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The real estate market is an increase in the number of mortgage deals out of town compared to last year. However, the number of loans compared with Moscow real estate below.

Some slippage from Moscow due to such factors as the problem of assessing the liquidity facility. First of all banks have mastered the more typical and predictable flat market. Besides crediting land and build on them objects associated with great risks. Near Moscow suburban real estate market is relatively young, a few years ago there was no understanding of the true value of objects and prospects for investment. Many objects are not passed on bank requirements. Today, due to construction activities organized cottage villages and town houses, about 30% of suburban sites potentially suitable to the requirements of banks, and is quite a significant figure. Almost all facilities provided mortgage scheme to purchase housing. This suggests that almost all the most expensive and the liquid part of the country real estate can be bought on credit at a stage of development. Most likely, the demand for mortgages due to the general rise in price of real estate. People who have a "live" money to buy a country house is becoming smaller and smaller. It is not surprising, given that the average price of the cottage is about $ 1 mln.Vtorym factors causing the development of suburban mortgage is contingent buyers. Historically, our people see houses as second homes. A very small percentage of buyers entirely abandoned apartment in Moscow in favor of a country house. Most citizens, acquiring the format of real estate, rather wealthy people who have and apartment in the city and funds for the purchase of additional housing. However, many of them have their own business. Therefore, withdraw money from their business, to pay for the cottage, for these people are often less profitable than to take a mortgage loan. After all, the interest rate on mortgages is relatively small compared with other types of credit not to mention the profits from their businesses. At the same time reviewed the interesting trends in the strategies of large developers suburban market. A number of companies formed legal and consulting divisions whose primary purpose is to attract "the mortgage buyer. Citizens advice and help gather the necessary documents and receive a loan for free. To this end, developers went to work closely with one or more banks. The amount of mortgage interest on vacation home fell by almost a quarter and not much different from capital taxes (about 10,5% - 14% per annum). An interesting fact that the statements of major banks, the share of mortgages in Moscow over the past year was just over 10% of the total. It is possible that with such a situation the number of mortgages on suburban estate catch up to Moscow later this year.

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