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Buy an apartment in the residential complex "Priority" - a prestigious and profitable.

The company Stone Belt offers to buy an apartment in a prestigious residential complex "Priority". In the sale of an apartment with good layout on the top floors. LCD located on the south-west of Moscow, st. Nagorno boulevard, ow. 39a, the underground "Nakhimovsky Prospect", "trade union" and "Sermon." Deadline home in November 2011. The residential complex "Priority" business class, with underground parking, is situated in ecologically clean area of ​​Moscow, near the park, "Pines." Good road junction, near Sevastopol Nakhimovsky and brochures. Residential building a monolithic, 20-story, residential building facade is faced with brick. The two entrances located at home 134 apartments. One-bedroom apartments ranging from 47.5 to 54 square meters. m, loggias and balconies, glazed with energy efficient double-glass.
One-bedroom apartments ranging from 68.5 to 85 square meters. m. All two-bedroom apartments are equipped with an additional guest bathroom and glazed balconies and loggias. Most apartments are oriented in two directions. The apartments are located on floors 18-19 of the complex provides stained glass.
Two-bedroom apartments ranging from 96.5 to 103.3 square meters. m. All apartments are equipped with three-additional guest bathroom and glazed balconies and loggias. The apartments are located on floors 18-19 of the complex provides stained glass.
Four-room apartments with area from 132 to 138.3 square meters. m. Each of the four-room apartments equipped with an additional guest bathroom and glazed balconies and loggias. All four-room apartments are focused on two or more sides of the world. The apartments are located on floors 18-19 of the complex provides stained glass.
Penthouses area of ​​205 square meters, located on the top (20th) floor of a residential complex "Priority" with access to the roof of the exploited. Footage of the apartment open plan. In the penthouse, oriented in three directions, provided by stained glass. Opening with the height of the 20th floor panorama over the area clearly shows the uniqueness of the location of the "Priority".
Price per sq.m. from 159 000 rubles..

For sale a great apartment in a residential complex "Mon Arch"

For sale a very profitable three bedroom apartment in Solntsevo. Nearest Metro station - South West, address: Solntsevsky Avenue, Building 6, Building 1. The apartment is located on the 13th floor 22-storey monolith-brick house in a residential complex "monarchy." Business class, perfect infrastructure. Total area 105 sqm, living space 58 sq.m., kitchen 16 sq.m. Made renovation. 2 c / y, windows, flooring, everything. Underground parking. The price of apartments is on even parking (the cost of parking spaces in this house 1 million rubles)..
Option - free sale.
Price - 13.2 million rubles. ($471000)
There is a possibility of bargaining..

Flat for sale in a unique place in Moscow.

For rent 1 bedroom apartment in a nice, quiet area of ​​Moscow - Lefortovo. The apartment is located at: ul. Volochaevka, 12. Walking distance to the next - Park im. May 1, bowling club, fitness center, pool, sport school, Lefortovo park with clean ponds, stadium, famous Trinity Church and the Church of the Virgin. A unique place in Moscow. Nearest Metro station - Baumanskaya Area Ilich, Kursk. The apartment is on the 8th floor of 16-storey panel house. The total area of ​​40 sq.m. given the large glassed-in balcony, 20 sqm living room, kitchen 8 sq.m. Windows into the courtyard, 2 elevators - passenger and freight. Establishing the right documents - primary privatization, after - the certificate of inheritance in 2011 (close relatives).
Option - free sale.
Price 6.1 million rubles.( $217 000).

Reduced price for an apartment near the metro Ohotny ryad

Significant reduction in the price of an exclusive four bedroom apartment in a luxury house near Ryad metro station. Instead of 35 million rubles, the cost is reduced to 29.7 million rubles. Recall that the apartment is a 2 - minute walk from the subway on Tverskaya street, building 4. The apartment is located on the third floor of an 8-storey brick house. Overlapping - f / c. Fenced area, own parking. Very well-kept yard, a window overlooking the Red Square and the courtyard. Total area 90 kv.m.b, living 60 m², kitchen 11 sq.m.
Price 29.7 million rubles ( $ 1000000)..

Sale apartment in downtown Moscow, near metro Taganskaya

New arrivals: Sales 3-bedroom apartment near the subway Taganskaya 10 minutes. Address: Friendly Lane, Building 17. The apartment is located on the 2 floor of 5-storey brick house. The total area of ​​70 sqm, 45 sqm living room, kitchen 7 sq.m., rooms isolated 15 14 16 sq.m., bathroom - separate, telephone, good layout, high ceilings. Window into the yard, quietly and cleanly. Require repair.
Option - an alternative.
Documents - primary privatization more than 3 years and inheritance.
Price of 16 million rubles
Contact: Sergey Mob. 8-963-782-59-26 / +7-495-995-59-26, rab.tel. (495) 665-7777 .. e-mail: serg@kamp.ru.

