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Mortgage Insurance:
chronicle disbursements

Comprehensive insurance - an essential attribute of a mortgage loan. On which already accumulated, though not very extensive, but telling statistics of payments. Have been formed and terms of insurance claims, and practice behavior of insurers. Analyze the available information.

Mortgage Lending in Russia continues to evolve, that is, by leaps and bounds. Accordingly, there are growing amounts of mortgage-related types of insurance: life and disability of the borrower, the apartment (the object of pledge) from damage and total destruction, as well as title insurance (the risk of loss of property rights).

Mortgage millions

Life insurance means that in case of death or the death of the borrower, the apartment is owned by his heirs, and the insurance company extinguishes him rest in front of the bank debt. In the long term lending cases may occur very different: it happens that the contributions from the insurance borrower did "nothing at all", and pay compensation, given the current real estate prices, accounting for the full program.

Here - the large amount of payments that it makes sense to make public within the self. Today in the history of almost every leading member of the insurance market there are precedents.

Only in 2007, the society of Rosgosstrakh, for example, made four payments from 1,3 to 6,5 million rubles. each. The most impressive of them occurred in early May - in repayment of debt by a borrower to MDM Bank. The cause of sudden death was a resident of Moscow, disorder of the cardiovascular system.

About 4.5 million rubles. GSK paid YUGORIA in St. Petersburg on one of the treaties integrated mortgage insurance.

The absolute record belongs to SC Standard Reserve. Indemnification of $ 43 million rubles. were paid in connection with the death of the borrower's mortgage loan in Moscow. In late 2006, he signed with the company "Standard-Reserve" life insurance contract for 20 years. Insurance coverage includes risks insured person's death and permanent loss of his disability. In connection with the death of the borrower's insurance company Standard-Reserve "fully paid to the beneficiary (the bank) compensation in the amount of the sum insured.

This on its own retention of the company were more than 300 thousand rubles. And the rest paid the reinsurance companies.

And so on - Geography of the most extensive: "from Moscow to the suburbs." The reasons for withdrawal from the borrower's life fit into a standard set of road traffic accidents, accidents and heart attacks.

Useless suicide

A few words about the philosophy of life and death of the mortgage borrower. Naturally, the insurance company is not a charitable organization and indiscriminately specific circumstances of the event will not lay out millions of rubles. If the insured lost his life on his own stupidity, any compensation for relatives of the deceased do not get it.

They say, for example, such a tragic episode that occurred in St. Petersburg. A borrower who buys an apartment with a mortgage loan, he decided to celebrate the housewarming. Naturally, the celebration was appropriately pointed out, after which the settler decided "pogusarit" and climbed on the roof. Tripped, he fell down and died.

Examine the circumstances of death, the insurance company refused to recognize this fatal accident insured and, accordingly, did not pay the remaining debt on the mortgage loan, which amounted to 100%.

"Violation of the rules of insurance" is undoubtedly and suicide. However, insurers sometimes make exceptions: for some reason it is considered that if the suicide occurred two years after the borrower has taken out a loan, the insurance compensation is possible, because during this period in the human psyche could happen irreversible changes. However, specific examples of when this "comforting" rule comes into a real force, no cause can not.

Wheel Group

Second place in our sad rankings payments rightfully belongs to the risk of total and permanent disability. In principle, this is one of the points of the life insurance contract: if as a result of illness or accident, the borrower becomes disabled first or second group and will not work, the credit for it also pays to the insurer. The amount of payment depends on the specific rules of the insurance company - a partner bank. Some of the second group of disability can pay only 80% of the sum insured, others pay even a third group, however, the rate of 50%.

Professionals agree that cases involving life and health insurance, the most frequently encountered in practice - they account for about 80% of all "mortgage" payments.

Recently Rosgosstrakh paid in Petersburg 1,367,000 rubles. City Mortgage Bank for the borrower who got in a car crash, which resulted in his diagnosis was "permanent total disability", ie the first group of disability. Purchased by the mortgage apartment has ceased to be collateral for the loan, and the insured was the owner of the dwelling.

Half, about 600 thousand rubles. In 2006, paid and SK "Russian world" under the contract of mortgage insurance to a resident of the Leningrad Region, which received the first group of disability due to illness.

Temporary loss disability is not an element of "mandatory program. This item is not in the standards of the Federal Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (over 10% of the issued mortgage loans in the country). Do not insist on it, and many accredited commercial banks insurance companies.

If temporary disability insured, are possible options. Most of this risk insurance company directly transferred to the bank thirtieth of the monthly debt the borrower for each day "hospital". Another way - the calculation of payments as a percentage of the sum insured. In monetary equivalent of the same size of the actual payments at all practically identical.

