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Real Estate in Canada - a profitable and safe investment

The crisis, which began with the U.S. real estate is still reflected in the overwhelming majority of countries. And no matter what assurances did the government recovery in property prices in the short term is not observed. Moreover, taking into account the EU's monetary policy vague and uncertain future of the single European currency, the forecast growth rates in European countries do not have. In the U.S., the situation is not better, especially since the global economic crisis began in the U.S. because it is the revaluation of mortgages that provide mortgage financing real estate. It is here that the collapse of prices in the property market has resulted in previously stable cities like Las Vegas or Miami, cost of housing and commercial space compared to 2008 fell by more than 60%. The average U.S. house prices fell by 30-40%. And despite government support for the housing market is in a long period of stagnation. Actually in Russia, the situation is better, but it looks like everything is going to the same situation, the Japanese stagnation, where for 25 years property can not be the subject of investment because of the zero rate of prices. The truth of the world, there are countries in which the property demonstrates an enviable stability and sustainability. that country is Canada. This country is not affected by the crisis: banks operate without failure, unemployment is low, and property prices are steadily growing. Over the past 10 years the price of Canadian real estate increased by an average factor of 2. There are areas where real estate has shown an increase of 60%.
Canadian law encourages the purchase of real estate by foreigners. They provide mortgage loans from banks in Canada. To borrow enough, only about 30% of the cost of housing. Mortgages in Canada issued at 3.5% per annum. Sustainable macroeconomic policies of the Central Bank of Canada is the cause of the reliability of the national currency - the Canadian dollar. As an attractive country for foreigners - are of good quality and standard of living, public transport system, free education, universal health insurance, lack of corruption and crime, a great environment. Canadian real estate has considerable growth potential. To date, the real estate market in Canada - is a profitable investment..

Mortgage rates are preparing to increase.

Since 2013, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) will increase rates on loans to purchase housing. Even for AHML is more expensive funding. This means a further increase in rates in the mortgage market. New rates on mortgage loans are already on site AHML.
If earlier at the cheapest rate mortgage product was 8.3% per year, it is now necessary to push off from 9.2% per annum. So no assignments Minister and President of affordability will fail. Raising rates on mortgage products HMLA happened because the change was introduced in September, the formula for calculating mortgage rates. And if before the match formula inflation + 2.2%, it is now the second term will be not less than 3.1%. Allowance depends on the size of down payment on the mortgage and the loan term. If you take into account the product AHML "Standard", the mortgage rate will be 14.55% per annum. Accordingly, the partner banks will raise the cost of mortgage credit. With the current situation in the property market, this means the full onset of the period of stagnation arising from housing.
The impending rate increase due to the fact that for standard mortgage refinancing products agency forced to raise finance, as well as other market participants, the general market conditions by placing corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities. In this case, the cost of funding has increased significantly, and there is not no choice but to raise rates.
Will also increase interest rates on loans secured by real estate. But in spite of this activity on housing loans by the end of the year in the property market is still not observed..

Notary and real estate.

For real estate transactions quickly day X on 26 October 2012. It was on this date in the State Duma in the second reading will discuss amendments to the Civil Code concerning the mandatory notarization of the contract of sale of apartments, rooms and any other property. It is likely, as usual brought up in Russia, the lobbying of the amendment was a success for notaries. Many notaries have gleefully rubbing their hands. This unexpected gift, despite the fact that the system of registration of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate is quite optimal. All market participants are in place. And those you: individuals will have to pay a notary 1% of real estate transactions and 2% if it is done on credit. And all Realtors and other participants of this market are well aware that there is no need to introduce mandatory notarization of all real estate transactions. But it is very much possible that the amendments are adopted. How do you want to make mistakes, but the first reading was passed. And it would be more or less clear, though, along with the obligatory notary certification would eliminate the current registration system. But no, all is still, just add another intermediary - a notary. Is in our country already. At the beginning of the "zero" years introduced a new system of state registration, which led to a new all understandable abbreviation - UFSGRKK (Federal Service
State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography). The level of fraud in this case with apartments decreased. In addition, no notary will not prepare documents for real estate transactions, because for that he, instead of being in the office, have to work around a lot of instances, to obtain any information, statements and other documents. This function will remain a Realtor. And the legal expertise of real estate agents spend enough quality, and the notary as before will only state the fact of the contract between the seller and the buyer, but for 1% of the property value. Now, it is possible to deal with housing notarized, but for some reason no one wants. And then oblige. Just glad that this bill will still have a third reading. And it will come into force only when the new law will notarial activity. But when the country has a powerful lobby, do not pay attention to the opinion, common sense and the needs of others, everything is possible..

Radical design changes to the Civil Code of the Russian State Duma.

New radical changes in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation submitted to the Duma. Most worryingly, the effect of these changes may already be applicable from September 2012. Why trouble? Well, at least because, in this bill openly lobbied notarial monopoly on real estate. That is, for him to make any kind of real estate operations have to pay more and the notary. And most likely amount will be not less than 1.5-2% of the property value. Notary can independently transfer paper to the registration authority and provide customers with a complete package ready documents in a reasonable time and at a reasonable small fee. Reasonable fee appears to be determined by a private notary - a man whose work anyway aimed at personal gain. Queues for sure in notaries increase and terms of the deal because of a few may increase. Certainly real estate fraud, these changes did not diminish. Just artificially create additional barriers in real estate transactions. And of course, taking care of financial prosperity and notary by still President Dmitry Medvedev looks openly lobbying. The revolutionary spirit of the new Civil Code will be reflected in the first, second, third and fourth parts of the code. It is assumed that the JSC and JSC is no more. Private and public companies will be replaced by legal entities - on public and non-public, due to the need to publish reports on the activities of the legal entity, the annual balance sheet, etc. Well, here particularly the revolution is not visible, although again the money aimed at re au reissue will settle somewhere in the budget and in firms where that intermediaries for the service. Will introduce a new notion of real estate. Now, finally secured the definition of land and buildings located on it as a single object of the transaction. Provided significantly greater than in the current Civil Code, a list of so-called limited real rights. It's about where the owner of the land or the owner of the structure located on it, is not the owner in full, and has reduced the rights which, however, is important and should be enshrined in law. From the list of limited real rights disappears right of economic management, which was provided for state enterprises. Proposed to retain operational control or the right, or other rights, including rent. And one more unpleasant to change provider: Providers will be held responsible. Information mediators, transmitted on the Internet or with third parties to place materials, are responsible for the violation of intellectual property rights on the same basis. This is how to take and show switchman So it is not clear how the monitoring of the need of some innovation in the Civil Code. Ask whether this direct participants in civil?.

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