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1 bedroom apartment in the metro Altufevo

Sale 1 bedroom apartment in the North Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, near the metro Altufevo, at street Abramtsevo, 12. From the subway 10 minutes. House panel - "Czech project". Apartment located on the 6th floor of a 12 storey building. The total area of ​​41.1 square meters including loggias and balconies, living 21 sq.m., kitchen of 9 sq.m. Normal state. Large balcony, telephone, parquet, windows - not noisy street. Across the road from the house begins Lianozovo Park. Surrounded by houses four kindergartens, two schools, a children's art school.
Documents - privatization in 1993, then the deed of gift in 2008. 1 Owner.
Option - Free sale.
Price: 5.99 million ($ 200 000), negotiating is possible..

2 bedroom apartment in a residential complex Edalgo

For sale 2 bedroom apartment in the best LCD Edalgo. District of New Moscow - Kommunarka. Well-developed infrastructure. Its fenced area, a sports complex. Everything is there. The apartment is located on the 2 floor of a 14 storey monolithic home. The total area of ​​56 sq.m. Is a quality new repair for yourself. There is evidence on the property in 2011.
Free sale..

Apartment in Moscow for less than 130 thousand dollars.

Went on sale one bedroom apartment in the Eastern District of Moscow at a cost of 3, 96 million rubles ( $ 130 000). Nearest Metro station - Podbelskogo Street, 10 minutes walk or subway Preobrazhenskaya 5 minutes transport. Location: Running the street fare, 23 building 2. The apartment is located on the 4th floor of a five storey building. The total area of ​​24 sqm, 16 sqm living room, kitchen 3.3 sq.m. Small apartment in good condition, bathroom combined, a standard bathtub, windows yard. There intercom. Green place. Near Elk Island National Park and Sokolniki Park.
Documents - privatization in 1999, 1 owner.
Option - free sale.
Manager - Svetlana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-926-530-59-89.

2 bedroom apartment. Free sale.

In the free market will be 2 bedroom apartment on the street Nicholas Himushina, 17/1, the nearest subway - Street Podbelskogo. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of a 5-storey block house. There is a technical floor. The total area of ​​43 square meters, living 28 (Room 16 12 sqm), kitchen 5.5 sq.m. There is a balcony, telephone, intercom.
Documents - more than 3 years.
Option - free sale..

Free sale - 3 bedroom apartment near the Metro Preobrazhenskayay area.

In sale 3 room apartment in East administrative district in Bogorodskoe. Location: Playing Street, Building 6, Block 1. The apartment is located on the 8th floor of 9-storey brick doma.Obschaya area of ​​58 sqm, 43 sqm living, communicating and isolated rooms 18.2 sq.m. + 14.6 sq.m. + 9.6 meters, has a balcony, two closets and a kitchen 6 sq.m., telephone, separate bathroom, a window into the yard, vest. Near Diamond stadium, a school and a kindergarten. A 10 minute walk Sokolniki Park and Elk Island National Park.
Option - free sale. Bargain.
Contact: Sergey mob. 8-963-782-59-26, rab.tel. (495) 665-7777. e-mail: serg@kamp.r.

Apartment in a residential complex in Moscow Golden Keys

The apartment of a residential complex in Golden Keys - 2. Apartment located on the 13th floor of a 17 storey monolith-brick house. Own infrastructure - kindergarten, shops, sports center, swimming pool, everything is there, fenced, guarded territory. The apartment is an exclusive repair. Disposition: 16 sqm bedroom, a large room 20.1 sqm, 13.2 sqm hall, kitchen dining room of 20 sq.m., dressing 8 sq.m. We offer you an apartment of 100m ² in the residential complex "Golden Keys 2" at the address:. Minsk, 1. Apartment for modern active people, real fans of freedom and convenience. Golden Keys 2 - is the luxury apartment complex, located in the conservation area Setunsky-Ramenkoe заповедника.Месторасположение complex known Convenient to transportation and proximity to the center. Infrastructure includes superbly equipped sports center Sky Club, where you will find 25-meter indoor and outdoor rooftop pool, sauna center, spa, Sky Cafe. Inside the complex is a shopping and entertainment center, outdoor playground, clinics, bars. The complex is securely protected. The apartment is furnished, ready for prozhivaniya.Udobnaya plan: a large lounge, a fully equipped large kitchen appliances, living room, master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room 8m ² komnatoy.Prekrasny view from the windows on the building of the Moscow State University, the park and the courtyard. Apartment price: 30 million rubles - $ 1 million
+7-(495)665 - 7777, e-mail: lesana@kamp.ru .