For sale 1 BR. Apartments in the Central District of Moscow, on the Prospectus of the world

Really Free sale. On sale 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Moscow, address: Moscow, st. Most Pereyaslavskaya, 13. Nearest Metro station - Prospekt Mira (7 min. walk) or Riga. The apartment is located on the eighth floor of a 16-storey panel - the pilot house. The total area of ​​26 sq.m., living 12.4 sqm Kitchen 7.1 sqm, the window in the direction of B. Pereyaslavckoy street, telephone, security door, vestibule of 3 apartments. House of exemplary content, permanent concierge, a large ceremonial hall at the entrance to the staircase, intercom.
Documents: The contract of sale, the owner of 15/01/1999 - 1 adult. Option - FREE SALES (legally and physically available). All documents are ready for a deal.
Stella Manager, tel. +7-916-696-42-95 / +7 495-665-7777..

Sales 3 - bedroom apartment on a street Volskaya.

For sale 3 room apartment in Moscow (South-Eastern Administrative District), Section Nekrasovka Street, 1 st Volskaya, Building 15, Block 1. Series Home H-44 T. The total area of ​​73 sq.m., 43 sq.m. living space, kitchen 10 sqm, separate rooms 17 15 11, windows into the courtyard, double glazing, good condition, a successful plan, 2 Elevator - freight and passenger. Option - lightweight alternative to the 1 room apartment with an additional charge.
Two Owner - 2.
Year of entry into the property - 2010.
Manager - Tatyana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-916-057-48-12 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru.

Reducing the price of an apartment on the street. Production. (South West of Moscow)

To 500,000 rubles ($ 18,000) dropped the price a 3-room kvartiryna Street Production Building 1 Building 2. Recall of the apartment: Nearest metro station - South-West, 7 - 10 minutes transport. House of the Ministry of Defense. The apartment is located on the 3 floor 17-storey panel building, total area 80 sq.m., 51 sq.m. living space, kitchen 11 sqm, separate rooms - 20 + 14 + 17 sq.m., hall 7 6 + corridor 7.2 meters, 2 balconies are glazed, double glazing, very good condition, intercom, 2 elevators, concierge, well-developed infrastructure. Old price - 8.5 million rubles, price: 8 million rubles. Can be exchanged on a 2-room apartment in the same area.
Contact Us - Natalia +7-916-1580992 / slave. tel. +7 (495) 665 - 7777..

Sales of apartments in Moscow Yuzhnoportovy street.

On sale is a very good 1 bedroom apartment on the street Yuzhnoportovy, Building 8. From the underground Kozhuhovskaya 5 minutes walk. The apartment is located on 12 floor 12-storey block houses, a technical floor, leaks never been. The total area of ​​36 sqm, 20 sqm living room, kitchen 10 sq.m. Excellent condition in a flat, double glazing, fitted kitchen, balcony, windows to the courtyard, there is a garbage disposal, elevator passenger. Near the house parking, a kindergarten, two schools, sports complex, shops Pyaterochka. Possible sale of the mortgage. .
Price of 5,8 million rubles ($ 200 000).
Manager Chukhlebova Tatiana tel. +7-926-522-4513 / slave. tel. +7 -495 - 665-7777.

For sale 2 room apartment in Moscow Strogino.

For sale 2 room apartment in Strogino outdoors Isakovskogo, Building 2, Building 2. The apartment is located on 12 floor 12-storey building. The Czech project. The total area of ​​52 sqm, 32 sqm living room, kitchen 8.5 square meters, has a balcony, double glazing, separate rooms, windows, yard, good condition. Near underground parking, school, kindergarten. Across the street Moscow River floodplain. Possible sale of the mortgage.
Documents - privatization in 1996. One owner.
Option - an easy alternative.
Price 7.8 mln.
Manager - Irina, contact tel. (mobile) +7-925-855-81-95 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: irina@kamp.ru.

Sales of apartments in the city Losino-Petrovski 20 km from Moscow.

