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Free Classified Ads with a search engine for commercial real estate.

Online Stone Belt property successfully operating board and classified ads for commercial real estate. In fact, this is a real base of offices, warehouses and other commercial real estate, and real needs of potential tenants and buyers. To date, the board and classified ads had been on more than six thousand variants. Ease of search is limited to only a sample of one subway station. But the search string in the districts can see a more fully featured commercial real estate. Of course board and classified ads, she is a real basis, not a "dogma" and an ideal tool for searching. But at the same time, the constant handling of ads, especially the repetition of objects, make this a good support base to search for office or warehouse. In the search system boards and classified ads for commercial real estate there is an item Hire / purchase. For the most part it really needs to potential customers. And with the proper approach to real estate agents, such ads pretty good work. For landlords and sellers of commercial real estate in the board and classified ads is an additional item filing options with photographs of the object that is a clear plus for the search of potential tenants and buyers. The effectiveness of the system tested by time. Recall that the information on the board and classified ads is open..

Disclaimer out of the crisis of the market of elite housing

According to the survey conducted by RBC daily, the number of deals with expensive housing in August - early September reached pre-crisis. Specify a sharp increase in demand for luxury apartments on the basis of experts' answers a real estate agency "Kalinka-Realty, real estate analysts, the company Knight Frank, principal of the corporation" Barkley. " The reality did everything else. Buy an apartment or business elite level in September can be at relatively low cost. Again, interested buyers to offer on the market of elite housing are not widespread. Most developers stubbornly keep prices from falling. Only individuals who invest in expensive real estate long enough, or banks that went to this apartment with a large discount, for example due to insolvency of the client offers a distinctive substantial price. Examples are not far to seek - New (ready - residential complex Vellhaus ") on Leninsky Prospekt. Apartments on sale weight, price per square meter of not less than 4,500 dollars in turn, a private person, invested in an apartment in this house in 2006, puts an apartment at a cost of $ 3800 per sqm I do not know exactly how to go completely sales from the builder, but a good advertising apartments from the "private enterprise" customers still do not. Although the views and negotiate with potential buyers are constantly. The following example - luxury house with two cordons of security, its territory and of course under ground parking for Wed Pervomaiskaya. Available in this house has an apartment at a cost of about 7 thousand dollars per square meter At the same time there is a sale penthouse in this building at a cost at all funny - 2700 U.S. sq.m. (Also cheaper). Sold - Bank (flat inherited from the insolvent debtor). And again there is negotiation, a keen interest in the apartment, but nobody buys. Of course talking about the lack of demand in general is impossible. There are orders from customers in the apartment elite class, but again at a cost different from the proposed date. There is even a deal on a property, except that such purchases are for any other lower cost. And he says it is only that the buyer at the elite real estate was and is only on new prices, which have many sellers are not ready. Especially interesting to read the opinions of experts about a specific real estate agency sales statistics on the market expensive housing. Make declarations as sales of luxury apartments in a month, for example spring 25 flats sold in August, 40 apartments sold. From these statistics is not entirely clear. In reality, tracking actual sales is simply impossible. No reliable data does not provide one. Everything is intuitive. And all the statements in the media about the sudden demand, but an attempt to unnaturally enhance the real estate market. But a statement of price increases by 2 and then 5 percent is too fantastic..

Active real estate markets abroad in the summer.

It would seem out of season activity of real estate market in the summer. But no, the motion is even visible. England, for example: there has been considerable growth in mortgage lending. Although it can be stated this fact there have been at the end of last year. not a secret that many British citizens are or have been owners of property outside of their country. With the advent of the global economic and financial crisis in real estate in different countries has evolved its own way. For example, a favorite place for British investment in Cyprus property has become unprofitable in the financial plan. Accordingly, the amount offered for sale houses, apartments in Cyprus has increased very seriously. And the prices at the same time is not changed much. And after the sale in Cyprus, an opportunity is more profitable to invest in lowering the price of real estate UK. Further support for the Government and the Bank of England in terms of favorable credit rates have done their work - an application for credit facilities increased from the start of the year no less than 30%. To note ending the crisis in the real estate course Britain still early, but the facts of price stabilization and the existence of demand there.
After seeing the statistics on the real estate market in the U.S. also been an increase in sales of housing. Since the beginning of the year in the U.S. real estate sales rose by no less than 4%. But you will notice that the market is not only begins its upward movement. There are countries, including Russia where the real estate market is still in deep crisis. A striking example - Bulgaria - EU country where the drop in prices, first year was not less than 30%. Encouraging only the fundamental law of inertia - where the crisis started in real estate, where he and finishes in the first place. You'll see some good news will arrive before us..

The positive real estate news in the U.S.

In the U.S., the country from which came the crisis around the world once more optimistic news on real estate. After a relative stabilization in home prices in the first quarter of 2009, analysts considered the results of sales in the second quarter of this year. And it turned out that prices rose slightly, relative to the first quarter of this year to 1,7%. Accordingly, gradually increases and the number of real estate transactions. It is hoped that the stabilization of the situation with real estate will not be short-lived..

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