Affordable 4-bedroom apartment on the street Mikhailov.

Went on sale four-room apartment at the price of a 3-room at the Metro Ryazan prospectus. Address: ul. Mikhailova, 41. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of 5 floors of the "Stalin" at home. High ceilings 3.2 meters. The overlapping of the house - w / b. Completely replaced by heating pipes and water supply. Net podezd. Total area 98 sq.m., living 73.5 sq.m., kitchen 9 sq.m. Rooms isolated - 21 21 18 14.5 sq.m. Windows into the courtyard.
Option - an alternative to two-bedroom apartment with an additional charge.
Documents - Sale and Purchase Agreement in 2007. Two of the owner.
Vozhmozhna sale under the mortgage.
Price 9.9 million rubles
Manager - Tatyana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-916-057-48-12 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru.

An interesting two-bedroom apartment in Mytishchi. 2 km from Moscow.

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В продаже квартира в Северо Восточном округе Москвы. Ближайшая станция метро - Бабушкинская, Медведково. Адрес: улица Молодцова, дом 25, корпус 2. Квартира находится на 8-ом этаже 22 -х этажного нового панельного дома. Год постройки 2010 год. Дом полностью заселен. Общая площадь квартиры 100,4 кв.м., жилая 62,7 кв.м., кухня 10 кв.м., комнаты изолированные 18,8+13,8+18,7+11,4 кв.м., распашонка, большой холл, хорошее состояние, пол - ламинат, 2 лифта - пассажирский и грузовой. Рядом детский сад, 2 школы, ДЮСШ, кинотеатр Полярный. Документы - приватизация 2011 год. Собственники - 3 взрослых. Вариант - легкая альтернатива на 2-х комнатную квартиру плюс доплата. Стоимость 14 млн. рублей. Менеджер - Куликова Лариса, тел. (моб.)+7-903-134-78-76/ (раб.тел.)+7-(495)665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru
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V prodazhe 2-h komnatngaya kvartira v g. Mytishchi na ulitse Olimpiĭskiĭ prospekt, dom 6 korpus 1. Ot moskvy 15 minut na transporte, blizhaĭshyee metro - Medvedkovo. Kvartira raspolozhena na 12-om etazhe 12-ti etazhnogo kirpichnogo doma. Obshchaya ploshchadʹ 56 kv.m., zhilaya 34 kv.m., kuhnya 11 kv.m. Komnaty izolirovannye, zasteklennaya lodzhiya, vstroennye shkafy, okna vo dvor, horoshyee sostoyanie, domofon. Dokumenty - dogovor meny 2002 goda. Vozmozhna ipoteka. Variant - svobodnaya prodazha. Tsena: 6 mln. rublyeĭ. Menedzher - Oleg Ivanovich, kontaktnye tel. (mob.)+7-903-569-61-37/ (rab.tel.)+7-(495)665 - 7777, e-mail: oleg@kamp.ru
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On sale 2 komnatngaya apartment in Mytishchi outside Olympic Avenue, Building 6 Building 1. From Moscow, 15 minutes for transport, the nearest subway - Medvedkovo. The apartment is located on the 12th floor of a 12-storey brick house. The total area of ​​56 sq.m., 34 sq.m. living space, kitchen 11 sq.m. Rooms are separate, glassed-in balcony, fitted wardrobes, window to the yard, good condition, the intercom.
Documents - barter agreement in 2002. Mortgage possible.
Option - free sale.
Price: 6 million.
Manager - Oleg, contact tel. (mobile) +7-903-569-61-37 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: oleg@kamp.ru

Apartment for sale in a round house (the Pentagon) on the street Nezhinskaya 13

Went on sale two-room apartment in the Western District of Moscow at street Nezhinskaya, 13. Nearest Metro station - Slavic boulevard and Kuntsevskaya. The apartment is located and the second floor of a 9-storey panel "round" house. The total area of ​​53.2 sq.m., 33 sq.m. living space, kitchen 8 sq.m. 16 rooms are separate 17 sqm, separated bathroom, garbage disposal, elevator passenger, the view from the window - yard, good condition. The apartment no one lives. Option - free sale. Mortgage possible. Price 8 million rubles
Manager - Svetlana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-926-530-59-89 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: sveta@kamp.ru.

Sale 4-room apartment on the street Molodtsova.

