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Reducing the cost of the apartment - st. Venevsky

Lower the cost of flats in Moscow (metro st. Skobelevskaya, ul.Venevskaya, 19) to 400 thousand rubles. Options apartments: 4 / 17 fl. pan. home, total 39 sq.m. lived. 19 8,5 kitchen, windows - yard, balcony, house building societies documents are ready. Price: 4,5 million rub..

Inheritance without the hassle

The company "Stone Belt Real Estate has opened a new program -" The Inheritance without hassle. As is clear from the title of "The Legacy of no trouble to" department of registration and registration of real estate Holding Stone Belt Real Estate invites all wishing to use a more convenient way to consolidate their legal inheritance rights. Now it is as simple as draw, for example, authorization to drive. Specialists of the Department work in the field of inheritance law for over ten years and have practical experience at all levels of inheritance law changes. Real estate, shares, bank accounts, companies, personal property, debt obligations. The range of services is wide enough. One of the distinctive nuances of the new program "Inheritance with no trouble" is also a fact that if, for example, you receive an inheritance in the city of Moscow or the Moscow suburbs, while they themselves live far outside the capital, the company's employees in this case may organize the provision of skilled care. If necessary, the employee will leave promptly to any city in Russia, CIS and foreign countries must be booked and will give practical help..

Sale room pm Biberevo - cheap.

Received sale room 12 sq.m. m. Biberevo, 3 BR. sq-pe (1 more lits.schet), 11/12 et.doma, attractive price - 1,85 million All documents are ready. 665-7777.

Attractive new buildings - Odintsovo district.

Currently postpila for sale studio apartment in a new address: Odintsovo district, Trekhgorka, room 33. total project area of the apartment 38 sq.m. Residential-19, kitchen 10. 20/22 fl. pan. home. The cost of 2 million rubles. (55 thousand dollars) of such prices in the district no. tel. 665-7777.

New real basis of commercial real estate

On our website bulletin board for commercial real estate introduced an additional option to search for objects of commercial real estate. The options offered in our real base (bulletin board on commercial real estate) in podavoyayuschem mostly checked our company and are exposed to the real phone owners and customers. Use - all open..

Open Forum on Real Estate

On our website forum on the estate. In sections of the Forum included topics on commercial, residential, real estate abroad. The Forum is not a system on-line, but as soon as possible your theme, comments, questions, answers, necessarily appear on the site..

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