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New buildings of Moscow

Str. Yartsevskaya, 27, kor.8

Sale 2-bedroom apartment, the ownership is registered. The LCD business-class project with vent.fasadom, monolith-brick house, security, their own territory, CCTV, parking, concierge, a panoramic view of the natural park, double glazing, balcony glazing in the form of French windows.

Options apartments: 10 etazh/19 storey building, total area 82 sq.m., living 44 sq.m., kitchen 15 sq.m., 2 balconies. Price $ 655,000

Description >>>


New building "Well House on Leninsky"

Sale 4-room apartment, total area of 186, 1 ( 98,7 residential) meters (41,3 room, bedroom 17,8, 21,9 a bedroom, study 17,7, 18,5 kitchen, three bathrooms, hallway 21,9), 15 floor, Section "G". Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, vl.111 / 2. Date: II quarter 2009 apartment price: 33 300 000 rub.

Description >>>


Premium residential compound "Smolenskaya Zastava"

Three-room apartment in "Smolenskaya Zastava" residential compound is on sale. The house is located in 3 minute walk from Smolenskaya metro station, it has its own infrastructure, underground parking lot. The apartment is located on the 8th floor of the sixteen-storey bay, floor space is 119.17 sq. m, large recessed balcony, panoramic view of the embankment, bay window, 2 bathrooms.
Price: 48 mln RUR.

"Smolenskaya Zastava" is the modern 9-bay complex of variable number of floors. House's height varies from 11 to 16 floors, it rises as a cascade above Ruzhejny side street providing the view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Arbat patios.

Description and layout >>>


Pyrieva Str., 11 A

Single-room apartment in a monolithic house made out of brick is on sale. Total floor space is 43.2 m?, with one recessed balcony, final internal finishing and furniture. Section 1, floor 14/17. The apartment is at the property, free, and ready for sale. Park Pobedy metro station. Price per 1 sq.m. is $7000.

Car spaces in a covered parking lot are on sale. Parking lot is located on the 1st floor of the residential compound in Pyrieva street. Price per 1 car space is from $70 000 to $75 000.

Planning >>>




Street Fan, 22, Kor. 2

Sale 4-room apartment in the monolith-brick house, total area kv.97, 5 meters, 1 balcony, 2 balconies. Ceiling height - 3 meters. Section 1, 22/22et. Apartment property ready for sale, free. m.Slavyansky Boulevard, Victory Park.

Price of 1 sq.m. 6500 $

Planning >>>



Str. Fan ul. Nezhinskaya (m. Kuntsevskaya)

m.Kuntsevskaya Str. Fan House 30 korp.6 Str. Nezhinskaya House 9 block 1 (rn Matveevskoe)
House monolith-brick, 23-storey, on an individual project. 1-2-3-room apartment free layout, for final finishing.

Sale of 2-D and 3-bedroom. owned
(certificate of ownership executed)

Basically a house fan and Nezhinskaya - a solid frame, brick and foam wall without finishing. On the floor - 1 -, 2 -, 3-room apartment Open plan from 51.20 to 122 sq.m. The ceiling height in the apartments - 3,0 m. The houses many advantages. Mass that will make your life more pleasant and comfortable. Duplex Plastic windows will protect against cold and noise. Glazed loggia will add comfort and warmth. Two passenger and two freight elevators silently take you to the desired floor.

Planning >>>


Str. Istra, Building 8

in the prestigious district of Moscow, built a new comfortable apartment complex gpo Str. Istrian house 8. The variable number of storeys from 16 to 23 floors, five sections-hulls.

Apartments for sale free planning.

For sale parking spaces in the covered parking garage, located on 1etazhe residential complex.

For sale non-residential premises, 1 Section, 1etazh and basement, total area of 340.2 sq.m. Price 1 sq.m - $ 7500 (area 1etazha 174.3, 165.9 sq.m. basement area)

Lay apartments >>>

Planning non-residential premises >>>


Istrinskaya street, bld. B1

Single-room, two-room, and three-room apartments are on sale. Ceiling height is 3 meters. All apartments have balconies and recessed balconies. This is a 22 storey building, there are five apartments on each floor; there are an underground parking and non-residential premises. To be commissioned in the 1st quarter of 2010. 15 floors have been constructed as of January 2009. Infrastructure and transport connection are well developed in this district. The building is located not far away from Rublevskoye highway and Suvorovsky park, Kuntsevskaya and Molodezhnaya metro stations. Price per 1 sq. m. is $3000 and more.

