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Interview: Professional opinion

Discussion of issues and problems that surrounded the capital property, does not just "lazy". The crisis, which generates a lot of questions only, that is, "adds fuel to the fire. Specialists in various fields of real estate market noted a lot of problem-same - that chaos in the pricing of real estate objects and the willingness of citizens to follow the reality that dictates the situation in the sector, etc. etc. The list of problems and issues, in fact, can be very long. Of course, one might ask: "And where are these issues a little?" But the crisis is a crisis, but life goes on as usual and the time is not subject to a stop under the influence of terrestrial problems and issues. Who of us, just like yesterday do not want to live in better conditions to work in a comfortable office, have a vacation home or cottage, and all this without looking at the world's problems? We ask the experts about what can and what should not have to do with real estate in the current period of time from the commercial director of the organization, which specializes in providing services in the field of real estate transactions "Stone Belt Properties" Sergey A. Shevchuk.

And so, Sergey A., why would you want to start talking: the problems or joys, if any, now in your business there?

Joy in our case - is the availability of work and here we are not at that particular complaint. The staff team and in the current period have a very dense workload. Of course, I'm not going to dissemble and to assert that the crisis has not affected us. Of course, we, like all feel its impact on our working process, but this is not the first crisis. If you delve a bit into history, you can remember and all known in August 1998 and its consequences. I would also identified and is already far in 1996, namely, the events surrounding the presidential election and all the major fluctuations in the market of foreign currency operations. I think that those who have a long and serious work on the real estate market, agree with me that in our work, any kind of serious political or economic events are reflected immediately. Maybe someone finds it for advertising pathos, but we and many of our colleagues were well aware what was going on in the pre-crisis three or four years, sooner or later anyway would be finished. I could have a lot to speak on this subject, but it would distract us from the issues of the day on the real estate. I will say one thing, that it is a clear recognition that a never-ending house price growth in those rates, which we all watched the uniquely end "shake" and "rollback" before allowing us to "save face" and today are not easy days.

What do you say that you and your team did not participate in price formation in previous years and that is why, managed to "save face"? On what did you worked?

Let's order. First, with regard to pricing. Specify that's my opinion, of course, is subjective, but that I say we are not just talking to colleagues, and I think it is in some degree be reflected among our readers. Property prices, like any commodity, on the demand for this product. Simply put, if again the realities of today show that consumer demand is clearly decreased to a certain real estate, and prices are not rising accordingly, as it did not want this or that market participants. And in the same subject would like to address the issue and to our readers, including what is called for to "think": "With all overnight run out of money or people have lost interest in the property?" Therefore, I would not stipulate, as is often done and is that real estate prices determine Realtors. Of course, taking into account that payment for services is basically calculated as a percentage of the value of an object and, consequently, the higher the value, the greater the profits interest in a higher price is in any market participant. But believe me, that greater interest for the real estate market is the stability of operations. A take-off or falling prices in the first place cause confusion and chaos and, as a consequence, the impossibility of the creation and execution of the normal arrangements for real estate operations. Secondly, with regard to "save face". As I already mentioned earlier, crises large and small have been enough. What to make in discharge of "principal" of this kind of situation? To be competitive, to stay "afloat", not to lose customers, be able to be them, customers, useful at any time, etc. necessary and good times do not abut the labor vector, that is, only in an area of work, which is the most profitable, but also to develop other areas adjacent to the main employment. It would seem that I'm talking about the truism that, and so everyone understands. But, as experience shows, many understand this, but not all, for various reasons get to apply this rule in practice. Our team has never followed the fashion "loud" brands, we are not fanning the state, not fond of, if I may say "globalism" in their business. Again, those modifications of internal relations that occur among groups of our colleagues, demonstrates in the first place to ourselves that originally bid on the development and existence was made correctly. The market today are converted, and each team becomes more autonomous structure.

What does this mean?

I will not "load" of our readers tedious explanation of the processes. In the ordinary consumer insofar as it affects. Let me just say one thing, that the processes taking place among the market participants make every working team more independent structure, even if this team works under the signboard flashing everywhere brand. In my opinion - is positive processes. Can have a long talk about what is best when the organization is large in size, or vice versa is no different scale. Opinions in this area will always be a few. But the experience, for example, European countries, and again, the events to the present day show that increasing the quality of services, usually where there is easier, which is called "the first person to talk to a legal person." Mobile teams have more responsibility in dealing with clients, they are in their "survival" can not count on the number. Quality becomes an unwitting brand such working groups. We are not an exception, but, quite the ardent supporters of the status quo.

What your team has in the market, if you yourself say that now, even large groups are transformed into more mobile structure?