In Shchelkovo region of Moscow are on sale 1 bedroom apartment for the price of 1 million 990 thousand rubles. Flats for sale in Losino-Peter, on the street on November 7, Building 5. The apartment is located 20 km from Moscow and Gorky Schelkovskoe highway. Brick House 9-storey. The apartment is located on 3 floors. The total area of ​​31 sq.m., 17 sq.m. living space, kitchen of 8 meters, the windows into the courtyard, double glazing, glazed balcony, dressing room, good armored steel door, installed a water filter. Passenger lifts. Good condition, renovated. The apartment is no such person. Possible sale of the mortgage. Documents - an agreement of sale.
Option - free for sale.
Manager - Irina, contact tel. (mobile) +7-925-855-81-95 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: irina@kamp.ru.

$ 30 and look flat in Golden Keys!

Unbelievable but true: To see the apartment in a residential complex golden key is required to pay $ 30. With such marasmus faced employees Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group). In an exclusive versions offered for sale through the company Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) is a one-bedroom apartment of 100 sq.m. on "alternative available in certain residential complex" golden key "which is located on a street in Moscow, Minsk. The owner of the apartment wants to return to buy a larger apartment in the same complex. Realtors companies have found such an option. Calling on relevant variety of ads for the sale of apartments in this luxury place, had to hear the same phrase. Such as a real estate firm Vesthoum claimed that the apartment can be seen, only pre agent must pay $ 30. In our time, and pay per view? Received a call on another phone number. There was a firm Chesterton, whose experts argue that only they have what it exclusive right to sell an apartment complex in the Golden Keys, but also said the mandatory condition of viewing - $ 30. What happens to property or people?.

Sale of prestige apartments in Moscow

Available Luxury 4 room apartment near the subway University. Address: Michurinskiy Avenue, Building 9, Building 3. Home - cast-brick, 17 storey. The apartment is located on 16 floors. The total area of ​​136 sq.m. apartment, 78 sqm living room, kitchen 12 sq.m. Made a very interesting plan, an exclusive decoration. In apartment burglar alarm Gulf Stream, the warm floors, air-conditioning system, all built-in appliances.
At the entrance around the clock concierge. The windows overlook the courtyard, the loggia. The house has 2 elevators - passenger and cargo.
Documents - the primary right of ownership under a contract of investment. Year of entry into the property - 2004. Possible sale of the mortgage. The apartment is no such person.
Price: $ 930 000.
Contact Us - Natalia +7-916-1580992 / +7 (495) 665 - 7777 - multi-channel..

Apartments for sale not far from Moscow in Ramenskoe.

Apartments in the property. New house built in 2010, already inhabited. Address: Moscow region, Ramensky area, Ramenskoye, st. October, Building 3. Only a few remaining apartments conveniently located in this house. The house itself is 17-storey monolith - a brick.
One-bedroom apartments for 3 and 4 floors, total area of ​​48.7 square meters, living 17 sqm, 15 sqm kitchen, large lounge, canuzel - separate, glassed balcony, the price of $ 115 000.
Kvartirs doubles on the 3 floor, total area of ​​69.3 sq.m., 46 sq.m. living space, kitchen 15 sq.m., canuzel - separate, two glassed-in balconies, undershirts, at a price $ 153 000.
Two-bedroom apartment 3 floors, total area 93 sq.m., 64 sq.m. living room, kitchen 14 sqm, four glazed loggia, undershirts, the price of $ 189 000.
The house has underground parking. The apartments are fully completed plumbing and electrical wiring, acts theft alarm fire. The quality of construction is really high. Double-glazed windows will not require replacement as well made of high-tech manufacturing and a guarantee of quality. The house itself is conveniently located from the railway station, 7 min. foot.
House passed the Civil Code in November 2009. Ownership of the apartment is decorated in February 2011. Everything is ready.
Responsible professionals: Photographer - +7-903-569-61-37, +7-916-696-42-95 Natalia
Tel. multi-line - +7(495) 665-7777..

Sales of apartments in Ivanteevka, Moscow Region.

In the Moscow region near Moscow on sale 3 room apartment. Ivanteevka Str. Victory. The apartment is located in the district, "Children, " nepadoleku from the forest and park.
The apartment is on the fifth floor of a 9-storey brick house. The total area of ​​62 sq.m., living 36.5 sq.m., kitchen of 8 meters, separate rooms, euro renovation, a large glazed balcony, double glazed. The convenient location of the apartment in terms of infrastructure (shops, post office, bank), and transportation hubs. Near the house the bus stop to Moscow, about 3 minutes on foot train station. In the yard of the house there is a kindergarten, school - 5 minutes walk. Excellent condition, Bright apartment after repair. Entrance after repair. Elevator. Brick house. The property is more than 3 years, free sale. Price of 5,5 million rubles ($ 187000).

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