Specific examples of payments - because of the limited circulation of this subspecies of insurance - a little. Of the latter can result in the case of the practice of the Rostov branch "Rosgosstrakh. Since the borrower of the Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development bust happened - fracture of the right radius, resulting in a disability lasting 38 days. Insurer the full cost of monthly installment for repayment of a mortgage loan.

During the first quarter of 2007, GSK YUGORIA had received 6 applications for payment for the risk of temporary disability (including the rehabilitation period), but how many of them will be satisfied, is unknown.

Lightning and tornadoes

According to insurers, today there is increased interest in the population of Northern capital to the insurance of real estate. One of the best reasons of these dynamics is called, among other things, the development of mortgage lending programs.

With Mortgage insurance is usually housing insure against fire, household gas explosions and leaks resulting from accidents or water, sewerage, heating and fire-fighting, illegal actions of third parties, resulting in damage to or destruction of property. And besides, most of these very exotic dangers, as falling on the house aerial or satellite devices, lightning, tornadoes and other natural disasters. A specific list of risks determined by the contract and varies among different companies. However, the same object of mortgage insurance in some form is mandatory for all - on this directly indicates the Federal Law "On Mortgage (real estate)."

Turns out that the payment of property insurance is the greatest of the set, and the amount set aside is often so little, but very rarely these facts are related to mortgages. And if they are connected, then it is about some trifle.

According to Eugene Yarygina, Director, Center for title insurance JSC SK "Russian world", said the company has repeatedly made payments in connection with damage to apartments, the insured Petersburg Treaty of complex mortgage insurance. In general, compensation were linked to fires, illegal actions of third parties, accidents, water and heating systems.

"Our practice - it is a small payment for the break down the door, broken window or a balcony consequences of accidents on the sea lanes, - says head of the UK property insurance" Spassky gate "Tatiana Gitin. - For the victim in this case the personal property of citizens, if they voluntarily it is not insured, may not be compensated."


Finally, another hypostasis ternary mortgage insurance relates to the protection of property rights. This so-called title insurance.

Title insurance provides protection against restriction or loss of borrower ownership of real property, as well as the recognition of the sale apartments invalid. Insurance case here - a legitimate decision of the court, in which the borrower has lost ownership of the mortgaged property.

However, despite the significant volume of mortgage transactions (about 70% of all mortgage transactions are to include the insurance risk of loss of property rights), cases of reimbursement for this type of insurance - a rarity.

It is not surprising: mortgage apartment carefully checked and realtors, bankers, and insurers themselves. Incidentally, last year AHML even crossed the need for insurance of this risk from the list of mandatory processing of a loan as part of their programs. But the majority of banks operating on their own programs (and some working with AHML) of title insurance to refuse is not collected.

Not have to insure the title only to borrowers who purchase an apartment in the primary market. But they can be "strongly request" to insure the financial risks of the shared construction. But if the developer and the bank are partners (which is almost the rule), forcing the client to more insurance likely will not.

Trick or Treat

So, let us recall, by law, if a loan the borrower must insure only the subject of a pledge - we get an apartment - from damage and total destruction. Strictly conform to this rule only Sberbank of Russia, which stands alone in the mortgage market. It requires the borrower to insure only the object of a pledge (in full accordance with the law on the mortgage). As a result, the policy costs only 0,15-0,35% of the sum insured per year. However, such a liberalism is compensated fairly stringent underwriting the borrower, and sometimes just the presence of guarantors, which, "if that" and burdened with debt.

Can cite other examples of denial of the very wasteful for insurers, according to the size of payment, type of insurance. Mortgage loans without the borrower's life insurance issued in the Ukraine and, for example, in Finland. But how many mentally prepared to shift the credit obligations to their children or relatives?

Deputy director of property insurance of the St. Petersburg branch of GSK YUGORIA Jeanne Shayhetdinova notes that in contrast to insurance claims on real estate when using statistics to predict the frequency of their occurrence, cases of life insurance maloprognoziruemy.

According to the Plenipotentiary Representative of President of the Russian Guild of Realtors in the North-West Federal District, Paul Sozinova, attempts to abolish all forms of insurance for mortgages, except for property insurance, are doomed. You can not increase the risks banks to infinity, and so sometimes they are too addicted liberalization of credit conditions.

Statistics for Integrated Mortgage Lending still consists of isolated examples, emerging market and high-quality growth accounted for the last two or three years. However, based on this minuscule, today we can say that life and health insurance of the borrower, whether voluntary or mandatory form, ties of blood connected with mortgage lending.

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