Cool specialists are everywhere. And in this issue, despite some obvious, negative consequences that accrue to the real estate market from "Monsters, legislators, we should note that a consumer who simply knows how to think always distinguish the quality of their own participation in quantity. As for us, I would say without false modesty (smiles), we are different to many factors. Enumerate some of them: flexibility in creating and maintaining a relationship with a client - we do not operate according to the template agreements and relations on the principle of "the treaty was created by our attorney and will not be changed." Our lawyers work in a team, have practical experience and if you want the job responsibilities are to develop an individual approach. Furthermore, a wide range of services provided by staff of the team. Dwell here in detail. We are one of the first started working on the program implemented by the Moscow City Chamber of Notaries. Even today not all know that for some time you can make out the inheritance rights as other notarial acts in any notary. We have a good tried and tested with different notaries and for us there is no difficulty to provide service on registration of inheritance rights promptly and without hassle to the customer. Plus, in this regard we are working with the citizens living in Moscow and in other cities, as well as in many countries near and far abroad. Agree that to understand the law of a State not everyone has the opportunity, and we talk about what a citizen needs and specific fixes it needs to contract for services. Our staff will provide property management services. Decision daily questions from a leak in the bathroom on the territory controlled by us object to tax reporting companies - this is also our job. Filing of declarations of individuals, representation in courts, assistance in insurance and other things that we do or themselves, or show you where you can do so more profitably. Traditional services provided by the real estate market, listing will not. Their entire inventory is a component of a well-functioning working mechanism.

Well, it is clear that to estimate the amount of opportunities for your team and the quality of services can only appeal to you. But it does not ease the question: "And what is the value of services employee who owns such a vast experience? And whether it is available at all the ordinary consumer?

Returning to the above thoughts commercial hue and answering your question I will say so. Relations in a market where there is competition and so good for the customer services that I or members of staff is possible and would be happy to evaluate their services were "exaggerated", but the competition is present to do so will never allow. Despite the fact that I understand, to put it mildly, all is not popular ideas, which I will say below, however, my position is regarding payment of our work is as follows. Here judge for yourself - virtually any product or any service that wants to use and gets the consumer is required to first pay. I respect any work. I consider our services when the person to a simple example, buying a property substantial enough. Employment specialist keeps his money, helps to execute documents, make payments, register right, etc. And only the market of providing services in the field of real estate transactions such payment is mostly "over". I shall revert to the readers: "Where can I use good quality goods for free?" I am also not concealed irony always watching ads for free consultation on real estate transactions. But the reality is sometimes stronger than common sense, and we try to harmonize among such contradictions. Based on the foregoing, I would say that the cost of our services is balanced competitive market economy and respect for their own experience and labor costs. The figures in this issue is always individual. When the similarity of individual items from the domestic view of available issues of each of them is always the case individually. We do not declare itself a charitable organization, but we will never take any money, for example, with a lonely old woman who draws an inheritance after the deceased spouse. If due to circumstances not in our power to give her practical help, we will certainly tell and sign the order of its actions. And we never forget that the market is the market and the price is always available to talk.

And how to relate to money savings, which are crowding to improve, for example, their own living conditions? Wait for further price cuts, invest now or hold until the savings elsewhere to better times?

Well, about the campaign, various financial funds and other institutions that use the mechanisms referred to in recent times not only as "speculation" to say we will not. Here, as the saying goes, "the result is". Let's go through a logical, as mentioned character for the film. Of course, those who have savings of at least and who faced crisis closely (job loss, a serious reduction in income, etc.) I will not "blasphemous" to agitate for an early investment of its assets in real estate. We are all human and it is clear that the commonplace need to start thinking about what "eat" tomorrow. But there are many people who wrongly say this openly, thinking that his savings tomorrow will allow him to become the owner of luxury apartments or the whole door, "as we sometimes make jokes. Economic processes are tightly interconnected and fall in demand in any area is always necessarily increases the cost of a party issue. We should not forget that, really good immovable property, whether housing or commercial facilities are removed from the proposals in proportion to the deterioration of the situation on the market as a whole. The paradox, which is now clearly visible, is that the number of proposals increases, and quality of objects is not so much. So decide.

So what do you recommend to citizens and wish to become established in matters of relations with real estate in today's crisis?

On this issue, and my colleagues and I literally answer every day. To be true to say yourself at the beginning of our conversation, then again, expressing his deepest conviction that issues of personal devices can and should be solved at any time. You do not return those years, you will not stop growing children, you already now it is more convenient to live with their parents, near the place of your work in a large apartment, etc. Is it should be shelved in the "back burner"? But if you have solved all the housing issues, you are in the evening after work, relaxing in his cabin, thinking about the crisis, you have a property office and another two or three pieces of real estate, leased, ie the basic necessities of life issues have been resolved and you are thinking how to dispose of free assets, in this case, of course, should be more circumspect in terms of spending and investment in different projects. In this case, can and should be used weekly if not daily analysis and already at the point of maximum favorable moment for myself to enter into any business relationship. Of course, now is the time to "think" - it's a fact! The result of your thoughts, the result of your being. Do not kid yourself and do not expect a miracle. All miracles are laborious and are in the hands of each of us.

