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A single tax on real estate in store for us in 2012

As we have somehow forgotten about the new tax on real estate. But elections are just around the corner. After three to four months after the election of the new old Russian president is waiting for us tax experiment. Start a new estate tax will be opened in 12 regions: Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Krai, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Samara and Tver regions. The choice of these regions is not random. It is in these areas will generally prepare the inventory estimate, which will be calculated and the tax base.
Now the property tax for individuals ranges from 0.1 to 2% of inventory value of the property. Inventory costs - an assessment of BTI. It is no secret that the market price is not relevant. Example: Moscow, 3 bedroom apartment 68 sq.m. in a 16-storey panel house, built in 1976 in the east of Moscow to assess the BTI will be about 330,000 rubles, while the real market value of about 8 million rubles. The difference is obvious.
With what amounts to be paid the new tax is unknown. While the state prepares the inventory estimate. Presumably the land tax rate varies from 0,3 to 1,5% of the cadastral value. The buildings and apartments in the tax rate yet completely unknown. Although there are arguments in the government that stands to collect
0,1% of market value, with the possible tax benefits for low-income citizens, namely, if the property housing no more than 55 square meters. m. and land tax, no. Full-scale introduction of a unified real estate tax is expected in January or June 2013. But realistically, probably will be made cadastral valuation of real estate and now with her and will pay taxes. It is true that there is a cadastral value has also not been clearly defined. We are waiting for the election, is preparing for new taxes..

Vladimir Putin and the mortgage.

Report Vladimir Putin before the government raised probably all sectors of the economy in Russia. Turned his attention to the prime and housing interests of Russians. In particular, sufficient volume received a report on mortgage loans. In general, it has been reduced - Volumes of mortgage promise growth, promise a reduction in credit rates. Promise is also not too bad. "We must continue to suppress inflation, create a favorable macroeconomic environment, the condition that the price of getting another mortgage." In this case, Putin's promise that Russian authorities would strive to ensure that mortgage rates were 5-6% per annum, and not 12,5% as now, was greeted with enthusiastic applause. The government in fact has high hopes for mortgage lending. Here and the banks have something to make money and to what extent there is help in solving the eternal question of housing. After all, even about the military took care of Putin - increasingly called upon to provide social loans to young officers. Another Prime Minister said that in 2011 the volume of mortgage loans to the population as close to pre-crisis indicators, and in 2012 pre-crisis strap will be exceeded. It is possible that banks do have access to more concessional funds from the state for development of the mortgage. Here are just unreal rates for the Russians until now. Many probably are well aware that the entire West is credited by 4-6% each of its currency. And only in Russia, where the dollar exchange rate for example if we look at five years ago, not very something has changed, the mortgage loan can be a 12-13% per annum. The Premier promised about an interesting program c partner banks VEB: "It will provide loans at 11% per annum on the purchase of housing in new buildings and come full capacity in 2011-2012. It is obvious that in the near future the government does not think about previously announced reduction of interest on mortgages of up to 6%. In addition to housing assistance program, Putin expressed willingness to provide substantial help in increasing the volume of housing construction. In the building industry the government from 2009 to 2011 has already invested about a trillion rubles, and intends to continue to act in the same direction. Judging by the report of the mortgage before the election, certainly more expensive and will not have enough money to everyone who is willing to loan for an apartment at 12-14% per year..

Mortgage program in Russia.

