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Flat "hunger" in the market.

It would seem so long ago, in 2009, to buy an apartment in Moscow or in the field was a matter of elementary. The number of exhibited objects of residential property increased too, the sellers were willing to bargain, new buildings were competing in lower prices. But I walked quarter of 2010. And the prices are slowly but fairly steadily crept upward. In this case, to say that the property market can not be revived. The number of transactions compared to I quarter of 2009 certainly increased, but then the real-estate crisis was at its height, the proposal at that time seriously exceeded the demand. Buyers waited possible low prices, and sellers have tried to keep the cost of apartments, sometimes making discounts on real client. This situation continued until October 2009. The end of the season was marked by a revival of market transactions has increased, prices at the same time did not go up. And then on the expiration of I quarter of 2010 we came to an interesting situation. The financial and economic crisis would then not actually gone, solvency of the population does not risen, but prices for apartments rose quietly with some objects not less than 10%. What happened? The fact is that in October 2009 clearly began to be tracked when a significant reduction in supply of apartments. In addition to being slightly more active buyers, many sellers of real estate, charter expect his client, almost in unison had taken off their sentences with the sale, and those who wanted to sell as advantageous as possible, we decided that since they have already experienced a relatively difficult times, it is You can wait and still, but to win in the price. And now the government is trying to encourage buyers of apartments to action, declaring the new programs on the mortgage. Many builders, previously ready to lower prices, but would not fold up, now getting some infusion of cash from banks, which in turn received support from the government, or successfully restructured their debts, have decided not to make more discounts and even tried to play to improve. A frozen construction projects were not started on the new. That's a situation of relative activity of buyers and complete lack of urgency in sales from the salespeople. As a result, when searching for apartments it turns out that nothing new and advantageous to buy now impossible. And this situation from the perspective of the buyer only as "flat hunger" will not name. Ie desire to buy an apartment there, there are certain possibilities, but no flats. Usually earlier, this led to higher prices. What will happen now - we'll see..

Since April 2010 mortgage to get state

Based on statements by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin that from April 2010, some banks will receive government support amounting to 250 billion rubles from the low interest rates - namely, 11%, we can assume that the demand for mortgage loans significantly increase. There was hope for a revival of the real estate market in Russia. But there are limitations on such a wonderful credit to the Russian standards, namely, the maximum loan amount for such a program will be up to 3 million rubles in the regions, and 8 million - in big cities - megacities.
Such stimulation of demand from the state is praiseworthy, but as usual some of these billions of course does not reach the consumer - or the majority of borrowers will not meet the criteria for lending, a part of the money supply will dissolve on it to behold. " Sure would like to hope that this is not so. Especially in the statement of Vladimir Putin, there is very much about "European" 6% rate on the loan, but it is certainly in the future. Minus such lending - a strict guideline on affordable housing. Let's buy them a low-cost housing, and that another proposal would lower demand and rising prices around the corner - next bubble to inflate prices.
About the lack of credit may be another thing to say - with the prime minister said that these spetskredity will be targeted only for the purchase of apartments in new buildings. If the requirements for borrowers and the new flats will remain the same, it is not specifically dispose of these funds in any way. Typically apartments in new buildings have the main drawback - incomplete documentation required for bank lender. But it was nice that it's not very thoughtful, but cared for..

Is it advantageous to buy an apartment now?

This question since the end of 2008 has not lost its relevance today. Finalized crisis in 2009. According to the results from different experts and different estimates fall in the value of a square meter. Where it is alleged that the fall in prices compared with 2008 was only 10%, other analysts say about 30% reduction. At times, glimpses of figures for some price increases, especially when it relates to the period of relatively high activity in demand from November to mid December 2009. Ratings - predictions on housing prices in 2010 have become more cautious. Most see the development of the situation only in two directions - either final stabilization of prices, or the bottom of the cost of one square meter of housing has not yet been reached. So how profitable to buy an apartment now? According to the available stocks of so-called investment flats and apartments with a pending sale of a hurry to issue the purchase cost of housing too early. A measure of increased demand in November, December this year in fact looks quite deceptive. First, almost every year in this period of time real estate always increases (factor of seasonality). Secondly many sellers have decided to apartments by the end of the year is not doing much of proactive measures to sell their property, namely: price discounts, intensive advertising by the end of the year has not been used to attract buyers. Consequently, in 2010 we should expect "pending sale". And prospective buyers may be more profitable to buy an apartment is in 2010..

What's more profitable - rent a warehouse or office rent.

Rental business in the crisis facing hard times. Warehouse rental or lease of office is now available for tenants on favorable terms. Most owners of commercial real estate have been unable to obtain an absolutely stable rental income. Suffice it to ride through the streets of Moscow and the Moscow suburbs to form an opinion on the state of the rental business. Around banners and posters with the inscription RENT. Most prudent landlords are trying to provide maximum comfort to tenants, because of rent holidays, mutual convenience. But "liquidity" of commercial real estate vzavisimosti of destination differs significantly. If you are invited to rent a warehouse, the chances to pass him quite still high. With sound policies cost rental stock and, accordingly, its infrastructure, such facilities have never idle. Wishing to rent warehouse space still quite a lot. Construction and commissioning warehouse did not have to pre-crisis period such as fuss office properties. That means income from rental stock is stable, despite the crisis. With office rental situation is more complicated. Many companies either changed the class of offices and their area, or simply closed. In addition, most owners of office properties are used to assess the cost of rent depending on the relative maximum rate of rent, which prevents them from adapting to new conditions. Among other things the cost of office rental in the pre-crisis period "jumped" as a percentage above the cost of renting sklada.Est another factor in the creep warehouse: at stabilizing the situation in the economy increases the circulation of goods, which must be stored in warehouses. There is a natural occupancy and the need for warehouses. In the office real estate situation is more inert. The opening of new companies or the awareness that it is time to increase the area with offices or change his class, is much more slow motion. Accordingly, the increase in rental rates here is a longer process. So far rent warehouse obviously more profitable than renting office, despite the difference in cost per square meter..

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