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News and developments

Dmitry Medvedev promises to restart the program "Affordable Housing"

As is known, the previously announced program Affordable housing has not brought results. The vast majority of Russian citizens is well known unavailability of housing. But a few days ago, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the program "Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services of Russian citizens."
The Government has approved a new state program on affordable housing, thus the national project "Affordable Housing" is waiting for a reboot. What sets us a new one - the old design? It is expected the construction of 25 million square feet. meters of housing at discounted prices, and by 2018 will reduce the cost of mortgages to the level of inflation plus 2.2%. Really do not understand how you can bind the mortgage rates to inflation. Mortgage interest rates depend on funding, but rather from the CBR refinancing rate, which currently stands at 8.5%. Today, the average rate HMLA about 12%, Sberbank and VTB - 13%. In the future, only visible to the rising cost of mortgages.
True to the new program promises to finance more than 2.4 billion. Also declare the purpose -
lower prices in the primary market by 20% by 2018, and even called a fixed figure about 32,000 rubles per 1 sq.m. For this supposedly developers will provide free land, soft loans of state banks, and the bureaucracy is supposed to eliminate connecting to utility networks. In addition, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA) is going to influence the price cut affordable housing, ensuring developers purchase unsold homes.
The reset program Affordable housing has been promised, and that's how it will be implemented in practice?.

Delta Credit reduces mortgage rates

Delta Credit launches the final action of the year. In the period to 31 December 2012 DeltaCredit reduces rates on ruble products by 0.5% for major clients.
Over the past two months, most banks raised their ruble rates by an average of 1%. At present, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the average ruble rate on the market is already 12.2%. According to analysts of the market, its value will steadily increase in the next year. However, contrary to market trends, DeltaCredit has managed not only to keep the rates at the same level, but also found an opportunity to reduce them. This promotion allows customers to buy an apartment on the mortgage is almost on the same favorable terms that were available at the beginning of this year.
In the current market situation, it is a unique Christmas gift for clients mortgage bank Delta Credit..

Mortgage loans from Sberbank rise.

Sberbank to raise profitability. And in addition to increasing interest rates on retail loans, consumer loans, mortgages and expected rise in both in rubles and foreign currency. Now, foreign currency loans for the purchase of finished housing will be 11%, and the construction of residential houses will rate will be at least 11.5%. Mortgages in rubles for the purchase of suburban property will cost 13%. Growth rates raised even social mortgage programs, in particular the program "Mortgage Plus maternity capital", student loans with a state subsidy rates, and loan refinancing program.
This is the second rate increase in September. The explanation lies largely in raising the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, while the refinancing rate added only 0.25 percentage points - to 8.25%. A bank has reacted immediately to the increase of interest rates ranging from 0.5% to 1.5%. It is likely, and other members of the banking activities may increase the cost of borrowing. These steps will not raise economic growth in general..

Restructuring of mortgage loans in the Bank of Moscow.

Financing in 2007 - 2008 years developed an accelerated pace. Many banks have sought to diversify their mortgage products. Since the Bank of Moscow offered to lend a rare currencies, in particular the Swiss franc and Japanese yen. But the growth rate in those currencies it is very seriously affected borrowers and Bank of Moscow was forced to tackle this problem through debt restructuring. To date, the Swiss franc is 32.4 rubles., Japanese Yen - 40.11 rubles. And in 2007, franc was worth 21.2 rubles, while the Japanese yen 21.18 rubles. It is easy to understand in which the debt trap painted themselves into such mortgage borrowers. To return them to normal debt service, in most cases, the bank had to convert exotic currency into rubles at the rate of 5.5%.
Bank of Moscow has announced preliminary results of the restructuring program for borrowers who took up sub-prime mortgages in Swiss francs and Japanese yen. The program was launched in November last year. Total in Bank of Moscow received 1350 applications, of which 1,100 were granted. 80% of borrowers who have received the approval of the program of preferential mortgage restructuring in exotic currencies, chose to convert their loans into rubles. To achieve the stated goal - a payment on the loan is no more than if the client initially took mortgages in rubles - Bank of Moscow had significantly lower rates to borrowers to convert loans into rubles. Average rate after conversion of ruble loans was 5.5%, which is even lower than the initial rates in exotic currencies of 6-8% per annum.
Such preferential loans rescheduling course unprofitable for the bank. Still, for the image of the bank is much more useful, the more so avoided the shaft of bad loans..

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