Apartment for sale in the North East district of Moscow. Nearest Metro station - Babushkinskaya, Medvedkovo. Address: ul Molodtsova, house 25, building 2. The apartment is located on the eighth floor of a 22-storey new panel building. Year of construction 2010. The house is fully populated. The total area 100.4 sq.m., living 62.7 sq.m., kitchen 10 sq.m., rooms isolated 18.8 13.8 18.7 11.4 sq.m., vest , large lounge, good condition, floor - laminate, 2 elevators - passenger and freight. Near a kindergarten, two schools, Youth Academy, a cinema Polar. Documents - privatization in 2011. Owners - 3 adults. Option - lightweight alternative to two-bedroom apartment plus a surcharge.
The cost of 14 million rubles.
Manager - Larissa Kulikova, tel. (mobile) +7-903-134-78-76 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru.

3-bedroom apartment costs 6.7 million rubles in the streets of Liberty.

For sale 3 room apartment in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow. Address - Street. Liberty House 83 Building 4. Nearest Metro Glider, 7 minutes on foot. The apartment is located on the first floor of a high. Made a good repair. All rooms are separate, the planning - linear, c / a - combined a telephone. Green area, clean entrance. Can the prospect of demolition.
Documents - privatization in October 2009, one owner. Option - an alternative to two-bedroom apartment on the south-west of Moscow. The apartment no one lives - physically free.
Contact - Michael V., tel. (mobile) +7-985-766-45-53 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru, Igor - tel. (mobile) +7-916-605-16-83.

3-bedroom apartment near the metro Kurskaya

In sale the 3-flat in central Moscow, close to metro Kurskaya. Address: Zemlyanoy shaft, Building 27. The apartment is located on the fourth floor of an 8-story brick "Stalin" at home. The total area of ​​75 sqm, 55 sqm living room, kitchen 8 sq.m. Rooms 18 17 20 isolated sqm, good condition, the view from the windows into the courtyard and the street, high ceilings, elevator, garbage disposal, telephone, balcony.
Option - an alternative to two-bedroom apartment plus a surcharge.
Documents - the deed of gift in 2008. One owner. Two men are present. Mortgage possible.
Price 13 million rubles
Manager - Tatyana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-916-057-48-12 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: info@kamp.ru.

For sale cheap apartment in Moscow

Sales value 3-bedroom apartment. Nearest Metro station - Shelkovskaya. Address: ul. Baikal, 35. The apartment is located on the ninth floor of a 9-storey panel house. The total area of ​​63 sq.m., living 43, 2 square meters, kitchen 7 sq.m. Two adjoining rooms, isolated - 12.9 kv.m/14 4 15.9 sq.m. Good condition, view from the windows - the courtyard. Very good location: very close - 1 min. walking - 2 schools, a kindergarten, a known church and Zosimus Savvaty, 4 min. Babaev foot pond, 10 min. foot - a new sports complex Atlanta, two stops away from home the best of the Eastern District High School № 1516. Convenient infrastructure.
Documents - privatization. One owner.
Mortgage possible.
The apartment is free.
Price: 7.1 million rubles ($ 240 000)
Manager - Svetlana, contact tel. (mobile) +7-926-530-59-89 / (rab.tel.) +7- (495) 665 - 7777, e-mail: sveta@kamp.ru.

Sale of apartments in Moscow in a prestigious area of ​​the center

Flat for sale in a prestigious area of Moscow in the Ukrainian Boulevard, Building 3. Nearest metro stations - Kiev. The apartment is located on the seventh floor of a 12-storey brick house. The total area of ​​80 sq.m., 54 sq.m. living space, kitchen 12 sq.m. Rooms are isolated. The apartment is a great renovation. All materials are exclusive, the author's plan. There are two parking spaces in parking lot installed alarm system. The view from the windows - to the Ukrainian Blvd. Fully equipped. Everything.
Free sale option.
Documents - More than 3 years of ownership.
Price 24.5 million rubles. ($ 840 000)
Contact: Sergey Mob. +7-963-782-59-26 / +7-495-995-59-26, tel. +7(495) 665-7777. e-mail: serg@kamp.ru.

Sale of apartments in the green district of Moscow

In the green district of Moscow near Metro Dynamo in the street Raskovoi Mary, House 22, Building 1, 1 bedroom apartment for sale. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of 5 - storey panel house. The total area of ​​31 sq.m., 19 sq.m. living space, kitchen 5.5 square meters A quiet green courtyard, walking distance to downtown. The apartment has a wardrobe, internet connection, a new refrigerator, washing machine, new furniture - all included in the price. The property is flat for more than 3 years. Possible sale of the mortgage.
Documents - an agreement of sale.
Free version for sale.
Price 6 500 00 rub. ($ 220 000)
Manager - Ilya, tel. mob. 8-909-153-33-33 / slave. (495) 665 - 7777. e-mail: siv@kamp.ru.

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