Buy an apartment on the mortgage is now possible through the thousands of credit institutions. And everywhere, many of its nuances. Optimal variant of credit can buy a flat pick, knowing the programs of these financial structures. General information about the number of programs of some banks, partners of Stone Belt Real Estate represented in the section of the site - Mortgage, loans, banks. Besides this article, we discover a kind of under the rubric of an independent review of real programs of various credit institutions. Publication of the study information will be as well-known, reputable mortgage institutions, and not particularly well-known companies, working with a mortgage. Introducing the Mortgage Company Growth. " Company Mortgage Company "ROST" the business of granting mortgage loans and loans to design standards of the Agency for Housing Mortgage
Lending. "According to the company" Growth "in 2005, it received accreditation in OAO AIZHK and status of the primary lender. Recall that the accreditation enables partners to implement the Agency's activities in the residential mortgage market to provide services, accompanied by mortgages, expertise, assessment, insurance, as regional operators, service agents, experts, in accordance with Standards Agency mortgage lending.
The company represents the following
mortgage programs:
1) "Military mortgage" - the military, Russian citizens who are members of a funded mortgage system can acquire housing in the secondary market and the construction phase in a new building on the special conditions under which repayment of the loan and down payment paid from the state budget, arriving at a nominal storage the participant's account. In this case, a soldier can use his own savings to increase the size of the down payment to purchase a house greater value.
2) "Standard Mortgage - Mortgages from 11,5% per annum for the purchase of flats in the secondary market of housing or residential homes with land. The loan term to 30 years. The initial payment of 10% of the value of the property. Maximum loan amount - 8,000,000 rubles, or less than 70% of the cost of housing.
3) "mother's capital" - a classic mortgages for families who have a state certificate, entitlement to maternity capital. Credit is given for the purchase of housing, both the primary and the secondary market. The initial payment of at least 10% of the cost of housing, with the ability to use the mother's capital as a down payment.
Buy an apartment in the secondary real estate market may bail to buy apartments. The amount of the parent capital increases the size of the loan, respectively, it is possible to buy a more spacious housing.
Mortgage - "New" - mortgage loan to buy an apartment in a new house (built after 2007). Interest rate - from 10,5% per annum. The loan term to 30 years. The initial payment of 10% of the value of the property. Maximum loan amount - 8,000,000 rubles.
To pay a down payment for housing and for repayment of the loan you can use the parent (family) capital.
4) "New Home" - a mortgage with no down payment. Credit is given for the purchase of a new apartment on bail owned and acquired real estate. Rate - 14% per annum.
5) "Easy Mortgage" - the classic mortgage with the possibility of income verification certificate in a form of the Bank. The maximum loan amount depends on the size of income. Rate of 13,5% per annum. The loan amount is not more than 80% of the cost of housing.
6) "variable rate" (the primary and secondary housing market) - for a borrower with favorable market conditions% rate on the loan is lower than on a loan with a fixed rate.
At the same credit terms provided for the top not less than 5% and bottom 20% or less of annual limit% rate on the loan. This gives borrowers assurance that in the case of a sharp rise in the CBR refinancing rate interest on the loan will not exceed specified levels. The loan amount for Moscow and Moscow to 8,000,000 rubles, the loan period from 3 to 30 years.
Interest rate is reviewed annually, beginning with the month following the month the loan. For the purpose of revising the interest rate the value of the CBR refinancing rate is fixed at 15 of the month preceding the month of the loan.
7) "Low-rise housing - loans for purchase or construction of housing in areas of organized complex of low buildings: apartments, residential houses with land, land for construction of residential houses on it. The minimum initial contribution - 10% of the market value of the acquired (under construction) of housing. Interest rate from 10,5% to 11,5% per annum. To pay a down payment for housing and for repayment of the loan you can use the parent (family) capital.
The following overview on the topic of mortgage programs, introduce you to a more well-known lenders. .

Forecast of real estate prices in 2011.

Real estate in Moscow and Moscow region in prices in 2011 is unknown to anyone. But people wanting to buy or sell an apartment or a house, very interested in knowing about a possible real state of the real estate market.
If you look just at the statistics, then - in 1998 - all real estate fell from 2001 to 2008, everything becomes more expensive, although there was a small period of stagnation in 2006, and the rapid growth in property prices was 2007-2008. After the crisis of 2008 real estate prices dropped, though quite a bit - a little (10-12%). That is, in the next few years probably should be the rise in prices. But it is likely in 2011 could happen fracture growth or decline in prices for all properties in general. It is likely there may be differences in the demand for different properties in a given period. 2010 confirmed this theory. At full drop in late 2010, interest in apartments in the price of 12.7 million rubles ($ 220,000 - $ 380,000), the demand for housing an elite class does not abate. It is also very active buyers in the cheapest range of apartments in new buildings. We expect and growth = and lower prices for real estate at a time. Solvency of the current buyer's real estate or missing completely at relatively low cost housing or the purchase of apartments from 20 million rubles ($ 700,000). This situation is quite possibly the sum of the sharp decline of "middle class". And wait for the restoration of the "average" buyer would be long. While variants are possible rapid transition economy class customers into buyers of more expensive class housing. True it may be associated with mortgage lending.
Besides other possible effects frenzy. Long on the same level as the low price per square meter can not. Once this is understood, begins the massive demand. Created limitations in the proposal, which ultimately gives rise to higher prices. In turn, if you look at the proposal of apartments at a price of 7.5 million rubles. up to 11 million rubles., then the growth of such options is there, and hence no demand, leading to a discount in the range from buyers. In the elite class of all stable. Abundance of suggestions there, and the rich became even richer. There is no rush, but the big demand for apartments in prestigious buildings and areas. Moreover, if the earlier provided a person to become housing as it seemed to him a business - class, but instead to a pseudo-business class, but now increasing their wealth, it is logical to try on a really high category of housing. Thus most likely the price will go down in the middle segment, and the midrange expects a slight increase. Luxury apartments and will cost is not available. Rather, 2011 should be a turning point in prices for different segments of the real estate, and in the real estate business.

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