - windows with a special breathing valve, the flat copper wiring to sockets and switches. The glazing of loggias included in the price of apartments. Sold 1-2-3-4-room apartments
Price of 1 sq.m. from 38000 rub.

description, price, layout and types >>>


Novokurkino (Khimki) Series: KOPE-M-SAIL

Holding Stone Belt offers apartments in the new house district Novokurkino in Khimki. All apartments are decorated with. House already built

Residential area Novokurkino - is a modern mini-city with a new philosophy of the urban environment that is friendly to life. Novokurkino being built in the recreation Valley Shodnya, in three districts of the city of Khimki - 6, 7, 8.

House series KOPE-VELA different expressive architecture, improved planning and a lot of engineering innovations that makes "Sail" one of the most modern and comfortable houses built in the cities of Moscow and Moscow region.

Description and layout >>>


Lyubertsy, district "Red Hill", md. 7-8, block 7, building 31

New house - a modern industrial series P-3M variable number of storeys, with a fine finish flat. The project provides for a large selection of apartments of varying layouts: from 2 to 6 floor planned layout of apartments for 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms. From 7 to 23 floor - apartments for 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms. In each apartment - a spacious kitchen, big hall, the ceiling height -2.65 m

The house was built using the most advanced construction technology, which guarantees the highest quality and reliability of engineering systems.

We offer apartments with total area: One-room - 35,9 - 43,8 m; bedroom - 53,7 - 64,1 m Three - 74,6 - 89,4 sq.m Four - 90,9 - 109, 6 sq.

Planning >>>


Vidnoe, settlement "Sovkhoz im. Lenina"

Moscow region, Vidnoe, Leninskiy district, settlement "Sovkhoz im. Lenina".
Kashirskoe shosse, from Krasnogvardeyskaya metro station 10-15 minutes by bus or route taxi.

Monolithic and 17-storey brick house. With fenced yard, parking.
Apartments without finishing. Completion of the State Commission home 4-quarter 2008.

RoomsSectionFloorFloor spacePrice, $Price, RUR

Planning >>>


Skhodnya, Chapaeva Str.

Skhodnya is located in 15 km to the north-west from Moscow. It received its name from a river flowing here. Once it was a part of water-drag road connecting the Moscow river and the Klyasma river. In 1874 a settlement Skhodnya appeared here, next to a station of Nikolaevskaya (now Oktyabrskaya) railway.

On the street Chapaeva vl.7 built frame and brick house in the 2000 series. The yard area is improved, there are sports and children's playgrounds, parking. The project includes one-room apartments. On the floor one three and one-room apartment and two doubles. Bathrooms are always separate.
Kitchens 11,1-11,4 square. m.
Apartment area: 46.4 square meters. m (studios); 67,4-67,7 square. m (doubles); 88,3 square meters. m (three).
On sale were only 3 room apartments.

Planning >>>


Krasnogorsk. Novaya Opalikha

Development is represented by seven 5-6-storeyed buildings each of 25-30 flats.
On the first floor of the buildings there are located individual garages of about 20 m2.
Lifts are installed in each entrance hall.
In entrance hall there are eight flats, in landing - only two.
Ceilings are 3m high in all flats.

Planning >>>



Skhodnya, Vatutina Str.

Building type - solid-brick. Design - individual.

Planning >>>




Ramenskoye Str. Dergaevskaya

Ramenskoye City is located on the south-east of Moscow and the north-west adjacent to the Lyubertsy district, and from the north - with Balashinskim. Conveniently connected with the capital of the railway Moscow-Ryazan highway Moscow-Egorievsk. The population of 210.9 thousand people.

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

Str. Dergaevskaya, 28, 30
Ready to move in 17 and 14 storey monolith houses. Special project.
Ceiling height - 3 m.
Glazed loggia.
Windows - plastic windows.
Freight and passenger elevators.

Planning >>>


Balashikha mkr.22

Balashikha mkr.22, Kor. 20,
at 14.
Series home: PI-46C
Start installation: July 2004
Condition assembly: piles, fund.podushka
Completion of the state commission: IV quarter-liter 2005
type finishes: unpolished

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

City Balashikha in value can be classified as historic towns, with a long history of forming and having a variety of historical and cultural heritage - that archaeological, historical, religious buildings and monuments of industrial and civil architecture, art gallery, parks. Formed and modern city has absorbed the old manor and village. Thus, two well-known in the Moscow region estate - Gorenki and Pehra-Yakovlevskaya become an integral part of urban development. The northern part of the city - it is a territory rich archaeological sites along the River. Pekhorka and its tributary Malashko.

Planning >>>


PM Balashikha, Eastern, microns. Schitnikovo

apartments in a series of n-44-T. Balashikha, Eastern, microns. Schitnikovo, Bldg. 14,15.

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

Apartments without finishing. All the houses are glazed: plastic windows - 2-chamber glass with high thermal and acoustic insulation, or a 1-chamber with a "K" glass (energy conservation). Wiring is all over the apartment (copper) with the installation of terminal equipment (switches and sockets). Provision metering of cold and hot water. Heating apparatus with temperature control. Heating - central. Facing homes - Large-ceramic tiles. And passenger elevators in each section. The roof is covered with natural tile BRAAS.
Schitnikovo located in the central part of the area in an environmentally clean place, with the north adjacent to the forest compartments National Park Elk Island ", from the south - the largest in Europe Akulovskomu hydraulic node. District Schitnikovo conveniently located in the transport terms. Schitnikovo located just a few km from Moscow on Shelkovskoe highway that provides easy access to Moscow and Balashikha. In the near future a number of planned construction of the station. Metro Schitnikovo.

Planning >>>



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