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Price of real estate in Moscow in the near future will not change

The first month of autumn has shown stability in prices for residential real estate market in Moscow and Moscow region. And those who expected a sharp recovery of activity of buyers and sellers after the summer season, not to mention the potential market due to pent-up demand. Average price per square meter in Moscow at the end of September 200 years is 130,000 - 135,000 rubles ($ 4300 - 4360) per sq. m. At the end of July, the average cost of meters was the same. Oscillations are possible in the dollar prices, since the ruble exchange rate has changed more markedly. In some parts of Moscow, the sellers even reduced the price. In principle, one can speak of undulating races - home prices then rise, then fall. Ask our apartment to explicitly do not. Kind of activity often is it that those who buy an apartment on the mortgage. Rates are already real. But these buyers are not too many. In the meantime, will not work "mortgage machine" surges up property values and is not expected. And yet, many real estate agents say the fact that investment apartments in the property market is enough, just the sellers believe that the time to sell has not yet come. And many more options that are offered for sale prior to the highest bidder. And only now begun to drop in price. The situation with mortgages is clearly getting better, but also offer apartments for sale is growing. These factors do not lead to significant changes in home prices..

Declining real estate market in the U.S.A

Everyone knows that the economic crisis began in the U.S. and has spread around the world because of problems in the real estate market of America. Overnight collapsed mortgage and the chain reaction spread to all sectors of the economy.
Six months ago it was possible to note that the measures taken by the U.S. government to stimulate the property market, namely super soft loans, leading to the exit of the recession. But the fall of 2010 showed a negative trend of real estate market. We've run advantageous loans and selling again greatly reduced. A mortgage to invest additional financial resources the United States no longer want or can not. Sales decreased by approximately 30%. This statistic is given in respect of the secondary real estate market. Such a pattern to predict financial analysts, but the figure was expected less.
As a result, pessimism spread to the U.S. real estate market. Completion of the program to provide federal tax credits in April, many recognize premature. As a result, many potential buyers decided to postpone the purchase of houses, apartments at a later time. There are waiting lowering prices, and finance necessary to accumulate. Experts believe that today would be unlikely noticeable discount on real estate. Perhaps the real estate market comes back to confront the sellers and buyers.

Summer residential real estate market will be without news.

Residential real estate market in Moscow in the summer seems to remain unchanged. Positive trends of spring will be replaced by summer stagnation. Oh so tired two camps - the sellers and buyers from the "great confrontation". Since the beginning of the crisis of autumn 2008 only and all expect that the real estate market is now about to collapse. But no price reduction of course took place, but it was relatively smooth and not on projected by many 40-50%. Also expected after the summer of 2010 major changes in prices is not worth it. The spring increase in the value of residential real estate has ended. Pent-up demand, which triggered the activity of the real estate market had gone at least a vacation. As is well known summer - time to leave. And those who planned to buy an apartment, already done it or just decided to postpone these plans for the fall or winter. Incidentally, this deferred demand is mainly those people who made their accumulated before the crisis, and partly by timidly reemerging mortgages have solved their housing issues. So that summer we did not see any positive or negative movement, but what the fall buying spree also do not have to wait. It is believed that before the end of the year the prices will generally be as if frozen. Where you will be able to bargain, but where there are many retailers will be slightly increase the cost of their apartments are not sold.
By the way of - for now this part of the sellers may still be a slight trend to higher ruble prices by the end of the year, and dollar prices may vary slightly and fall - there could behave like oil.
There is good news. Finally, a building complex has the ability to borrow under its projects under the more or less comfortable interest. And that means the possible opening of a new large-scale construction of housing for middle-and economy class. But again, it's all so there will not be solved. So what exactly - summer housing market will remain without news. .

It is interesting to buy an apartment on the mortgage now?

Now the mortgage market is catching program, in which may be issued mortgage loans with floating rate. The flagship of these conditions - "DeltaCredit", "VTB 24", "OTP Bank. In the standard version of the mortgage contract on a certain number of years with a fixed interest payment. In the case of floating rate, interest may be changed at least every quarter.
Ruble credits in this case depend on the rate of borrowing in the interbank market in Russia MosPrime, an increase of 7% per annum or, depending on the refinancing rate of Central Bank of Russia with a passion for 2-4 per cent. Foreign currency loans depend on the rate of LIBOR.
There are also options with a combined interest rate, which let us consider the option of loan repayment under a floating rate in the first 3 - 5 years, and in the remainder of the fixed annual percentage. Data on mortgage loans at floating, fixed or a combination of interest rates in each bank are very different, but we can say that fans of a floating rate of about 15% willing to pay for a combined rate of about 20%. The remaining 65% of mortgage customers still prefer the standard fixed rate in the contract.
In general, floating rate sufficiently profitable, but the truth is only in times of stability, economy and society. This rate is considered sufficiently risky, ie In the case of the jumps course, the increase in refinancing or increasing rates on interbank loans, respectively, very much may increase the payment on such loan, although a stable situation can be a winner somewhere + 2% of the fixed rate. By the way is now floating rate sufficiently profitable. For example interbank rate is 4,5% plus add cheat (bank profit) in 4% to obtain a 8.5% APR. Of course the mortgage is not taken for one year and to predict the accuracy of the economic situation is impossible. But the opportunity to save on interest attracts an increasing number of borrowers. Well, as always - look before you leap. Well, as always very carefully calculate all the risks and their financial soundness before deciding to buy an apartment on the mortgage..

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