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The new website Kamp Real Estate.

The site of the specialized company in the commercial real estate property Kamp completely renewed. Now, apart from the general search database on commercial real estate property can be made relevant proposals with the choice of using a unique new search engine. On the main page in the center for visitors' convenience, divided into 3 main areas of commercial real estate - office space, warehouses and manufacturing, retail space. In each section, you can enable search on the main important parameters, including the price per square meter as and on the total price. The new site also actively Camp Property connected to the commercial real estate news. This column is available relevant information or analysis on the messengers of non-residential premises in Moscow and Moscow region. Camp site for commercial real estate property is specifically designed for prospective tenants or buyers of offices, warehouses, commercial premises. For the owner of the office, warehouse or commercial space is also provided for placing the promotion of its commercial real estate. Address: www.kamp-n.ru.

Russia. Sale of land in an elite place to Vazuzskom lake. Profitable investment.

Invited to an exclusive forest land on the shore Vazuskogo reservoir with its own dock on the territory of the Tver region, Zubtsov district, on a peninsula between the river and the reservoir Vazuskim Osuga. Category of land: land settlements, with the permitted use for housing intended for permanent residence. Point - an elite location.
The site consists of a total area of ​​150 000,0 sq.m. (15 hectares) with a dedicated inventory numbers in the area of ​​the village Shchekoldin Vazuskogo s / n, Zubtsov district of Tver region. Entry to the site is located on the existing road from village to village Shchekoldin Quasimodo, then projected on the access road to the site. The public highway is located 400 meters from the site. From the south and south-east for 700 meters along the water edge area Vazuskogo reservoir. From the west and north-west highway "Shchekoldin-GNEZDILOVA-Quasimodo", then at a distance of 750 meters of river Osuga. The nearest residential area - a village Shchekoldin - situated at a distance of 1.5 kilometers to the south-west of the boundaries. Relief of the site is flat, there is a slight deviation plot in a south-easterly direction towards the reservoir. Beautiful place. Virtually the entire forest area. Hunting, fishing. There is electricity on site, possibly expanding capacity. Gas at a distance of 400 meters from the site. The site is located in a convenient transport accessibility at a distance of 15 kilometers from the regional center of the teeth. Until Zubtsova in 2011. will complete the reconstruction of New Riga highway. Under Detent built a new residence of President of the Russian Federation. There is a project of building the organization. There is absolutely a real opportunity to buy the adjacent plot an additional 3 to 12, 15, 15 ha. All the details - plans, photos, projects, business - plans to investors by phone. +7 (495) 665 - 7777 (multi) Price: 117,600 per hundred square meters..

Site a new section - news of the day

Site Stone Belt Real Estate has a new section - news of the day (on the main page under the icon on top - board). Daily spotted an interesting news mostly directly or indirectly related to real estate, construction, real estate services, housing and utilities. If you have your interesting news, please send it to us (info@kamp.ru) and we will publish it with your signature (highly active visitors will be given a link to news archive). In the future we plan to expand this section and add comments to the news of the day.
Also, we welcome your suggestions and comments on our main site www.kamp.ru.

There is work in real estate

Holding Stone Belt Real Estate offers a job to experienced Realtors. Looking for specialists with high qualifications in the commercial real estate experts for the sale of land and houses, agents with extensive experience with the real estate world.
Employment in stone belt property associated with the expansion of the company and the opening of new vacancies. Pay and working conditions are excellent. It is possible to build a career in detail to find out by phone. 7 (495) 665 - 7777 (multichannel)..

Web Sites for Russian and English-speaking users

On Web sites, holding real estate stone belt is fully duplicated in Russian and English version. The Russian site http://www.kamp.ru, used for the Russians and the English-language version of it http://www.kamp-rus.com, now working in synchronous mode. All the news, the announcement of the sale, purchase, lease any real estate objects, displayed on any version of the site, any visitor of our resources are automatically translated into English or Russian language and published, respectively, for both Russian and English-speaking users on the Internet. Unfortunately translated at this stage is not ideal, because it uses an automatic translation. Therefore, we recommend Dear visitors wishing to publish free / advertise their properties, describe the options in full and without abbreviations. Also, their views and wishes of their web sites for companies you can e-mail: info@kamp.ru. In the section - a message board, there is a direct line of communication with visitors the type of question - answer. To do this you must click on the icon - a useful book - at any bulletin board.
The main thing - for you real estate ads for free..

Campaign for clients Stone Belt Real Estate.

