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Advice on the mortgage - and only?

Now go further advice on the mortgage, in practice extremely difficult. The crisis is literally "eaten" this area. Even before September last year, banks offer new mortgage products, declared of comprehensive searchable lower rates on loans, lured as they could. Hy and even today it is not clear - who in this market can go further advice on the mortgage. Some banks cancel mortgages in rubles, the other in dollars and euros. Someone refuses to loans with floating rates, and who on the contrary establishes the issuance of floating rate loan. But one thing still banks alike - mortgage rates rose. Back in July the most minimal (not floating) rate was 8.5% (July 2008) in the currency. Today, following statements in 12,5% did not find. Besides the minimum bid does not mean that mortgage loan may be issued to it under such interest. Typically min. for a flat fee of 30% (previously considered even 0%). Well, just a very desirable became Background 2 Personal Income Tax on wages is secured rights. Enforce the requirement and other parameters. All this is available for consultation on the mortgage. But to go further is probably worthwhile to pay attention to the banks really working with a mortgage. Among them, BNP Paribas (the real rate in the currency (euro preference) 14% in the first contribution of 30%), Sberbank (14%), VTB 24 (12% (though only seven years), "Banque Societe Generale Vostok" ( 12%), OTP Bank (12,5%), Delta credit (14%)..

Expectations of commercial real estate market

In 2009 commercial real estate market entered a stage of apparent decrease in demand at a particular company which has become expensive real estate. As the chain is moving companies with leased Class A space in class B, etc. Optimizing your business has affected many companies, that creates the movement of commercial real estate as opposed to residential real estate market. Owners of commercial real estate, losing tenants are trying to attract new "customers" a decrease in rental rates. So there is a gradual reduction in the cost of rent. With commercial real estate situation is difficult. Here the situation is not so very different from the housing market. The proposal increases, and demand only falls. Temporary retention of the summer-fall price will the owners of the premises only to more frustration. Spring is just around the corner - any site in the commercial real estate, media, analysts predict dostizhanie bottom value of commercial real estate: spring-summer of this year.
By the time the commercial real estate market on the proposals will be immeasurably greater than the demand. To date, the transaction whether for offices, warehouses or stores are carried out only with a minimum discount of 15% of the average price. .

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