Thank you, Sergey A., for taking the time and suggested a specialist. See you soon..

What's new in the world of real estate.

As well all know the demand for real estate in Moscow whether apartments, rooms and even commercial property, at current prices is not a crisis is simply absent. So what in the world? This whole situation also does not look the best way, but in particular all - yet there are shifts. For example in the U.S. for only one month of May increased sales of secondary market at 3%. - Affects policy discounts and low interest rates. There is even a slight price increase in 2,8%. In Bulgaria, the same the other way around - the decline of property values in some places is 50% of the pre-crisis prices. And just as in Russia, if there is interest, a relatively low range of up to 100 thousand euros. In Britain, official statistics show an increase in prices of 1,2% compared with the month of April. But this figure is very possible due to the fact that many British citizens who have property in other regions of the world had it relatively quickly to sell, restructure their mortgages and freed up funds to invest in real estate in their country. In Spain, it seems only just begun season discounts - as evidenced by the massive appearance of the organization of free tours for real estate and increasing supply in almost all regions of Spain. The real estate market in Montenegro has passed its peak last year. Prices on the pre-crisis declined by 29% and it seems the limit. Property in Germany slowly but surely growing in the proposal. This demand has been fairly stable - all the same attachment to the country's flagship EU justified. It is good stability in prices and demand, except Finland and Turkey. Here, the real estate market has not changed..

Pent-up demand for apartments - has been and will be.

At this time of crisis often hear the recognition of Realtors that the housing market is. It also argues that there is a pending demand. Mole is now a little more time and people will buy an apartment, because the time since the crisis has passed enough and deferred demand will push the real estate market. Not only the deferred demand that is always. Let's say a desire to buy an apartment, and generally consume can not be undone. The problem of the market is turning up demand in the demand for real. History shows all clear. In 2007, especially in summer, was stagnant and if you look at the ratio of prices say autumn 2006 and summer 2007, the value of real estate as a whole fell by 15-20% (note in rubles). Real buyer in the market simply was not there. At the same time improve their living conditions like many. It just could not afford. Then, too, spoke of pent-up demand. His savings are not enough. But it was enough to open a gateway called "Mortgage" as prices soared seemed unattainable heights. But the story of the mortgage. Now, in addition to the unreality of the mortgage crisis and more. At the same time wishing to buy an apartment abound. Even requests for a preliminary search in the real estate company enough. Only now all the buyers put conditions cheaper and desirable credit course at the rate level in May 2008. Yes, and changing purchasing power. During the crisis, all bear the costs of income. The profit rate declined everywhere, but it is a direct conclusion on the inability to acquire an apartment on the existing prices, even if the resume attractive mortgage program. After all, if before many were under the force of each month to pay the bank the order of 120-150 thousand rubles., Focusing on the value of the apartments such as 3-bedroom costs 13 million rubles., Now the majority, determine the demand is unlikely to able to reach more than USD 40 -50 thousand rubles. (I mean Moscow). The stubborn refusal of real estate sellers "to fall sharply in price" only destroys the real demand and leaves it as a so-called pent-up demand..

Analysis of Real Estate - Duck and reality.

Recently in the press, the Internet is increasingly possible to find articles on real estate analyst for a small increase in prices for apartments in Moscow. And really, if you look the relation of prices offered for sale apartments a month ago and apartments advertised at the present time, the places you will notice that they nearly went up in value. Accordingly, real estate analysts hyped this factor and are presented as percentage of data on early growth in property values, which in turn has a favorable effect on sales of apartments, driving away the gloom of the profits. But that's comparing, selectively, the ratio of prices for the same apartment, the analyst does not take into account the original logic of the Seller's property, the impact on him, in addition to the crisis, exchange rate. At the beginning of the crisis was very noticeable decrease in the cost of apartments in dollar terms. But in the ruble price fell of course, but the percentage of 10-15%. In fact everything has stopped. At this time the dollar weakened and it turns out that if you counted on the course a month ago and now, the price is expected to grow either in rubles or dollars. Here is who believes. For example put a month ago in an apartment for sale at a price of $ 140 thousand (equivalent to 4.69 mln.). At present rate of 31.5, which means the cost in dollars to be 149 thousand situation can be beat in a different order. The essence of one price in than anything but increase. Only now sold this apartment will not be soon. It's no secret that the cases of Realtors is not performing well, the lack of transactions. So try some analysts from the real estate to give data on price increases to try to encourage potential buyers to enter the market at this time. But reality is - wait, coming soon..

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