For those customers who entered into any agreement with Stone Belt Properties to 01.06.2010, the affiliated travel agency Travel Kamp (Kamp Travel) offers a one-time discount on the tour to any country in the world of up to 50% of their commission. Select a country hotel to pick up the catalog, see photos and reviews the expected place of rest, get detailed advice you can on the site Tourist Camp Travel www.kamp-travel.ru, or simply call tel. (495) 665 - 00 - 65 (multichannel). To receive the discount simply need to present a contract with a company Stone Belt Property for any action on the estate. Recall that the company Kamp Travel organizes tours not only for recreation, but also tours - real estate in countries such as Germany, Italy, Cyprus, France, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece..

The last sale of apartments in Ramenskoye

Stone Belt Properties sells apartments in g.Ramenskoe Str. October, 3, on the new favorable terms. There are a number of apartments at a price lower than the builder. One-bedroom apartment on the 6 floor 17-storey monolith - a brick house, total area of 48.7 square meters, living 17 sq.m., kitchen 15 sq.m., canuzel - separate, glassed-in balcony, the price of 2, 4 RR. One-bedroom apartments for 6, 9, 13 floors of the 17-storey monolith - a brick house, total area of 69.3 sq.m., living from 46 sq.m., kitchen 15 sq.m., canuzel - Separate, two glass loggia, vest, at a price of 3,2 million rubles. Two-bedroom apartment on the 6 floor 17-storey monolith - a brick house, total area of 92.9 sq.m., 64 sq.m. living room, kitchen 14 sq.m., four glazed balconies, vest, the price of 4, 2 million . rubles. Thus, prices are reduced by another 5%. The house has an underground parking. The apartments are fully completed plumbing and electrical wiring, operates theft alarm fire. Quality of construction is really high. Double-glazed windows will not require replacement, as made of high-tech industry and have a quality guarantee. The house itself is conveniently located from the railway station, 7 min. foot. House passed the Civil Code in November 2009. Measurements BTI passed. Everything is ready. Number of flats offered for sale is limited. Responsible professionals at discounted apartments Sergei tel. 8-901-524-90-08, Michael - 766-45-63. Tel. multichannel - 665-7777.

Properties for sale in Italy. Favorable investment.

Hard times are real estate offers properties in Italy, particularly in the Southern Province Calabria, in such towns as pizza, Yoppolo, Zabrone, Tropea on the shores of southern Italian Riviera overlooking the purest of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sale of villas, apartments, flats, cottages are directly from the company's developer. When buying real estate available all relevant safeguards under the law of Italy. In the presence of a completed real estate and construction stage. Prices cheaper than in the rest of Italy by 50-70%. This is due mainly to the fact that Southern Italian Riviera - Calabria Region, only just beginning to settle down. There is a ready infrastructure, construction of the resort areas is fairly rapid. And the prices offered at the moment are particularly attractive due to "dumping". Thus it is possible to buy real estate not only for themselves but as a profitable investment. The detailed information about real estate in Italy will be posted on the site holding Stone Belt Properties. Details on pricing, location of objects, planning, you can find right now on the phone. 665-7777 (multichannel) and by phone. 766-45-53.

Property into the new court.

The Legal Department prepares Stone Belt real estate property for apartments in buildings erected by the court. Often formalize ownership of apartments in buildings erected within a reasonable time is problematic. It happens that the House passed the Civil Code and the people already living in flats is not the first year, and the certificate of ownership is not all. This happens for different reasons, but mostly everything slows down a well-developed bureaucracies. Significantly accelerate the process of obtaining legal ownership of your apartment is helping the legal department of the company Stone Belt property. Choosing the seemingly unimaginable way we must proceed from the realities of our lives. The cost of such hotel or private apartments in newly constructed house different from the price of conventional design, only the cost of state judicial duties, which vary in different district courts. On average about 15 - 20 thousand rubles. The rest of our lawyers are taking all necessary actions and activities for themselves. The end result is practically guaranteed. More information on tel. 665-7777 (Stepanov Alexey V.).

Apartments for sale in Ramenskoye, ul. Freedom

Holding Stone Belt real estate offers for sale new completed apartments in Ramenskoye Str. Liberty, 1 In the presence of 1,2,3,4-bedroom apartments. 1 k.kv. (42 sq.m.) - cost - 2,3 mln., 2 k.kv. (63 and 71 sq.m.) - cost - 3,1 mln., 3 to . sqm. (100 sq.m.) - cost - 4,5 mln., 4 k.kv. (125 sq.m.) - cost - 6,1 mln. Solo project, vent.fasad, its infrastructure, architecture, double-glass in the house concierge. It is also possible to buy a cottage on the river Gzhelka. There are discounts..

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