Costs of apartments >>>



Residential compound: Obyknovennoye chudo
(Ordinary miracle)

Address: Kievskaya metro station, Pudovkina street, premises 7-15, bld. 6, 6B, 6V.
Type of the building: monolithic, made out of brick, custom design. 1-2-3-4-room apartments are on sale, total floor space is from 50.5 sq. m. to 131 sq. m. Three-room and four-room apartments have windows looking out to two or three cardinal directions. Apartments located on the same floor can be combined into blocks. The building is connected to satellite TV and cable TV as well as high-speed Internet line. The compound consists of three buildings of variable number of floors, from 9 to 17 floors. There is an underground parking lot designed for 402 car spaces.

Planning >>>


Izmaylovskiy boulevard, property 50 and property 54

Pervomayskaya metro station. 10 minutes walk.
Two buildings in Izmaylovsky boulevard, solid - brick, individual design, 23-storeyed, underground two-level parking.
Its own front lobby with guards and video monitoring.
High quality of construction. The official deadline CC 4 quarter of 2008. Possible - 3 rd quarter of 2008. While in the presence of: 1 -, 2 -, 3-room apartment, a penthouse, ranging from 47.1 to 248.8 meters, "open plan". Ceiling height 3,0 meters. Windows - three-layer plastic windows.
Residential complex located in the heart of "light" of Moscow. On the one hand a large area Izmailovo Park, on the other - Forest Park, Elk Island. Homes at the intersection of Boulevard and Izmailovskii 11 th and 13 th of Park Street.

Planning >>>


Vykhino metro station (Kozhukhovo location)

Houses are built and commissioned
New Kozhukhovo district is a unique district in every respect. As for today it is one of the largest new districts of Moscow regarding living developments - here there will be constructed buildings of 1 mln 200 000 m2 total area of well-known to the Moscovites Series P-44T, GMC-2001, I-155, P-46-M using the most up-to-date technologies and the best that was achieved in Moscow construction complex in recent years. Kozhukhovo - is a real area for the middle class, in which the municipal building side by side with commercial and individual - with serial latest sample. This is primarily an environmentally friendly area adjacent to the green array Saltykov forests in its territory are beautiful ancient lake - white, light and dark. There is a project to establish in the near future, a landscaped park area that blends into the surrounding natural landscape.
Brief characteristics of the houses a series of U-44T: Environmentally safe, high quality construction and finishing materials; Normative life at home - 100 years; Technological features of houses Series P-44T: ply exterior panels (concrete - insulation (polystyrene) - concrete) steplootrazhayuschey metallized film inside insulation (the coefficient of thermal kakukirpichnoy wall thickness of 90 cm.) reinforced plastic window blocks of improved design; closed junction between the outer plates to provide additional thermal insulation at home and improving its appearance, copper cabling, providing additional fire safety at home; glazed balconies and terraces, using high-quality aluminum. And also:
1. House meets international standards on capital, and fire (first class).
2. Local channels for electrical wiring are made at the time of forming panels, which eliminates its damage Later on.
3. Hot water from the upper spill, which excludes water shortages during the increase in consumption.
4. Double-glazed windows filled with argon for better heat protection. Full soundproofing.
5. Modern security system. Responding to the opening of the cellar doors, electrical, attic, elevator shaft. Alert flooding, fire occurrence, failure of the security.
6. The presence of bay windows, increasing the size of rooms (kitchens).

Planning >>>
Locality map >>>


Str. B. Ochakovskaya - Natasha Kovshovoy

Location: Metro South-West ", bus. Number number 630, 785, 10 min. transport; platform Ochakovo "(Kiev railway). On the opposite side of the intersection with ul. Komsovoy along the street. B. Ochakovskoe.

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

different storeyed (12-14-14-14-14-14-12-9); balconies from the second floor.
Finish: unpolished, internal partitions are all things two-chamber double-glazed windows in wooden frame; electrocultivation to square-off with re there. and sockets, radiator with thermostatic control, no plumbing, water supply and sewerage is, 100% glazing.
Term GK: I-II quarter. 2005.

Planning >>>


Bogdanova Str., bld. 3 (Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station)

Buildings of Series P-44M/25 are industrial total-prefabricated 25-storeyed buildings.
Their design is based on positive experience accumulated at creation and maintenance of buildings of Series P-44T and P-44M.
Exterior walls are three layers. Foundation walls is a concrete grade M500. When mounting, a special dry mixture containing water-retaining additives. The thickness of the exterior walls - 300 mm., Interior walls - 180 mm.
Front panel reveted tiles "brick". Ceiling height - 2,8 m. It is envisaged glazing of balconies and loggias.

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

Planning and locality map >>>


Vernadskogo avenue, 86

Vernadskogo avenue, property 86, bld. 8
Five minutes walk from Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station
House new building, monolith, free layout, finishing with a ceiling height of 3 meters, posting to the plate in the apartment, a variable number of storeys 17-23-27-23,
1 st floor non-residential (sphere of social and domestic purposes), infrastructure area.

(There is a receipt, applications to the secondary sale of apartments in this house from individuals)

Planning and prices >>>


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