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What do realtors in crisis?

For six months as the crisis develops real estate market. During this time, closed a sufficient number of real estate agencies. In absence of demand for apartments is extremely difficult. Although real demand is there, but at different prices. Where value is below the 15-20 per cent of the market average, they sell and go. In some areas, the nearest suburbs a number of developers spend time shares at the price drop for new construction. In Balashikha, Lyubertsy, where you can purchase a room. flats of about 44 sq.m. around 2 million rubles. there is demand. Examples of such sales show the reality of the future prices. For realtors selling these apartments from the developer, the property market moving. In addition to the commercial property market has not taken place before the end of travel companies from expensive offices in more fuel-efficient options. You can also work on the harmonization of prices for the sale of offices, warehouses and stores. Owners of commercial real estate are often people who understand the logic of practical reasoning about the real estate property values. And if successful, determining the value of the object, usually a deal done. During the crisis continued to whom it is necessary to make an inheritance, to match documents to the country, to register in due course ownership. The amount of profit on such services are not that significant, but orders are constant. But where there is a legal service with the presentation in court on housing it is a matter that in a crisis, that without him. Realtors, depending only on the secondary market virtually doomed to a long inactivity..

Apathy residential real estate market continues.

In April, the housing market seems to have not revived. Hardly marketed hopes sellers that in the near future prices for apartments must grow up or at least be sufficient demand for apartments is not justified. Shoppers ready to buy residential property worth more than 6 million rubles. present in very limited quantities. What are sales slows 2 ,3-x, etc. - Room apartments. In addition, while not winning psychology seller - I have, and so reduced the cost, where to go? - Leads to a complete standstill in the housing market. only where there is bargaining, committed sales transactions. In the beginning, it was felt that the real estate market are waiting for exchanges of apartments, rooms with additional payments. But due to the fact that the cost per square meter is actually not so very much has changed over the crisis period (rubles), which in turn influenced the people to improve their living conditions (the same surcharge), exchanges have been inconsistent. So that apathy on the housing market persists. (This view is represented employees Stone Zone Real Estate)..

Weak recovery of real estate market.

Month of March just to stabilize the dollar against the ruble. That in turn ogtrazilos to move the real estate market. Appeared permanent demand for flat small value - up to 6 million rubles. Those buyers, who at the time of the devaluation of the ruble had to buy the currency at the moment are often interested in buying apartments, villas, land plots. But the amount by which we can state the revival of real estate market is small. Average purchase of the property does not exceed 6 million rubles. It is clear that the demand at the moment there is the part of buyers, have booked profits on the rise the currency market. Their expectations have been fulfilled. If the pre-crisis time, such buyers, with about 50-60% of the amount requested, only eye on the cost of apartments, but now they have a realistic option purchase. From the present value of residential property at this time, you can bargain for about 5% and as a result go to the "digestible" figure. Thus the real estate market falls into a sluggish recovery. Let's see what happens next..

Waiting for the fall in prices on the real estate market.

Can we expect the fall in home prices? Now a question of concern to many potential buyers. According to the head of the Department of the Company newly Stone Belt Real Estate, Savenkova Natalia - The first wave of consumer demand for a number of sites of new buildings, where the seller has lowered the cost of apartments has passed. It lasted an event not more than a month. Those who hoped to buy as soon as possible, in part their desire to exercise. Sleduyuyuschy "surge" should not be expected before mid-April. Only by this time most of the primary real estate sellers aware of the scale of the crisis looming sales of flats, which, respectively, pushing them to change prices. At the moment all the same most buyers focus on price in the amount of 40-50% of the pre-crisis value.
The market of new buildings associated with the secondary market. Sometimes one can observe a clear imbalance in prices of primary and secondary market. Seller apartments in urgent need of money, not waiting for something, and decides to put his real estate is cheaper similar proposals. The result is the selling price of apartments on the secondary market the same or even lower than similar apartments in a new, even in the finished house. What leads to a complete exodus of buyers from the primary sector housing. A resume sales of new apartments will only be significantly lowered cost..

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